Call it Hobby

Every person has a hobby, even if he or she denies it. Sometimes people think that what they do regularly is normal. The consistency of one’s own actions does not mean that others do as well. For example, my friend wakes up two hours earlier to watch a movie before work. What a glorious motivation to wake up early! He denies that this is a hobby. You should agree, it looks like a movie addiction.

One of my hobbies is reading. I don’t read every day. This activity brings me pleasure, and I give it priority over other types of passive relaxation, so I call it a hobby. I love reading a good book after a hard day. I like American writers. As a teenager, I was impressed by the American dream stories. Now I prefer documentaries, historical works. If I’m completely tired, then I choose something easy. Novels are my favorite literary genre. They are miniature and instructive. O`Henry has a lot of impressive novellas. His ironic works don’t take much time, but are remembered for a lifetime. The endings are always so unexpected…

Everyone has their favorite things that cause a smile on his or her face or warmth in his or her heart. Hobbies are not just origami, knitting or cycling. I believe that a hobby is something that brings pleasure, even occasionally. For me this is reading. This activity is not only pleasant but also useful. I advise everyone to love this thing. What is your hobby? What did you not notice before this post? Maybe you open your eyes to others. Tell about it!

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