Book Review on ‘Літопис самовидців: дев’ять місяців українського спротиву’

(‘Chronicle of eyewitnesses nine months of Ukrainian resistance’)

April 4, 2020. This day I would like to inform you about an extremely significant book. It is significant because it portrays to us the days all of us should remember – days of the Revolution of Dignity, Heavenly Hundred, and the War in Donbass.

After all, it’s about how it all started. This is the chronology of the Revolution of Dignity from the very beginning to the last days. And then — a story about how the occupation of the Crimea began. Only here no author would put everything on the shelves, there is no analysis of events, giving them some color. Many authors, politicians, bloggers have done all this, and the list can be continued…Over here are the testimonies of eyewitnesses.

But such books are now also enough. So what makes this special? Here is the chronology written completely in the process of the Revolution — posts on social media. Blog posts. Short texts on Facebook, long poems created on the spot and incredibly painful words of those who stood on the barricades in the most difficult days.

Sometimes, for better understanding, the text is diluted by short news notes — about the events of that time. Here, on the pages, neighboring can be both well-known writers (Izdryk, Zabuzhko, Zhadan) and anonymous nicknames on social media. There are more than a hundred authors. This is a chronology of “direct inclusion”; this is a chronology of first emotions and the most sincere reports, and I am incredibly grateful to ‘Komora Publishing House’ for this excellent book.

And yet — it is incredibly beautifully illustrated. These are sad illustrations; these are sharp pictures of those times, in which it is sometimes easy to recognize photos that are still hanging on social networks. But you will not discover all these texts. Someone deleted, someone—blocked, somewhere— cleaned, somewhere — began to rewrite. Do you remember a recent story with school textbooks that were rewritten? And it hurts so incredibly. And at the same time, it is good that at least somewhere they are collected. Not all books are so easy to rewrite. As well as our memory with you.

Read the “Літопис самовидців: дев’ять місяців українського спротиву.” Recollect how it really was.

I give this book 10 stars from 10.

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