‘Blithe Spirit’

(film review)

‘Blithe Spirit’ is a British 2020 comedy film directed by Edward Hall.

In fact, we have already seen a similar film, because the film is a remake of the film which was released in 1941.

The film stars Dan Stevens, the charming Isla Fisher, the mysterious Amy-Ffion Edwards and the role of the medium is played by Michele Dotris.

So, the main plot of the film is that the writer turns to the medium through a creative crisis. After this session, it happens that his ex-wife Ruth returns from a world that only he can see as a ghost. From this moment the most interesting things begin. There is a love triangle, between his current Ruth and former Edith.

This film shows how easily a person can die and you can even laugh at it, if it doesn’t sound scary. Death is ridiculed here and does not seem at all that we have always imagined.

Be prepared that this film is for once, the plot is not so addictive and sometimes even obvious. Therefore, avid moviegoers are unlikely to want to watch it the second time. However, the film contains a lot of funny situations, so it is a worthy comedy, so it is worth watching such an unusual plot, and then you decide for yourself what place this film will take in your soul and in the list of world cinematography. My rating is 8/10.

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