Strangers From the Forest

(fairy tale)

In a distant kingdom there lived a girl named Mariana. She was very kind and sweet, and most of all loved to sing songs in the forest. Her parents were merchants. They often left Mariana alone with her grandmother, who hardly took care of her, so the girl spent most of her time alone. Once, when Mariana was walking in the forest, a horrible hund attacked her. The animal almost bit her, but suddenly someone shot the beast. Mariana’s face was covered in blood. She got up to see her savior and it turned out to be a young guy in wolf fur. He ran up to her.

Covid, Me and The Old Woman

(Humorous flash story)

This happened a long time ago. When there was still Сovid in the world, when the pandemic was just beginning, not everyone wore masks and believed that they really prevented the spread of the vicious virus.

Ian and Sarah! Wow!English People With Big Hearts


Wow! I was in England and if I don`t tell you about it, I’ll just burn with overflowing feelings of joy and impatience! So my trip to England, how did it happen?

‘1984’ George Orwell

(book review)

“War is peace.
Freedom is slavery.
Ignorance is strength”
― George Orwell, 1984

Blue-eyed Boy and Dead Duck

(Miniflash story)

It was no surprise that John got the promotion. Everyone knows he’s the boss’s blue-eyed boy. Also, he was a real eager beaver, people person, go-getter, who was actively involved in the company’s development and, surely, he was made of money. A role model for many employees, in short.

McDonald`s and Courage

(short story)

It happened on November 15, 2022. It was my regular shift at McDonald’s, our restaurant had a planned power outage, so some workers were sent to help out at McDonald’s, which was located in a nearby mall. Two hours later, the air-raid alarm began, so all employees went to the subway. According to the rules, during an air-raid alarm, our McDonald’s employees use the subway as a shelter. As usual, I took cards with me, other employees and I just played cards, told stories, some listened to music.

First Day

(miniflash story)

“So you`re just an intern here, am I right?”

“Yes, Ms…?”

The struggle of the Ukrainian people for Іndependence


We are Ukrainians! We have always considered it a great honor to be Ukrainians. So it was. So it is. It will be so. But what was the path to the Independence of our country? What price were we forced to pay for the

Thoughts of a Schoolgirl


Somehow, one amazing day, everything seemed alarming to me. The birds did not sing as joyfully as before. The wind did not make noise and did not pick up the leaves, creating some small tornadoes. Nature foretold something bad.

Wise Queen

(fairy tale)

In a faraway kingdom, in a faraway state, there lived a king and a queen; they had three children: Alexia, Igor, Yaroslav. The monarchs were already old enough to think about who would be given the right to rule the kingdom after their death. They called their two sons and daughter to arrange the most fascinating feast for them.

Deer…Magic…From My Dreams


I go to classes by bus every morning. One day, I sat down by the window, as I always did, looking for deer with my eyes, gazing at the endless fields.

Can you hear me…?!

(Miniflash story)

One obvious day in one obvious company with obvious employees…

Running Out of Time

(miniflash story)

“Good morning, Mrs. Kkmarka. Is Mr. Pipko in his cabinet? I`m quite on the fence about some papers right now. I need him to look through.”

The Thursday Murder Club

(book review)

The Thursday Murder Club is the debut novel by Richard Osman.

Funny texting between mom and son

(Miniflash story)


Don’t forget to finish your homework.

Did you unload the dishwater?

Business Issues

(miniflash story)

“It’s terrible! I have no money; the company is bankrupt!

‘Milk and Honey’ by Rupi Kaur

This is the journey of
surviving through poetry
this is the blood sweat tears
of twenty-one years
this is my heart
in your hands
this is
the hurting
the loving
the breaking
the healing”
Rupi Kaur, ‘Milk and honey’


(miniflash story)

Once, there was a mentally healthy girl who knew what she wanted and how to say “no”, but everyone called her selfish.

‘The Stronghold’ by Volodymyr Rutkivskyi

(film review)

I was already familiar with other works of V. Rutkivskyi when the film ‘The Stronghold’ was released. I watched the movie with pleasure, and I liked it, but at that time I had not yet read the story on which it was filmed. I recently picked up a book with a movie cover and I didn’t expect something similar to a movie, because I already had known the style of writer’s works and anticipated the pleasure of a completely different genre than some dynamic fantasy movie. And so it happened.

‘Chocolate Love Poems’

(book review)

‘Chocolate Love Poems’ is a talisman for lovers. It includes poems by the authors of several generations. In total, the collection consists of versesby 17 lyrists. Some of them are famous, have weight in national literature – Dmytro Lazutkin, Sashko Gavrosh, Maryana Savka, Marianna Kiyanovska, Viktor Neborak, Taras Fedyuk, Iryna Shuvalova, Galina Kruk. Other poets – Serhiy Grabar, Roman Rudyuk, Marusya Vesna, Kateryna Onishchuk are still gaining the affection and sympathy of readers. In the “chocolate” collection, Maryana Savka’s young niece – Solomiya, who showed exquisite taste in her work, made her debut.

‘One Of Us Is Lying’ by Karen M. McManus

(Book review)

Things’ll get worse before they get better.”
Karen M. McManus, One of Us Is Lying

The Birth of Feminism in Ukraine


While researching texts written about Ukrainian feminism, I found out that the process of the emergence of Ukrainian feminism differs significantly from the currents and directions of the first wave of Western European and American feminism. Among the reasons are the facts that the Ukrainian lands were divided between the Austro-Hungarian and Russian empires, national and educational issues, political changes and the emergence of socialism. Although feminism was classified as a bourgeois ideology (anti-Soviet and counter-revolutionary) during the Soviet Union, after Ukraine gained independence in 1991, the feminist movement revived and is now actively developing as activism, gender studies, feminist art, gender media, and gender politics. My goal in this paper is to understand the prerequisites for the emergence of the movement for equal rights, the motives of the first feminists, the main directions of activity, as well as the differences in Western and Dnieper Ukraine.

