Cafe-bar An.tre!

Ladies and gentlemen, I have for you something really interesting. I know that my audience is coffee lovers and we prepare full review on one of the most interesting coffee-magic-shops. Let`s go!

About coffee shop

Cafe-bar An.tre’ is a cozy cafe on Obolonskyi Prospect for a family breakfast, friendly coffee breaks and an evening romantic date with a loved one. Quiet, pleasant and calm.

Tasty dish|drink

Hey, coffee lovers, went for a very tasty cappuccino and dopio ?! And don’t forget to grab some money for a delicious chicken dish.

Why ‘An.tre cafe bar’?

The facility is located on the terrace of a residential complex and has a breathtaking view of the avenue around which life is bustling. This is an ideal place to hide from the hustle and bustle of the capital. And a bonus can be an unexpected meeting with the photographer and stylist of the famous band ‘The HardKiss,’ Vitaly Datsyuk.

About coffee shop

Welcome to a real bakery. “Chlibny” in color is very bright and pleasant, and the staff at the entrance greets with a smile and a pleasant attitude as old friends. 

Tasty dish|drink

All the money for the croissant match!”

In this mood I left the cafe after a long day’s walk through the center of Kyiv. I also advise you to please yourself with capo-orange, which is considered a signature drink of the institution. Not regret it 🙂

Why Chlibny

Cosily? Yes.

Delicious? Yes.

About coffee shop

If you want to praise yourself for another day in this world, please look at the “MilkBar” on Khreshchatyk

Tasty dish|drink

Mango cheesecake. I recommend trying this cake in the first place. А You may even be lucky enough to choose a table on the terrace.

Why “MilkBar”

For connoisseurs of delicious desserts, this place will be almost perfect. Almost? Yes, unfortunately there will be a lot of people. You will have to stand in line…

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