Book Review on ‘Untouchable’ by Abdel Sellu

The best book in 2014 is ‘Untouchable’ written by Abdel Sellu. It is well-known as film “1+1” too. The movie relates to the criminal drama genre.

This story is based on real events. In the center of the plot, there are 2 men that don’t have common interests; however, they ought to help each other.

One of the main characters of this book is a paralyzed wealthy aristocrat Philip looking for an assistant ready to take care of him. One of the candidates, a black Driss, does not need a job – he wants a written refusal to receive unemployment benefits. But suddenly Philip takes him as assistant. In the luxurious and prudish palace of Philip, Driss brings a bit of chaos, and in Philip’s life – the spirit of adventure, spontaneity and ease of dealing with any problems. Despite the difficult life, Driss turns out to be a good guy. There is a strong friendship between him and Philip. Opposites are often drawn to each other. “Belief is hard and the abyss is always there, under one`s feet…”

What impressed me most of all is that the story is real. And you feel all emotions that felt the author (author tells his real story about his hard life). This story touches your soul. Though, this book has one disadvantage – the plot is too long. I think that it would be better if the author of book did not describe each detail of his life. That a usual problem of many books. But someone likes that!

To sum up, I can say that the film ‘Untouchable’ makes us think about real friendship. That doesn’t matter how old you are, what lifestyle you have or how much money you earn. As for me, friend – is one of the most important points in our lives. So, appreciate and take care of your real friends. I highly recommend reading this book for everyone. My rating is 10.

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