Book Review of ‘Surrounded by Idiots’

Everything you say to a person is filtered through his frames of reference, biases and preconceived ideas”
(Thomas Erikson)

‘Surrounded by Idiots’ is a Scandinavian bestseller on the psychology of communication, the book that has broken all book publishing records in Sweden.

Its author, the famous Scandinavian psychologist Thomas Erickson, divides all people into four color types: noisy ‘red’, cheerful ‘yellow’, caring ‘green’ and persistent ‘blue’. He explains the characteristics of the representatives of each color, how to communicate with them and what to look for. This book is the key to every person. Thanks to Thomas Erickson, you will learn: what types of people exist, why it is comfortable to communicate with some people, but not with others, how to communicate with different types of people, how to behave with idiots and dullards, as others see you.

He describes the logic of behavior, temperament, value system of representatives of each color. Explains how to find a common language with them, lead projects, resolve conflicts and establish partnerships. Thomas Erickson’s system convincingly and wittily clarifies: why we understand some people at once, while others do not understand at all, why very intelligent successful people seem to us to be idiots and psychopaths.

In principle, I did not think that the topic of color types might be amusing to me. I bought this book because I was asked to do a task on it at the university. At first I was disappointed, it was boring and uninteresting, but a few chapters later I was glad that I bought it and began to read. The book is really useful. Very brightly written, many insanely recognizable examples. The system the Swede offers is very simple, but that’s why it works.

The book is more suitable for managers, since most situations are considered from the point of view of work and a boss-subordinate scheme.

In short, I would recommend reading it. It’s worth it. My rating is 9.5/10

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