Bullying. Commercial Bullying. The Ways To Overcome It

“First of all, it seems to me that in a situation with bullying there is no one ‘culprit’. There are many responsible.
(Lyudmila Petranovskaya)

Constant bullying and moral violence are a real and bitter reality for many people around the world. Harassment, bullying, insults — all these factors negatively affect us. This problem is especially common among children in kindergartens and schools. Already in primary school they can show aggression and negativity towards others. Most often, victims of bullying are boys and girls who are constantly ‘victims’ of conflicts and disputes at home. Such problems need to be solved from an early age so as not to have bad consequences in the future.

What can parents do to avoid this urgent problem? In Ukraine, most adolescents are bullied and harassed. However, few people know how to find out from their own children whether they have problems with it or not. There are several signs to detect this: lack of communication with peers (the child has no friends); frequent illnesses; the child sleeps poorly; specific behavior; lack of desire to go to school under different conditions. Parents who care for their child should keep a close eye on this. There are many reasons for bullying but the main ones are: the problem of self-esteem; domestic conflicts; and just children who have aggressive intentions against others. If you notice that your daughter or son has any of this — be sure to talk and explain how to solve this problem.

To solve this problem, there are several ways to overcome bullying. The most important thing is to work with parents and children. Bullying here can manifest itself in domestic violence, as a result of which the child becomes a ‘victim’ or in the fact that the parents do not devote their time. Therefore, first of all, parents should support their children. The next, no less important option to overcome is  conversations with classmates and teachers. Most often, bullying occurs at school, which is worth paying attention to. However, moving a child to another school will not help. After all, this problem will remain in the child and will arise again in a new kindergarten or school. This problem can be solved by conducting group lectures and classes with the class. Every student should understand that the consequences of bullying can be very different. Most often — it’s self-doubt, problems with self-esteem, isolation. In severe cases, children need practice with psychologists. Never be afraid to talk about such topics with your parents or children. Unfortunately, this is a very common problem today, which most people do not pay attention to.

Never be afraid to tell your family and friends about it. They will always help solve the problem of bullying. With all the tips and signs, you are sure to find a way to solve this. Spend as much time as possible with your children, because it is very important for them. Avoid conflicts and disputes, because the child’s psyche is still unstable. Always pay attention to your child’s environment — this may be the problem. The main key to solving this is your attention to loved ones and the desire to help them. Respect yourself and each other.

Some words are to be said about the so-called ‘commercial bullying’ which has been flourishing in Kyiv since the 1990s. From off-the-record sources, we know that it is a kind of criminal bullying when some officially registered advertising companies, except the ‘white PR services’, offer ‘the black PR services’, and their criminal variants. The victims of such daily bullying activity could be businessmen and well-to-do people, belonging to various walks of life: athletes, politicians, professors, foreigners, and even people who arrived from other regions of Ukraine. The goal of commercial bullying ‘specialists’ is money, apartments, cars, high-rank positions, and other typical financial assets. Unfortunately, such ‘companies’ with ‘glamour’ offices hire numerous students, schoolchildren, senior women, and homeless men in order to nag their victims, to break their psychological comfort, and to get some material benefits.

Students should remember that being engaged in such ‘daily PR activity’ they violate the following articles of the Criminal Code of Ukraine: article 142 – the illegal psychological experiment leading to 2-4 years of imprisonment; article 189 – the extortion of property leading to 5 years of imprisonment; article 359 – the appliance of technical devices to get information illegally leading to 4 years of imprisonment. Surely, this list of articles is not complete because we did not mention various types of lies and defamation used by these ‘PR specialists.’

The key idea is quite simple, dear students, if you are offered from $1 till $5 a day for the part-time ‘PR activity’, the gist of which is ‘the commercial bullying’ of any person in Kyiv, either child, teenager or an adult, think twice about your future career, the Criminal Code of Ukraine and the moral aspects of such ‘PR business’ too… Ukraine does not need ‘professionals’ in this sphere…marching firmly to the nearest prisons…Ukraine needs high morale specialists keeping in mind such values as the rule of law, democracy, and freedom of speech!

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