Business Correspondence

(From A to Z!)

Our community has long gone digital. Now just press the button, and the recipient is already reading your letter. But people still make banal mistakes in business relationships. Here are three, in my opinion, the most important rules that everyone should follow.

  1. Always write the subject of the letter.

According to business etiquette expert Barbara Pachter, people always decide whether to open a letter from a stranger on the subject. Therefore, the “title” should be concise and reflect the essence of the letter.

  1. Enter a professional email address.

If you work for a company, then you should use the company’s address. If you use a personal email address, then make sure it looks professional. It is absolutely unacceptable to use what was in school or college if it contains a nickname.

  1. Check everything from A to Z.

You cannot send a letter without careful verification. You need to make sure that you have entered the address of the right person, addressed it correctly, and did not make grammatical errors in the text. Also, Patchter advises reading the letter aloud so that your thoughts are clearly stated and the recipient has a full understanding of your requests or suggestions.

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