Catastrophe Affecting All

Chernobyl is a great tragedy not only for Ukraine but for the whole world. The consequences of the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant are still being felt.

Now this city has become popular among tourists. The city where time has stopped, annually receives about a thousand tourists.

More than one film and TV series have even been made about this catastrophic meltdown. For example, in 2019, the American cable television channel NBO released a series called ‘Chernobyl.’ This is a documentary, a historical film. Watching this series from the beginning is scary. People bleeding from burns, the situation with the reactor is unclear… However, it becomes more interesting because the investigation of all the steps taken begins. For me personally, the series really provided thorough information about the explosion. However, some experts note that the creators fantasized or exaggerated certain moments. For example, the series showed that firefighters drank a lot of vodka, although this is not true, maybe just a stereotype worked.

In my opinion, the series still provides important and thorough information, at least, about those points that everyone should know. After all, this accident took many lives. More people died during the elimination of the consequences. Radiation is still present in the air. That is why we must respect those rescuers who put out the flames, those who saved the wounded. We need to know our history, as well as the unpleasant and tragic moments in it, and remember our heroes.

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