Another Love

(miniflash story)

Today my love says that love does not exist. Maybe so.

What is it like to be a student?


So, you are a student. Welcome! You have managed to survive several circles of hell, pass your exams, and go all the way through teenage Tartarus, better known to us by the common word “school.” What to do next?

Development of feminism in Ukraine


After my previous essay “The birth of feminism in Ukraine” where I studied the origin of the women’s movement in the late 19th – early 20th centuries and the difference between the ideas of equality in Western and Dnieper Ukraine, I decided to continue to develop the topic. For this essay I was researching texts written about Ukrainian feminism to understand why Ukraine was not affected by the second wave of feminism and the sexual revolution that swept through Europe and America in the 1960s and 1970s; what actually happened under the state slogan of equality between men and women; and what was feminism like in the first years of independence.

What Makes Ukrainians Ukrainians?


What makes each person of their respective nationality who they are? The place of birth? Ancestral roots? Religion? Skin color? None of this. But then how to determine the nationality of a particular person?

The Cake is Ready!


This Saturday I came to my grandmother in the city of my childhood – Pereyaslav. Unfortunately, this rarely happens: it always seems that it is impossible to carve out time for relatives, amid the constant hustle and bustle between studies, work, city routine…

Ukrainian language: ‘for tick’ or necessity?


Even in today’s fast and frenzy world, torn by the wicked war, people always want to unite in some communities or groups. The same great community is the nation. But each community, whether small or entire nation, always strives to have something, that unites it effectively, allows it to conduct a common and coordinated policy, and also when necessary to oppose or compete with opponents. One such important component for any community, including the nation, is the language.

My Way


Ever since childhood, I was an active and creative child who couldn’t sit still and always wanted to do something. Drawing, inventing new worlds, reading books, etc. — I was fascinated by everything. My restlessness was both an advantage and a disadvantage: when I started a business, I rarely finished it. However, with some effort, I was able to fix it.

Winter, Rage, Home

(miniflash esay)

Winter is coming soon. Time to drink cocoa, watch Christmas movies, eat oranges, decorate the Christmas tree..,

The woman with a burning match of rebellion

(film review)

Recently, the second film about the adventures of Enola Holmes — the sister of the world-famous detective Sherlock Holmes — has been released. The film turned out to be incredible, with a beautiful picture, charismatic characters and a plot based on Sarah Chapman’s search and the question of what she learned. However, not so many people know that Sarah Chapman is a real lady who really contributed to the protection of the rights of working women.

‘The Hunger Games’ by Suzanne Collins

(book review)

You don’t forget the face of the person who was your last hope.”
Suzanne Collins, The Hunger Games

‘Will My Cat Eat My Eyeballs?’ by Caitlin Doughty

(book review)

Caitlin Doughty is a former pathologist, current university lecturer, and funeral home owner. The idea to write such an unusual book came to her after several strange and truly extraordinary questions that students asked about her work. So, yes, ‘Will My Cat Eat My Eyeballs?’ is not an ordinary book.

The benefits of business training


Part 2.

The currently popular business trainings are by no means a tribute to trends. It is an effective tool that helps people run their business better. And these are not only trainings that teach competent sales. Classes and seminars can be devoted to effective business negotiations or the development of a company management strategy.

Opportunities for Self-education


Nowadays, it is important to engage in self-development: study new topics, attend webinars, take courses… Here I will talk about free opportunities for self-development. Now there are many platforms where you can take courses and get a certificate.

Successful Business Training


In modern business, great importance is given to training, continuous improvement of professional skills and obtaining additional knowledge. Only those who pay due attention to this aspect, who strive for constant self-improvement, are able to achieve ultimate success. Therefore, there is nothing surprising in the fact that business trainings are becoming more and more popular every day, with the help of which you can significantly improve the skills of both individuals and the whole team. But what is the secret of successful business coaching? What skills do a good business coach need and what is the overall benefit of training for the company and the team? This is what I will try to make out in my essay.

It’s Time to Change…


This year has been too difficult. Although even before it started, I didn’t find it easy. I don’t want to remember the first half of the year at all with all these shocking war atrocities.

Genre palette of mass Internet literature (memes)


In modern society, the Internet plays a quite large role in the circulation of information. Exchange of ideas, learning new things, and searching for answers to one’s questions quickly moved to the digital format. Likewise, literature has become available online, adding to the diversity of genres with new ones such as fan fiction, podcasts, and memes. In this essay, I would like to focus on the last, most non-standard one.

Mysterious Forest

Have you, dear reader, ever heard about such a wonderful place – the Mysterious Forest? It is not on maps; it is not visible from satellites, but sometimes it appears to little children who walk the streets of Ukrainian towns.

Cockerel and Two Mice. Bitcoin and War

(An altered fairy tale)

Once upon a time there were two mice – Kindrat and Chubchyk, and a rooster Dobrynia. The mice were all about dancing and singing. And the rooster would get up at dawn, wake everyone up with a song and get to work. Once he was sweeping the yard and found a wheat ear.

Our Secrets and Memories

(mini flash story)

That day, on the hot August night, under a shiny starry sky near a small pond to the chirping of a nightingale, we met each other again.

Volodymyr the Great, Volodymyr Zelenskyy and Time-bending

One day Volodymyr the Great and Volodymyr Zelenskyy met at a briefing.

