Bestseller “Write, cut” – the book is useful only in some aspects

To write a good review, you only need inspiration, and literacy is an absolute factor. It takes little inspiration to write a good article. This needs to be learned and learned seriously.

The main problem with many texts, including mine:

– a lot of water, even if every comma in the text seems necessary and appropriate;

– a lot of parasitic words, some of which are so encrypted that they don’t even catch the eye;

– a lot of unnecessary information when reasoning can lead to the wrong steppe.

This doesn`t mean that good copy is just short text. You yourself have probably noticed more than once how, starting to read some kind of article of enormous size, imperceptibly for yourself, you read it with interest to the end. This means that the article, in addition to literacy and a clear presentation of an interesting topic for you, wasn`t overloaded with unnecessary details.

Basically, this is the subject of the book by Maxim Ilyakhov and Lyudmila Sarycheva “Write, cut down”: how to write a good text in a simple but competent language, without unnecessary twists, clearly, but at the same time beautifully. In fact, it is unlikely that you will discover some truths that you didn`t even know about before. Everything that is stated in this work has been known for a long time. Nevertheless, this book can be used as a desktop guide, so as not to rack your brains for a long time over the syntax or the appropriateness of the introductory word, metaphors or a complex sentence. You will learn how to free your texts from verbal and punctuation rubbish.

The authors use specific examples to show how to make a simple and splendid text out of a complex and hard-to-read text. Explain what stop words are and why they negatively affect some text. They teach how to fill the text with energy.

For me, the emphasis is important, which I intuitively, of course, guessed about – to put the reader at the forefront. Since the text is written for the reader, a good writer is one who cares about his or her reader. This is an axiom. And this applies to all areas, one way or another related to the writing of the text. Will you buy another book from an author you don’t like? Or will you go to the site again, where the information is presented in a boring and clumsy manner? Subscribe to an illiterate rude blogger? I think no. How do you understand what you are writing for the reader? The conclusion I made: write for yourself, reread and rewrite until you are happy with the result.

To summarize: this publication isn`t a panacea or a direct tutorial in writing quality content. But it will undoubtedly help to indicate some important points in working with the text. It reads very easily and quickly. For myself, I found exactly what I was looking for here. I am sure I will look into the book more than once. My rating is 9/10.

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