Brand-New Beauty and Beast

(fairy tale)

Once upon a time there lived a Merchant. He had three daughters.

One day the Merchant went to a fair. When he came back, the man was caught in a heavy storm and he was forced to hide in a castle. But unfortunately the Merchant didn’t know whose house it was… The castle belonged to a Beast, famous for his force and fury.

There, the man plucked a rose for his youngest daughter, Beauty. This rose ascribed the death sentence to him. The Beast said, “If you want your life to be spared, send your daughter to live here in the castle.” The upset Merchant went home and told Beauty about the bad incident. He was worried because everyone knew the Beast as mean and vain creature. But Beauty assured him that she would be safe in the castle.

In the course of time, Beauty and the Beast became good friends trusting each other.

One day, the young girl went to meet her family. When Beauty returned, she saw that the Beast was dying. At that moment, she realized that she loved the Beast and the Beauty told him about her feelings.

The witch’s spell broke down and the Beast turned into a handsome prince.

But incredibly the prince didnt love back the Beauty. He didnt thank her for everything that she did for him…

He turned into a pompous and pitiless narcissus.

So Beauty didn’t marry the prince and they didn’t spend happily the rest of their life together…

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