Forest Secrets

(fairy tale)

In a small, quiet village near a dark forest, lived a family where was born a girl, with very light hair and eyes the color of the blue sky. Everyone in the village loved her for her kindness and bright soul; she always helped everyone and never offended anyone. Everyone called her Lily, like a flower.

The Meeting of Her Dream

(Miniflash story)

She ran as fast as it was possible, and even more. She thought about their meeting all day.

One Scary Night

(miniflash story)

Mom said, “You can always call me.”


(Miniflash story)

She tried to put the words in the best way and come up with the perfect phrases. It was important. Yes, it’s kinda important to express your feelings, you know.

Digital Metaphor

(miniflash story)

Since I remember myself, my 6041 is to be a real 5head. I want to be of the people who always are bating a 1000.


(miniflash story)

This morning seemed difficult. Of course, when you drink more than one glass of whiskey, the likelihood of having a rough morning increases. But you have to wake up.

New Body

(miniflash story)

I was awakened by numerous phone calls, which I diligently tried to reset.

Forest Calling

(miniflash story)

The soft rustling of leaves underfoot, the loud wind and the deathly desolation of the forest reminded Mark of how his friend got lost there as a child.

London is Good… Kherson is Better!

miniflash story

This terrible feeling haunted Galya for days. A chill ran down her back, her hair stuck to the forehead and her fingers clenched convulsively in narrow pockets. It felt like something cold and sticky was poured behind her collar. A refugee… It seemed she would never feel warm again.


(mini flash story)

For many people, trouble comes unexpectedly, like a wolf sitting in the bushes and waiting for a defenseless sheep, especially, during the war-time.


(miniflash story)

A friend of mine is a fisherman. He often brought various fish home, but in the summer he broke his leg and couldn’t fish anymore. He kept talking about tuna, and I suspected it was a fish, so I bought it at the market.

My Friend is an Atheist

(miniflash story)

We were in the ninth grade, my friend Christian and me. We often had a class at our school where the priest came. He would tell us about religion and church, about prayers and what they were for. My friend always said he was an atheist and never went to church.

The Fatal Mistake

(Miniflash story)

She couldn’t understand why everyone called philologists boring? They are simply more logical, aren’t they?


The last word in mechanical engineering is electric cars. The future is behind them, there is no escape from it, environmental standards are becoming stricter year by year in relation to internal combustion engines, as a result of which there are fewer and fewer of them on the roads, and new, more environmentally friendly alternatives with electric scooters are coming in their place.

History for Modern Times


History is life, an integral part of it. The same applies to Ukrainian history. Living every day, to a greater or lesser extent, we are the creators of today’s history. No matter how much we like it or not, without studying the history of the world, our state, household items or any other things, it is impossible to do without it.

Love Given by Heaven

(short story)

In a small town in Switzerland lived a very talented girl Smeralda. The passion of her whole life was ballet. She literally couldn`t live without it.

In the Dragon’s Castle…

(fairy tale)

In one town there lived a man and a woman with a son named Haris.

And Who is a Fighter Conquers the World… («І хто борець, той здобуває світ»)


In post-Soviet countries, the topic of mental health remained taboo for a long time. Therefore, the happiness statistics of a typical citizen of Eastern Europe are disappointingly low. Recently, the indicators began to improve. Will the war “collapse” the indicators to the previous results?

Women’s Haircut and War History

(feature story)

A short haircut is convenient when you don’t always have time to wash your hair and take care of it. Long hair can get in the way. However, saying “Goodbye” to it is often a blessed gesture, which means a willingness to sacrifice oneself, to give up luxury. The more notorious things are around, the more temptation women feel to cut their hair. Why does war affect us in such an unusual way?

‘Saints Don’t Pronounce Letter R’

(informal book review)

Quiet and invisible, like illegal drugs. Calm as an experienced killer. Silent as the real truth. And tall.”
Novella “Genius and Composition” by Romko Chykharivskiy

Holubtsi vs. Lust

(sketch story)

Recently, Tiktok has been blown up by the song ‘Power of Repentance,’ which is sung about it as a ‘luxury power.’ More than a thousand videos were shot with this track. The author of the song is the Ukrainian blogger Pan (Mister in English) Roman. Who is he?


(feature article)

What do you know about Japan? Sushi, samurai, anime, robots – these are the first associations that arise while mentioning this amazing country. The Japanese know how to impress with many things: modern technologies, incredible inventions, ancient customs and how harmoniously all this is combined their contempo culture.


(feature story)

This weekend I had the opportunity to visit for the first time an unusual, surely in my opinion, coffee shop called ‘Paliturka.’


(flash story)

Birds soared above the treetops. The moon dimly illuminated the forest. The girl ran with all her legs, trying to escape. She breathed heavily in the cool night air. Due to imprudence, the girl caught on the roots of a tree and fell down. Suddenly it became very dark. A large shadow of someone’s figure got hanging over her. The girl did not have a chance to see who it was, because suddenly her eyes darkened and she lost consciousness.

Trick or Treat

(Mini flash story)

“I have a bag. Let’s work out a route!You prepared it yesterday!”

About Planning…


I guess that this is a quite multifaceted topic. We look at planning from different angles. If you think about it on a large scale, you can see that most of our life is planned immediately after birth. That is, all natural processes that we must perform on time have already been invented for us by creation itself. We perform certain processes and actions according to nature’s plan. We learn to be individuals in society not because we planned it that way but because it is necessary…

Sexism at work: is it real or not?

(Miniflash story)

Mark and Linda hold the same positions in two different companies. They are both directors of the sales departments.

