Business Communication Rules

Business ethics is the ability to create a sense of importance for another person, even if he is in a simple uniform and you are in a tuxedo’ —

The rules of communication culture are not limited to knowing who should be the first to shake hands, greet, enter the room or elevator. It is also a culture of oral conversation and correspondence (including electronic), telephone calls.

Secular conversation

In business, a secular conversation is a small warm-up before serious negotiations, an exchange of views, which does not oblige to anything. Secular conversation should be neutral. Topics that are not recommended to touch are politics, religion, economics, morality, ideology, health, family values. Politeness is the basis of professional communication.

Lifehack: Be natural. Your goal is to stimulate conversation. To psychologically facilitate the interlocutor’s process of maintaining a dialogue, paraphrase some of his statements and end the sentence with a question.

Greetings rules

Previously, the peculiarities of business etiquette were full of superstitious and, from today’s point of view, even incorrect rules. For example, 10 years ago it was considered right to be the first to greet a person who is older in status at business meetings. Today, society is moving away from stereotypical class thinking. Humanity, politeness and simplicity are now more important than status.

Another stereotype that has taken root in the minds of the business world is that a man should be introduced to a woman. Given the emancipation of women and the spread of the feminist movement in the world, establishing gender conditions for rules of conduct is becoming increasingly inappropriate. In the 21st century, women have the same rights in business as men, and it is tactless to single out the gender of business partners in any way.

The old rules of business etiquette also require that a younger employee be introduced to a senior. Today, conventions of this nature are called ‘ageism’ — age discrimination. It is no secret that in today’s world, young people can become successful entrepreneurs. Therefore, to avoid awkward situations, it is better to get rid of prejudices about the age of your business partners.

Lifehack: When greeting, keep the middle ground between friendship and dry tact. Be friendly and open, but make sure your behavior is not familiar. Simplicity, sincerity, lack of prejudice and willingness to cooperate are now valued much more than the formal etiquette rules of the past.

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