Brand-New Car!

(Ironic story)

At a little town not far from Kyiv lived a man with bad luck. His name was Kuzma. He had a good job, a good wife and actually he was a good guy. But unfortunately, Kuzma was an awfully unlucky person.

Once upon a time, Kuzma bought his first car. He dreamed about it for 10 years. It was a new Ford. He was so happy that day and, of course, had a good mood. So, he decided to come to the store and find some snappy and classy things for his sparkling car. He came to the super-pooper-market. Kuzma parked his Ford right at the entrance because he didn`t want to carry heavy bags so far. He blocked the car and went to the super-pooper-market with a big, almost Hollywood, smile. Kuzma walked around and chose great things for his car: seat and foot mats, odors, small toys, etc. He was the happiest man in the world.

So, he found all things that he had wanted. Then Kuzma brought these things to the cashbox. The seller congratulated him on these brand-new purchases. Kuzma got a lot of satisfaction with all that shopping. So, he could not wait to decorate the car with it. But when he got out of the super market, he found a strange situation: a cursed crash happened near the entrance. Two cars shattered to pieces encountering the parked car. That car was almost completely broken. Kuzma walked around and thought: “Oh my God… What a pity. Someone of us got unlucky!”

Two minutes later Kuzma threw away all his bags…He realized that it was his Ford…

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