Capsule Spring Wardrobe 2021

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Drawing up a universal wardrobe for every day is a technique that will ease your morning preparations. In addition, well-chosen things will definitely serve you for more than one season.

1. Wide leg jeans Jeans are the most versatile and off-season item. They look great both in casual looks with sneakers or loafers, and in evening ensembles with a pair of shoes. This spring, wide jeans have conquered fashion catwalks, which have already begun to showcase the main street style stars in their looks.

2. Flower dress With the onset of warmth, there is a desire to try on fresh colors and fill your wardrobe with floral patterns. This task is best done by floral dresses, which personify the arrival of the long-awaited spring and are a necessary element of the capsule spring wardrobe.

3. White sneakers If earlier sneakers were worn exclusively in pair with tracksuits, today they are easily combined with romantic dresses, business ensembles and elegant skirts. To make the right choice in the new season and buy a versatile pair for every day, you should take a closer look at white sneakers.

4. Tops If there is a choice of which top to buy in the new season, then first of all it is worth highlighting bralettes from the fashionable list. The thing is that cropped tops made of knitwear, satin or cotton will easily fit into the style of any girl.

5. Bag-baguette A fashionable bag is one of the most expensive and important investments in a wardrobe, which means that it should not only be liked externally, be relevant for more than one season, but also complement your favorite looks. This spring, you should pay attention to the bag- baguette, which returned to us straight from the late 1990s.

6. Relaxed pantsuits This spring, everything has been created for convenience, so even trouser suits have got a relaxed cut and soft shapes. Now you can go to business meetings comfortably and stylishly at the same time.

7. Slingback shoes You can decorate your spring wardrobe and bring a festive mood with the help of a beautiful pair of shoes. The most popular pairs in the new season are open-heel shoes, which are also called “slingbacks.” The iconic 1950s model was reimagined by designers to bring attractive couples to the runway.

8. Leather jacket Biker jackets, leather trench coats, leather bombers — each option will serve you for more than one season and easily complement your capsule spring wardrobe.

9. Masculine shirt The most popular shirt this spring looks like this: masculine cut, dropped shoulder line and long loose sleeves.

10. Accent accessories The finishing touch to every look is the right jewelry. This spring, accent earrings, bold bracelets and chunky necklaces will add a fashionable touch to your outfit. Are you into fashion? Then subscribe to this blog so as not to miss the most interesting information about this incredible industry.

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