1000 and 1 success story from ‘Made in America’ by Sam Walton

(book review)

High expectations are the key to everything.”
Sam Walton

‘Five injuries that prevent you from being yourself’ by Liz Burbo

 (book review)

Listen to your body – your best friend on the earth”
Liz Burbo

‘City of Girls’ by Elizabeth Gilbert

(Book Review)

What is a strong woman like? Independent, persistent or uncompromising? After all, it is these words that we are used to characterizing a girl’s opportunity. But in reality, every woman is strong. Strong in its uniqueness and frivolity. In their desires and aspirations. None of us are perfect. And this is beautiful, because the world is wrong – why then do we strive to be different?

‘The Catcher in the Rye’ by Jerome David Salinger

(Book review)

Probably, this is the most famous book of the last century, which everyone knows about. But maybe not everyone read. ‘The Catcher in Rye’ is an undeniably controversial book. Reading it, you will analyze the moral world of society many times. The main character is a teenager, Holden Caulfield, who suffers from fear; he is constantly looking for what is right in the world and what is not. He is the personification of every reader, because we all strive to find the “correct” path for us.

‘Museum of Abandoned Secrets’ by Oksana Zabuzhko

(Book Review)

This book is about Ukrainian society: past and present, about betrayal and victory, about struggle and hope for victory. I am glad that I read it right now, because it leaves me with the confidence that one day everything will definitely be fine and each of us has the opportunity to somehow influence the future to be better than the present.

My Tiny Bundle


I’ve never liked dogs as much as I had liked cats until I got my little puppy. It was one of the most thrilling and gloomy times in my life. So let’s get back to the dog. It was a little black dachshund with touch-the-soul eyes. She was called Daisy, like a bloom in a garden. She was a tiny bundle, but a crazy tiny bundle. We also called her ‘Vac’ because she ate everything she saw, especially outside, moreover, particularly little rocks…Living with her was like living with a dog-tiger (I live with a cat for 13 years, and she can also be a tiger). So, I was wondering who was the biggest tiger in our household: my little dog or my old cat, stubbornly defending her territory?

Once In My Childhood…

(flash story)

I remember a wonderful time when my grandmother and I woke up in the morning and she turned on cartoons for me on ‘Children’s World.’ Then my babushka brought me two stools (high and low), where she put tea and had something to eat again. I was sitting on a stool, and she was on the couch, and we had tea together and watched TV.

Household slavery and why it is not ok


What is the household slavery and why does it still exist? To answer these questions, first, lets consider the term "gender socialization." Gender socialization is the process of assimilation by men and women of stereotypical norms of behavior that are instilled in us from the birth. If it sounds too generalized, it is when "women should lead a life of a housewife and give birth to children like a machine gun. Besides, they should love the pink color and cant imagine their existence without gossip. Ouch! One more moment, they are to be submissive, gentle and modest like nuns.” All this stuff has been shoved into our heads in various ways since childhood.



Many people around the world have to deal with procrastination daily. But what is procrastination? Procrastination is the action of unnecessarily and voluntarily delaying or postponing something despite knowing that there will be negative consequences for doing so. As they say it affects all ages. When you are a student, you can often delay your bedtime without a specific reason for it. As a result you feel tired next morning, moreover you can’t organize your life and plans, many will beat everything at the last moment. If we talk about adults, procrastination harms relationships with the family instead of, for example, spending time with the beloved husband, talking, cooking dinner together, cleaning up, the husband can play games and watch football. So this essay will discuss this topic in more detail and cover the reason for procrastination; it influences health and finally, the way how to solve this problem.

Fear of Love


Someone doesn’t believe in it. Someone forget about it. Someone is deeply convinced that he/she is doomed to look dull. But what if I told you that everyone deserves love? The secret is to give love to each other without reason. That simple rule can save The World. But you must start with yourself.



Reality is gradually disappearing from my life. The days become somewhat drawn out and surreal, like music without a clear rhythm, but I still don’t manage to do anything.

Luhansk Meets the Sun the First in Ukraine…


In this material, I will tell how Luhansk was robbed of the opportunity to be a city, robbed of the opportunity to dream and meet the same sun. I left the city at the age of 11, but the memories from that period still haunt me. Everything you will read now was about my life, that past vision, emotions and feelings. Some of the details mentioned here I found out later in the process of searching for information. You can call this post a testimony of how everything began for Luhansk and for me. How my personal war began. The memory preserved many moments that I should have written down a long time ago, but it was painful. Now I dare.

The Ukrainian language is a weapon of the people: why the language issue is crucial during the war


“The main problem of Ukraine is not multilingualism, but bilingualism, the spread of two languages ​​on its territory, when along with the state Ukrainian language, Russian also claims to be used in all spheres of use,” says Larisa Masenko, a professor at the National University “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy.”

Yakaboo — online store selling books

(feature article about the book publishing market)

Yakaboo — online store selling books is a leader in book sales. Illusion or reality? If you ask any Ukrainian who reads and buys books, one of the first online stores that comes to mind will be Yakaboo. Yakaboo is a national book platform where you can find more than 300,000 books in 71 languages in paper, electronic or audio formats. More than 3 million customers use the store’s services and products. They also cooperate with more than 500 Ukrainian and foreign publishing houses. Really huge volumes of cooperation, isn’t it? In fact, the company’s work plays a huge role in the social life of the country because such a huge online store is and will be a reason to be proud of it.

‘Fluid Art’ is the Way to Inner Harmony

(feature article)

We hear the word “fluids” a lot, especially while talking about someone very attractive, charismatic, with fluids of emotions. It is usually said that magnetism is felt in such people. And this is not accidental: until around the 18th century, scientists explained the phenomena of magnetism, heat and electricity by the action of some fluid substance. What people once considered a miracle is now commonplace for us. But without magic, humanity quickly gets bored, which is why the direction of art as ‘fluid art’ appeared.

