Book Review on ‘After We Collided’ by Anna Todd

Whatever our souls are made of his and mine are the same”
(Anna Todd, After We Collided)

Anna Todd is a contemporary American writer. More than 800 million fans of quality romantic stories have already read the content of her first book “After”, which successfully debuted in 2014.

As Anna herself admitted, after reading popular works in this genre, her interest was not fully satisfied. And to correct this moment, the girl took up the pen to create the perfect story in the love genre.

After the phenomenal success of the first book, the cinema became interested in making a film based on this story. And in 2019 there was a premiere, already a movie called “After”, based on the novel by Anna Todd.

The audience, who really liked this work, is predominantly female, which did not diminish the interest of either critics or the desire of men to spend the evening watching this movie with their soul mates.

But here is another resonance. Anna Todd releases the second part of the story, which is not inferior to the first. The same success!

And on the same occasion, in 2020 there was a premiere of the second part of this story, but already under the title ” After we collided.”

But these two books, like films, cannot be separated from each other. For the simple reason that they are closely related to the plot. The first part at the end has incompleteness and a hint of a continuation. And in the second part, the hint made earlier is revealed in the course of the plot.

The main characters of the film gained popularity after they had played in this movie, which had a very positive effect on their careers.

In the end, I can only add that both parts of the book and the films deserve their attention and time. YOU WILL NOT EXACTLY BE SICK! My rating is 10/10.

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