Bullying and Commercial Bulling. Modern problem of our society

Bullying is a new term for the average citizen, the meaning of which each of us not only knows, but in most cases encountered this phenomenon in childhood. This is aggressive behavior towards an individual or group, with the aim of humiliation, domination, physical or psychological self-affirmation.

Bullying can manifest itself in the form of psychological pressure (insults, humiliation, threats, ignoring, etc.) and physical abuse (beatings, shocks, degrading physical contact, beatings, etc.). It is not uncommon for physical and psychological pressures to combine.

Both aggressors and victims suffer from bullying. All of them experience emotional problems, do not know how to build relationships with people, have problems with psycho-emotional development. They will need adult support to help them develop healthy relationships not only at school but throughout their lives.

The commercial bulling is a kind of the criminal black PR with practices of fakes, deep fakes, stigmatization, manipulation and psycho-terror, headed by professional psychologists and specialists in info-psycho wars when on a daily basis students, children, unemployed people and so on are hired by Advertising and PR Companies (surely, they do their best to hide it) and start chasing and insulting Ukrainian and foreign businessmen, professionals, state officials, just well-to-do people with the aim of psychological pressure and extortion of cash, business services, expensive cars, apartments etc. They can do it for several months and even years. After getting daily 2-4 dollars payment, students, unemployed, and schoolchildren feel good, not realizing that they turn into criminals according to the Ukrainian Penal Code article #142, which could lead to 3 years imprisonments. The illegal surveillance, illegal usage of technical devices, defamation and money racketeering can significantly increase the imprisonment period. Though, according to off-the-record information their activity decreased a lot in 2020 because of the counter activity of Ukrainian police.

According to statistics, 80% of Ukrainian children are bullied without even realizing it. In all social systems there is always a leader, a middle group and a so-called “exile”. As for the commercial bulling, the exact information is absent, unfortunately.

It is the duty of the school psychologist and teacher to identify the leader who tends to initiate the harassment of others, to have friendly conversations with him, developing tolerance.

Bullying affects everyone who participates in it or observes it, and has destructive consequences in the future.

Even a single case of bullying leaves a deep emotional mark, which makes the problem the most common reason for contacting a child psychologist. Almost the same relates to adults who could commit crimes in the state of emotional stress. Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to this and do everything possible to inform people and to protect the present and future generations from fatal consequences.

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