Business – Life or Money?


What is business? Is it a material success or is it a tangle of problems? Each business has its own definition. I think this is still a problem area. Sometimes it seems to me that this is a murky mafia that has its own laws, partly obeying the authorities and partly not.

There are more than a hundred successful businessmen in the world. Sometimes it’s scary to even think about how many greenbacks they keep on their bank accounts. However, this is the most important issue and the fact that large sums of money do not always bring great happiness.

For example, in movies you can often see how businessmen fall under the bullets of their rivals. In this area of a ​​money-making, cash can cost a life, at least that’s what the movies show. And strangely enough, I believe in this, because the thirst for wealth and power makes a person to do terrible things and even pushes him or her to a smorgasbord of sins.

Business is not only big money, but also big math, strict laws and a whole maze in which you need to “spin” properly and look for a way out even when there is a blank wall in front of you…

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