Bologna Children’s Book Fair and its online resources

In today’s world, most people live online. Without going outside, you can watch all the world events, visit a book fair or even support a country at war.

For example, the Bologna Book Fair has its own online resource. Where everyone can learn important information about this fair. The site has 10 so-called information sections. They are very extensive and each section has several subheadings, so the resource is very informative and useful.

However, today most publishers are interested in the online platform for buying and selling rights to works. It was recently updated. Based on the international rights platform, PubMatch GRE is a virtual marketplace dedicated exclusively to international rights, distribution and licensing of content. GRE is open only to publishers, agents, literary agencies, scouts, licensees, licensors, developers, licensing agencies, manufacturers of audiovisual media, advertising and services. In my opinion, this is a good opportunity for them to develop and promote their activity in a difficult situation due to the pandemic and the war. Thus, the fair provides an opportunity to conveniently and quickly sell and buy rights and works, not only once a year during its holding, but also at any other time. I think it is economically profitable; this platform can help get out of a hard situation, for example, for Ukrainian publishers, because it is very challenging for them now. And the Bologna Fair of this spring showed its indifference to Ukraine. Giving our country a free booth and encouraging participating publishers to bring children’s books translated from Ukrainian into the languages ​​of the world to collect them as part of a joint exhibition.

Obviously, the world does not stand aside, everyone helps as much as possible. And the Bologna Exhibition-Fair is the proof that culture never stands aside, it is as important as language. After all, the language and culture determine the borders of our splendid state.

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