Ukrainian Borsch

(feature article)

Haven’t you noticed that every dish that you order in a restaurant or cafe, which refers to Ukrainian cuisine, will be delicious? Sometimes one gets the impression that our dishes will be unsurpassed in any variations of cooking. Unlike dishes from other cuisines: pasta can be overcooked and it will be tasteless, sushi can have a strange taste or fall apart, burgers can be very dry. I’m not saying that Ukrainian borscht can’t be spoiled. Of course you can do it, but have you ever tasted bad borscht? Yes, it can be prepared differently, some add vinegar, some don’t, some add beans – and some don’t, but the dish still turns out tasty.

‘The Almost Lovebirds’ by Lucy Day

(book review)

Fiona’s life is a mess, not a masterpiece like her paintings. Her engagement ended in disaster. Even her career has gone down instead of up. She needs to take a break, and the best place to do is the quietest place she can imagine, her hometown. But the last thing she expects is to meet her aunt’s old love Alex at her aunt’s house.

‘THE LOVE HYPOTHESIS’ by Ali Hazelwood

(book review)

“You can fall in love: someone will catch you.”
― Ali Hazelwood, The Love Hypothesis.

‘Mort’ by Terry Pratchett

(book review)

The book ‘Mort’ is the first part of the cycle ‘Death.’ Terry Pratchett writes in a very light style, adds many funny interjections.

Timeless. Ruby Red. Kerstin Gier

(book review)

What do you mean, a ghost? The Honorable James Augustus Peregrine Pympoole-Bothame, heir to the fourteenth Earl of Hardsdale, is taking no insults from young girls!”
― Kerstin Gier, Ruby Red 

‘Pride and Prejudice’ by Jane Austen

(Book review)

Angry people are not always wise.”
Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice

‘Newerwhere’ by Neil Gaiman

(Book Review)

This book can be briefly described with just one quote from it: “I guess I still have a hangover,” sighed Richard. – Because I almost caught the meaning.” But now let’s talk about this novel in more detail.

Ukrainian Modern Illustrations

(feature story)

We are people, and people can’t live without art. Art is sky. Art is grass. Art is a glass of water under sunbeams. Our emotions are the art, too. Art is everything around and inside us. There are a lot of talented Ukrainian artists like Ivan Sulyma, Natalka Haida, Vladyslav Yerko, and Yevheniia Hapchynska. They are well-known as book illustrators, who work in famous Ukrainian publishing houses like ‘The Old Lion Publishing House,’ ‘Ababahalamaha,’ and ‘Urbino Publishing.’ But we aren’t limited to them. Many modern illustrators are also creating amazing content for social media, online media, websites, and publishing houses, too. But not everyone knows their names because just a little number of people admit the short byline at the end of the book or in the website’s footer.

Ukrainian kitty-rock: the phenomenon of the young artist

(feature story)

The Ukrainian music industry has a lot of famous and talented artists. And now it started getting new names. After russian invasion in our country, everyone recognized how important to create content in our native language. A lot of young people flashed up with an idea to write contempo, creative, and mainstream songs in Ukrainian, which has never existed on our platforms before. Thankfully, we have plenty of opportunities to share our art and to make the world hear it.


(mini flash story)

Restaurant. 5 pm. Business meeting.

Why is it good to feel pain?


What is pain? Scientists explain this term as “a kind of feeling that arises as a result of strong irritations of the nervous system. It is a symptom of many diseases.” But for each meaning of the word ‘pain’ there is another interpretation. People are used to subsuming almost all their problems and the quality of actions that cause them discomfort under this word. And is it so?

Ukrainian Mermaids


Today I want to tell you about UKRAINIAN mermaids. Why the accent is on the Ukrainian? Because in our mythology these creatures dont have tails. Yeah, you read right. They really dont have it.

My Inspiration


I sat down at the table. I opened my laptop. Turned it on. Waited until the screen lit up. I clicked twice on the “Word” icon. Created a new file. I saw an empty document in front of me. I realized that this deep white color scared me with its infinity-y-y-y…

Healthy Relationships


Every person has repeatedly heard about such a phrase as healthy relationships. What are they and how to build them. Many specialists have their opinions on this matter. But relationships are built by every person and not everyone turns to a specialist to figure it out, but this is not of great value, you can do without a psychologist.

The End of Change’ by Stephen King

(book review)

A change is as good as a rest.”
― Stephen King

‘The hating game’ by Sally Thorne

9/10. “I have a theory. Hating someone feels disturbingly similar to being in love with them. I’ve had a lot of time to compare love and hate, and these are my observations.”

‘Looking for Alaska’ by John Green

(book review)

“At some point, we all look up and realize we are lost in a maze.” What could sound more impressive and believable than quotes from the book ‘Looking for Alaska’? Reading this book, you will not only enjoy the plot, but also involuntarily begin to think philosophically about your life and just life in general.

‘The Cruel Prince’ by Holly Black

(book review)

Let’s have a toast. To the incompetence of our enemies.”
Holly Black, The Cruel Prince


(miniflash story)

The main thing is to live until September…

Dream of Giant Forest

(flash story)

How many creatures has he seen and heard in these centuries? And how different they were. Some were wee and fast; others were larger, leisurely walking here and there; there were so small that no one noticed them. But not him. He always knew who came and for whom it was time to leave.

The blue-eyed boy

(Mini flash story)

He was the blue-eyed boy in our office. He always managed to get the best project; he could always persuade the management to push the deadline, and he never received any reprimands.


(miniflash story)

Move quickly and stealthily. Be focused and attentive.

