Business Culture of Australia


Pearler landscapes, mysterious beaches, barbies in the arvo, dardy bush dance and vegemite… Bloody oath, these facts are about Australia, a country of hot sun and amazing traditions! In addition to these fascinating data, the Australian economy is the 12th largest in the world and promising for new startups. Also, the Land of ‘Nope’ has a convenient taxation system and free choice of desirable business structure (auction companies, partnerships, trusts, etc.). Australia has warm economic relations with the Asian region and well-established transit of products to European countries, too.

So, starting a business in Australia can be a great boon. However, it is worth to mention the business culture of Aussie and etiquette are prime for newbies. It is a safe bet that some rules will make you crikey.

Formalities of communication

Australians are greeted with a handshake, but keep their distance (especially in corona time). During the conversation, colleagues call each other by name, but use polite forms Mister or Missis with senior interlocutor. Businessmen of Straya are not crazy about wearing style, but that doesn’t mean you come to the forum in shorts! Also, Australians are punctual in meetings, so don’t be bludger and come on time.

Modesty adorns

Australian businessmen are not used to bragging about themselves and their achievements. Therefore, during business meetings you should behave restrainedly, avoid self-publicity and bright presentations of your ideas. You should also not emphasize your success, because your partners can ask you to do Harry.

Rectilinearity in business

Australians want to see their partners straightforward and concise. Tell business proposal shortly, without additional details (or you will be forced to put a sock in it.) Always be prepared for abrupt rejection or heated discussion. Australians love debates and provocative questions that need to be joked about.

Humor as a sign of business

“Nice haircut, did you get run over by a lawnmower?” This is an example of Australian humor, which is difficult to understand, but so necessary in business. Sometimes jokes really fly under the radar and look rude, but for Australians this is a part of the culture. Thus, if you hear jokes at business meetings, don’t spit the Dummy and joke, too.

Sports, more sports

Sports and sports news is the key topic of business small talks. If you want to please your colleagues, get acquainted with the history of AFl, remember the jokes about all rippers in horse racing and watch the latest rugby matches. No Drama, and think of sports slang! Someone can advise you, “Have a go, you mug”.

So, this information will be enough to blend in Australlian business circle as an insider and up yourself… However, if you read my article carefully, you will see that I have forgotten one aspect. This is Strine, grouse and curious slang of locals. Then if you go to Australia for business, try to learn some Aussie sayings so as not to look galah in business talk with potential colleagues. No worries, mate, she’ll be right!

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