Book Review on “Ten minutes past two” by Anne-Helen Laestadius

My rating is 9.5/10. Words alone are not enough for something to stop and not repeat itself. The pain that replaces the old one is just another pain. The book is about love for her home, for her neighborhood, about how the young Maya tries to avoid the demolition of houses and the moving of Kiruna to another place, safe from mines.

But in addition to love for the home, where she spent all her childhood and all her life, the book will tell about the possibility of first love at this not very favorable time!

It is up to parents, not children, to think about how to make their daughters safe or save them in case of emergency. Children should not take on what they cannot prevent. This fear eats up Maya from the inside, dictates what to do and how, completely subjugates her behavior. And this burden of responsibility crushes so hard that Maya’s body can not stand it and drives her into a corner. Now she needs to exhale and gather strength to overcome it! And her friend Julia and boyfriend Avrelin will help her in this. Parents will not be able to understand the fears and concerns of their daughter right away, but they will be very worried about her emotional state.

Family relationships are another topic discussed by the author. And even if not everything is smooth, but with quarrels and lapping, care and love will not run away from this. A story with a leisurely narration, the atmosphere of Sweden will calmly enter your heart and make yourself comfortable there.

Perhaps not right away, but I fell in love with Maya and at some point I began to be afraid for her, I was afraid that a tragedy would happen, but I would stay on the sidelines. I read the book in anticipation of the drama, but it did not happen. And yet I do not understand – fortunately or unfortunately.

But Scandinavia always finds a place somewhere inside me – this is love. Did you have any fears as a teenager that affected your life? And how do you feel about Scandinavian literature?

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