Princess Olga

(short story)

It was a warm summer night. The full moon shone like the sun. The two were sitting on a bench by the river. The water gently touched their feet, kissing their soles, and the wind ruffled their hair and whispered its night song.

‘I Love You. No, I Don’t Love You’

(miniflash story)

One working day, the secretary of our company had a conversation with the boss. It was the end of the day; everyone was tired. After a professional telephone call with our boss, she ended the conversation with, “Alright, I love you, see you later!” This is what she’d usually say to her family at the end of a call, but it certainly wasn’t meant for her boss!

Gold Mine…

(flash story)

It was gray and gloomy in the yard; it had been raining all day. Just in the mood of Felix, who was slowly trudging home. As he walked past the park, he sat down on a bench and sighed heavily. Raindrops fell on his face, and a cold wind blew. Felix had to swallow a bitter pill when he was told that it is better not to wait for the salary in the near future. The company was slowly sinking. After a long thought about his own situation, the boy got up and sullenly continued to walk. At home, he was happily greeted by a cat.

Tips for Management


For every director of a corporation, it is important to understand many aspects: you have to be persistent, constantly be at work to help solve problems of various natures, follow the budget and conduct business meetings. But these are not all points that management should know and implement. I do recommend that you should memorize some business idioms from this article to guide your employees in the right direction.

High Energy Prices


It’s already the 21st century outside today. Hearing such a number, the mind automatically creates a number of associations of something new, modernizing, developed, civilized. But as paradoxical as it may sound, we stand with our feet immersed in wars. Are you asking, “Again?” So…

When I Die…

(miniflash story)

Something happened today. The disease let me go…


(miniflash story)

I don’t sleep well every night. Mara, the dream stealer, comes to me. I’m used to it, it’s not scary anymore. Every night I look at the night sky, it is as always alone and amazing.


(miniflash story)

His smile makes my day. Really, what could be better?

When will this f*cking working day end?!

(Miniflash story)

At work, Alla was constantly looking at her watch waiting for the end of the day. She is a typical clockwatcher, and her life without a clock would be hell.

Why are people nostalgic for the USSR, and is it really so?

(Historical and sociological article)

Of course, anyone who is even slightly interested in history knows that those people who do it, to put it mildly, whitewash the truth. Let’s take a look at why some people so dream of returning to the USSR.

I could literally fly off the handle…


Our busy days with the project were so tough that every following day I felt more and more exhausted. We discussed marketing strategies, how we were going to promote the ‘le plan,’ what should we do for that. And my rate of anxiety was on the top of the Mount Everest!

Maybe it’s time to take the bull by the horns?

(miniflash story)

I’m tired as hell that I’m the only one who hasn’t been on vacation for a year and a half.

Unexpected Snacks in Konotop

(flash story)

It was a dark night in a run-down and ratty Konotop private house yard. A dudette girl climbed into a well-looking old house through a window. She began to rummage through the nightstands, highlighting himself with a flashlight.


I cuddle her, kiss her sweet cheeks, pay much attention to her. She is an angel…



‘Carmilla’ is a gothic mystical novel about lesbian vampire created by Irish writer Sheridan Le Fanu. Violent, painful, and sad – three words that can clearly describe this composition. But, despite this, it is still so splendid…

Editing and Proofreading… Difference


The general editing process consists of editing and proofreading. These are two specific and standout stages of the revision process and book preparation. But what is the difference between them both?

Student Self-Government


The modern system of education is very democratic and soft towards students. Since primary school, we know about student’s freedom of actions and choices in their Alma mater’s walls. All students have a voice inside educational establishments, they have their own student parliament and can choose the head of it. It calls, “self-government.” Let’s talk about it in more detail.

What will happen if you don’t drink coffee before the exam?

(Campus story)

This morning, Grisha was in a hurry to get to the university like never before. Today it was supposed to be an exam in the discipline, for which the boy appeared on only a few times. All night he tried to remember at least part of those notes that he got from his coursemates, which cost him an arm and a leg.

Unlimited Access to Information: Advantage or Modern World Pain?

In my opinion, it is impossible to give an unequivocal answer to this question, but I would like to discuss it a little more broadly.

Santa’s Assistant

(fairy tale)

The Christmas tree resembled a large shining ball, shimmering with all possible colors. The door creaked open. Nicolas cautiously looked into the room. Realizing that there was no one but the festive tree, he quietly closed the door and hurried to the gifts. As he approached the big package with his name on it, he heard muttering from the tree. The toys shook, and a small head with very big eyes appeared. A green hat was slipping down on his eyebrows. The surprised look stopped on the young man.

Fox and Rat

(fairy tale)

Once upon a time there was a rat Stepan and a fox Andriy. And for 2 years they shared one hole in the forest. Everything was fine, they constantly went hunting with each other, had fun together and were generally thick as thieves, until recently Stepan started to be lazy and not go looking for food. Stepan constantly told Andriy that he was sick and asked the fox to find food for him too. And Andriy, as a true friend, decided to help Stepan, not even knowing that the rat was deceiving him.

The Book and Printing Museum Through our eyes


Learning something new is always astonishing, especially when it is related to your future profession. A museum is not only old exhibits, many showcases, and a tireless tour guide, it is always about the history and something more. So on September 9, my group VSRb-2-21 of the Institute of Journalism named after B. Hrinchenko decided to join the process of acquiring new knowledge outside the educational institution. The Book and Printing Museum, located on the territory of the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra, helped us in this.

The Three Little Elephants

(Fractured Fairy Tale)

Once upon a time, there were three little elephants who lived with their parents. When the elephants grew old enough, they went out into the world to live on their own. The first little elephant built a small wooden shack. One day, there was a knock at the door.

