Breath of Fresh Air

(short story)

Mia’s home is a prison for her. An empty, dusty and sad house. And most importantly, lonely. But it was not always so. She was the life and soul of the party and now she does soul-searching every day, wishing to find an escape from reality. She feels that her own mind devours her from the inside. Mia didn’t understand when something went wrong. She began to tire quickly because of her studies, moved away from friends, and the desire to do at least something was gone. What was the sense of life?

One day, lying on the bed in the dark, swallowing the dust and glare of the moon, she realized – she needed to change it.

She jumped abruptly out of bed, pulled on the first things she came across and instantly rushed out of the apartment, grabbing the car keys from the shelf. It was as if something invisible drew her to go to Ocean Beach right now, where she walked with her parents as a child. Mia started the car and drove quickly there. By the time she got there, the rays of dawn had been already cutting across the horizon and leaving an incredible mark on the sky.

Mia took off her shoes and stepped onto the wet sand. A sun-drenched beach made her purr with delight. Looking at blue waves, white sand and tall palms, she took a deep breath of fresh air and smiled wistfully.

Come rain and shine, she would try to live her life completely. Without regards to mistakes, that she did in her live, because making mistakes was a part and parcel of growing up. Life was a mind game. Everyone had a moment of self-awareness and relaxation with oneself and it was okay.

Mia closed her eyes and sighed again – she was ready to return to her life.

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