Book Review on ‘Crime and Punishment” by Dostoevsky

My rating is 10/10. Fedor Dostoevsky entered the history of literature as one of the greatest Russian writers of world renown, a master of creating a psychological portrait. In the novel ‘Crime and Punishment’, he describes in detail the split in the soul of the protagonist, the painful struggle between good and evil. The theme of mental disorder is emphasized in the work already says the name of the protagonist – Raskolnikov.

Dostoevsky was concerned about the social inequality of various segments of society. He shows that poverty is the first thing that drives people to crime.

Rodion Raskolnikov is a student who dropped out only because he was unable to pay for it. He lives in a room that looks more like a closet than an apartment. And even for this poor housing he has nothing to pay. Overwhelmed by poverty, Raskolnikov soon became accustomed to it. The portrait of the hero reveals deep contradictions between his excellent appearance and deplorable financial situation. Dostoevsky shows how rejection of the outside world leads to self-absorption. There is a craving for internal monologues. The writer is interested in the smallest shades of the hero’s mood, his dreams, fantasies, plans and ideas. Severe, criminal thoughts bring physical suffering to Raskolnikov. He himself suffers from longing and gloomy excitement. From such a life he committed a terrible crime …

Thus, the writer also exposes the contradiction between the beautiful appearance and the inner soul of the hero.

I recommend that everyone should read the book. This is the real classic.

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