Body Positivity! Body Negativity!


They call it body positivity, which is a social current that teaches a positive attitude towards one’s appearance, body and free self-expression. Is this the correct definition? Representatives of the movement completely squelched the purpose of body positive.

In fact, this trend is about just not shaving your legs, but instead of it just eating daily elephant portions of food!

No, they do not justify their weaknesses by belonging to a social and popular trend, but raise their two-meter ass and lead to the gym or diet department in the supermarket. Body positivists, of course, strain the brain with knowledge of nutrients and useful trace elements in food, understanding of a certain physical training for their physique.

No, they don’t hate models from the covers of world-famous magazines, and this people can turn their shortcomings into cheery raisins. However, they have no drawbacks.

No, they do not have obesity, diabetes and bone or joint diseases caused by being overweight. There is only one problem with thyroid hormones, and that is what prevents them from losing weight. Although why lose weight if 300 kilos is the most beautiful fat in the world?

No, they shave their armpits and do not paint them in all the colors of the rainbow. Body positivists are so by.

No, they take care of women’s hygiene during menstruation, but sometimes there are problems. Although is blood on white jeans a problem?

In fact, this society simply cannot accept them as they are – perfect!

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