Book Review of ‘The Da Vinci Code’ by Dan Brown 

Recently, I have got a passion for books about secret societies and conspiracies.

These stories fascinate me and reveal the secrets stockpiled throughout the whole history of mankind. That’s why I fell in love with Dan Brown’s books. While unraveling the mystery of the Holy Grail, Maria Magdalene and the Priority of Zion, I almost fainted several times. At one moment the insidious members of Opus Dei just drove me crazy with their treacherous tricks!

The whole book I lived in tension and in surprise. After each chapter, my world turned upside down. Dan Brown made me look a little differently at the Catholic Church, the same relates to the whole religion too. He showed me the world from a different angle and I really got shocked.

As for the shortcomings, I even don`t know…the smorgasbord of symbols just puzzled me a bit. On the other hand, it inspired me to look through a couple of books with various ancient Slavic, Roman, Greek and Tibetan symbols…It was just a bit boring but, at the same time, entertaining a bit. I do recommend you to read this book, my rating is 10 out of 10.

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