Brave Duckling

Every morning, the landlady brought the yellow ducklings a full plate of chopped eggs. She put a plate near the bush and left. As soon as the ducklings ran to the plate, suddenly a large dragonfly flew out of the garden and began to circle above them. It buzzed so terribly that the frightened ducklings ran away and hid in the grass. They were afraid that the dragonfly would eat them all. And the evil dragonfly sat on a plate, tasted the food and flew away. After that, the ducklings had not come to the plate all day. They were afraid that the dragonfly would fly again.

In the evening, the hostess cleaned the plate and said, “Our ducklings must have gotten sick, they’re not eating anything.” She did not know that ducklings went to bed hungry every night.

One day, their neighbor, a little black duckling, came to visit the yellow ducklings. When the ducklings told him about the dragonfly, he began to laugh. “Be brave! Don`t be like chickens!” he said. “I will drive this dirty dragonfly away.” Here you will see it tomorrow.

“You just brag a lot, black boaster,” said the ducklings. “Tomorrow you will be the first to get scared and run away.” The next morning, the hostess, as always, put a plate of chopped eggs on the ground and went home. “Well, look,” said the brave duckling, “I will fight with your dragonfly right here and right now!”

As soon as he said this, the dragonfly suddenly dropped in with a horrible hum. Like a harsh helicopter in landed on the plate with food. The yellow ducklings were ready to run away, but the black duckling was not afraid. The dragonfly did not have any time to sit on the plate when the brave duckling grabbed it by the wing with its spotted beak. The insulted insect broke free and flew away with a broken wing. Since then, it never flew into the garden, and the happy ducklings ate everything brought by their careful landlady. Still now they eat not only themselves but also treat the brave duckling for protecting them from the dragonfly.

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