My Bleeding Soul Diary…



I woke up early today. Maybe you think that I needed to get prepared for the lessons or that I just like to wake up early—no. The terrorist country decided to remind us of the same day and fired 83 missiles at our country.

‘The hating game’ by Sally Thorne

9/10. “I have a theory. Hating someone feels disturbingly similar to being in love with them. I’ve had a lot of time to compare love and hate, and these are my observations.”

Country of Freedom: Can Ukrainians Listen to the Music of the Aggressor Country?

(persuasive essay)

More than 250 days have passed since the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, but the controversy over the consumption of enemy content continues to this day.

Olesya Markovych’s short story ‘The Waiter’

(short story review)

Olesya Markovych’s short story ‘The Waiter’ was included in the collection ‘Terra Inclusion,’ published in 2020 by the ‘12 Publishing Center’ publishing house. The work won the ‘Coronation of the Word’ competition in the ‘Inclusive stories’ special award category.

“Best Self: Be You, Only Better” by Mike Bayer

(Book Review)

Many of society’s “rules” simply don’t apply to us as individuals, and if we spend all our energy on trying to be, do, say, and act like society wants us to, we are simply wasting time we could be spending on discovering and connecting with our Best Self. Self-care is foundational to living your ideal life”.
Mike Bayer

‘American Tragedy’ by Theodore Dreiser


People like money even more than they do looks.”
Theodore Dreiser, An American Tragedy

‘Flowers for Algernon’ by Daniel Keyes

(book review)

There are a lot of people who will give money or materials, but very few who will give time and affection.”
(Daniel Keyes)

A science fiction novel by American writer Daniel Keyes, published in 1959. A wonderful novel for readers who have not encountered inclusive literature, but want to get to know it.

Nine Tips For a Student Launching a Startup


All businessmen, when they were just starting their business, should have worked out certain points. Today we give you the most up-to-date list of what you need to start your own business.

‘A Fіnal Call’ by Elіot Parker

(book review)

Detectіve Stacy Tavіtt may be wonderіng іf she’s searchіng for a murderer or an іllusіonіst as she unravels thіs mystery. Apparently nothіng іs as іt seems, and honesty іs іn short supply. Stacy and her partner are caught up іn a web that reaches well beyond the lіmіts of thіs cruel homіcіde and the mіssіng suspect.

Mischief Night

(The Night Before Halloween)

Miniflash story

Collect things! We don’t have much time!

Delicious Signs

(Miniflash story)

Sara has been on a diet since Monday. She does not eat sweet, fried, fatty, high-calorie foods.


(miniflash story)

It was difficult for her to get out of bed.


Recently, our publishing company got lucky.

Morning Сoffee

(Mini flash story)

Today in the morning, I found myself on the back foot. I was sleepy, weak and angry, because there was no coffee in the coffee maker, which I had brewed for myself before going to bed…

“The Graveyard Book” by Neil Gaiman

(Book Review)

“If you dare nothing, then when the day is over, nothing is all you will have gained.”
― Neil Gaiman, The Graveyard Book


(Book review)

An incredibly cozy book. Perfect for reading on a quiet autumn evening with a cup of fragrant tea.


(Mini-flash story)

Blood on the wall…

The Escape

(miniflash story)

The train wheels thumped furiously. The carriage was approaching the platform.

Marilyn Monroe

(miniflash essay)

One day in English class we started discussing famous actors of the past.


(miniflash story)

In one tree, somewhere in the thick of the forest, lived two blue birds: Osli and Alex. They were best friends, always doing everything together.

What is Kindness?

(miniflash story)

Alice was always trying to figure out what kindness was.

That’s solely your mental imagery…

A romantic dinner with your dead husband could be the best finishing of the daytime. You see him, sitting exactly face to face with your ex-flame…

A tiny wish

(encrypted letter)

DeAr Mister Davidson,
i hoPe you are doing great. My apriL in swEden wAS Exhilarating!

The Busiest Beaver Award Goes to…

(funny business letter)

From: MashaKovbas@gmail.com
To: MiriamHolly@gmail.com
Subject: The Explanatory Note

‘Behind the Scenes of the Empire’ by Vira Aheieva

(Book Review)

A lot of books have already been written about Ukrainian-Russian relations in the context of the aggressor’s interests. Russia stole its history with other people’s achievements, depriving other nations of their past.

“That Will Never Work: The Birth of Netflix and the Amazing Life of an Idea” by Marc Randolph

(Book Review)

Sometimes the only way out is through.”
(Marc Randolf)

It`s Not a Miracle…

(flash story)

This amazing autumn morning turned into a nightmare for thousands of Kyivans hurrying up to their offices and classrooms, construction sites and laboratories, shops and supermarkets. The rash rocket cracks right in the center of their beloved city of chestnuts was so unexpected that passers-by and passengers, drivers and dwellers, just got into slow motion stupor not knowing what to do.

Ukrainian Sleeping Beauty

(Fractured Fairy Tale)

The king and queen had a long-awaited daughter, and they invited all the fairies of the kingdom, except one, because she had not left her tower for half a century, and they all thought she was dead. In the midst of the christening feast, the eighth fairy appeared uninvited, whom she thought was treated rudely by not being invited to the celebration.

The Story Of One Day

(the flash story about the war in Ukraine)

Dmytro with his wife and seven-year-old son ran through the dark forest from Russian soldiers. In their small Ukrainian village, their house had probably already been destroyed; shots were heard behind them… They were tired and hungry, but very glad to be alive…

Unlimited Access to Information: Advantage or Modern World Pain?

In my opinion, it is impossible to give an unequivocal answer to this question, but I would like to discuss it a little more broadly.

