Bloody Spot In History

(opinion article)

February 24, 2022, is a date that has gone down in the Ukrainian history forever. No one would have ever thought that the war would befall us in the twenty-first century. In an instant, cities and villages that have been built for years are being daily destroyed. People are hiding in basements and bomb shelters. When the situation in our village became unbearable, we had to flee from our house, from our friends from our small Motherland.

The first day of the war was terrible, there was a tense atmosphere. Bread, butter and the most necessary food products disappeared almost immediately. At first, something was brought to the shops, but when active fighting began in the village, all suppliers stopped working. The shells flew into the houses, and it was like a wheel of fortune, good luck – you will survive and the house will survive but if not…you see the dead bodies. Over the time, this has become commonplace.

Who could, left at once. Evacuation buses pulled up later…People with fear in eyes fled, taking almost nothing with them. Many released domestic animals roamed the streets, abandoned by their owners.

The majority of Russians do not interfere. They keep silence, except some bright personalities…For years, they fed a monster that ruined them and dragged its ugly paws to Ukraine. They do not believe that a brutal war is going on, at a time when the whole world is shouting about it.

Throughout the history, the Russian leaders have tried to seize Ukraine and to put it on knees…Like locusts, their soldiers destroy everything around, being full of angst and envy, the story edits itself. But Ukrainians are a strong and freedom-loving people. Everyone contributes to the victory. We will come back to our village, to our Kherson and to our Mariupol…Where there is unity, there is always victory – the old truth.

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