‘Brave New World’ by Aldous Huxley

My rating is 9/10. Far future, England. People all over the world live in one state, which seeks to make citizens happy and make good money on it. Already nothing reminds of the good old days of ordinary human life.

People are grown from a bottle, divided into castes and work only to take their free time. The institution of marriage and family is absent, the more sexual partners, the better. A society of “consumers” is being brought up. And their god becomes Ford.

In some territories of the state, closed areas with tribes have remained, which still live according to the old laws of the world, calling themselves Savages by modern society. One day, such a Savage finds himself in this new brave world. But is the world ready to accept this strange person?

A dystopian state, to which we are taking small steps, but approaching. No need to worry about where to go to study; there are no problems with finding a job – if you were not needed, you would not appear; no responsibility – no family and no children, no parents; You don’t need to worry about relationships either, and if you feel sad, then take a drug and enjoy life. Don’t worry, be happy.

I can’t say that all of the above is bad, but as for me, such a life is boring. Therefore, I would definitely not want to live in such a wonderful world.

As for the book, I read it with great pleasure – I really like to read books about societies and states, where everything is taken into account to the smallest detail.

It is felt that the book was written in the pre-war period – there was already at full capacity the conveyor of the in-line production of Ford cars, from which the mass consumption of society began.

The heroes who live according to the system and who are trying to fight with it are very well described (in the latter it is very well shown in what place they have a bug). But do not feel sorry for anyone. Absolutely.

I wonder if the book was written in our time, what god would people worship? Or maybe god would be an object? Or would it be polytheism?

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