Distance Learning – For And Against


Since 2020, all students and schoolchildren have faced a new reality – distance learning. For many people, it was something beyond comprehension, especially for older people. Nevertheless, this situation surrounds us for the third year. It is impossible to change it now, so it is curious to consider the pros and cons of this form.


When Martha was a child, she watched a very fascinating film.

How Vasyl Put Money in the Wrong Pocket

(miniflash story with business idioms)

It was a boring work day. Vasyl checked his email for updates. He got a new message 5 minutes ago.

Five Tips for Big Spenders

(article – listicle)

The discount season is about to start, so have you already planned hundreds of purchases? Take your time and think carefully! Today I will tell you how to buy everything you need and not be left with one penny in your wallet.

Bikers… On Cloud Nine

(miniflash story)

A group of friends decided to ride across Ukraine on motorbikes. The friends were on cloud nine. They quickly drove a dozen of kilometers looking at the splendid scenery.

Raccoon and Hurst Day

(encrypted story)

Once upon a tІ’Me there lived a single Raccoon in the world. Some events happened in his life and he decided to tell the kids about it. So listen carefully. I had one bad habit.

The Horrible Night of 24th


An ordinary Thursday evening. I did my design homework. On Friday, I had to hand in an already finished newspaper, so I sat at the laptop until 3 a.m. When I went to bed, my soul was restless, but I justified it with anxiety before handing in my work.

How to warm up effectively?

(miniflash story with pun)

The school had been without heating for a week, so Robin sat in the classroom in her coat.


Permanent demining and training of sappers in Vyshhorod… Residents are afraid, because the news is not always reported in advance. Stress and tension – this is what surrounds a modern Ukrainian.


A rainy day…

I hear a thunderstorm! Sitting alone becomes quite creepy…

What Makes You Feel Scared?

(short story)

To cut a long story short, it was a retreat and no one knew where we were going with my two besties. On my birthday, someone sent me a bunch of flowers… Were we followed by a stranger or a hater? IDK, maybe it was a secret lover…

Secret Сorrespondence

They worked together for a long period of time. Her colleague has been in love with her since the beginning of their acquaintance. And finally he decided to confess his love to her.
Ding. A new message from “Alex” arrives on Anna’s computer.


(derailed fairytale)

It was Snow White’s first day at her new school. She imagined it differently than all the rest of the first days. “What was I hoping for?” thought the tired girl on the way home.

Breaking The Ice

(miniflash story with idioms)

BBC Office, The City of London. The team is recording an interview with a world-famous billionaire. The journalist is thrilled to pieces.


(ministory with subliminal messages)


Jordan: Hey, do you have a sec?

Brave Princess, Red Dragon and Prince Charming

Once upon a time, Princess Leia lived in a distant kingdom. She was a beautiful princess, kind, graceful, and as a future queen, always cared for the people surrounding her. The princess loved to walk in the Royal Park in the evening, until one day, from the most protected park in the world, she was kidnapped by a huge red dragon.

Cats And Mice Are Not Enemies!

(fairy tale)

“Wakey wakey, Cyts, its time to school, swettie!”

Wasted Time


Once upon a time there was a boy named Ivan. He studied in the third grade and all the time lagged behind in Ukrainian, in maths, and even in singing. “I’ll make it!” he said at the end of the first quarter. “I’ll catch up with you all in the second.” So he was late and lagged behind, lagged behind and was late.

The Birth of a Psychopath

(miniflash story)

Ever since he was a child, the boy has felt neither much sadness nor guilt.

Birthday Gift

Because of financial problems I decided not to celebrate my birthday this year…

Crooky-rooky Creature

In one incredible place, where the university was called, there lived lots of legends about the session and the magical words helping to pass it perfectly. So students of one group went there to find them, in an attempt to get good grades.

Her Bag…

(50 words story)

I work as an instructor at a driving school. It happened by chance that my girlfriend studied with me.

Kindness Is Always Rewarded

(miniflash story)

Little Elsa always wanted pointe shoes. She always watched ballet on TV with her grandparents. Elsa said she would become a ballerina. But, unfortunately, her family couldn’t afford lessons for the girl.

Always Watching

(50 word story)

John’s a people person. He loves big parties and making people smile. People tell John he has a big smile.

The UpsideDown

(miniflash story)

Will came out of the playroom to get some air. It was already dark outside, the cold and dampness pierced him to the bones.


(miniflash story)

Thick cigarette smoke rose to the ceiling of an old downtown office.


In a small town in France, Nice, there lived the Vienne family. They were not ordinary people but had magical powers. Among ordinary people, they were called witches. Our protagonist Gabriella Vienne was the only daughter. Both mother and father loved her and cared for their only child.

A Guest From Darkness

(miniflash story)


I can’t hear footsteps anymore. One knife is missing on the table… How did he enter..?

People and Dragons! Together…

(Derailed Fairy Tale)

At first there was a void. Then, in the void, the god Tatsu appeared. He went through darkness endlessly and become sadder and sadder, with loneliness overtaking him more and more. The god became so gloomy being alone that he cried. The tear turned into a sphere and spread out the water. This is how the sea appeared. Tatsu looked around and smiled. This is how the Sun appeared.

Sleepless Beauty


Dedicated to all cat-lovers and students (:

The room was flooded with sunlight, which burst into here together with birdsong and the smell of autumn leaves. Tiny specks of dust stuck in the morning sun, slowly swirling to the screeching sounds of Nick Cave’s song blaring from the old Marshall.

Thumbelina and Chupa Chups

(derailed fairytale)

Once upon a time there lived a lonely old man. He really wanted to have children, so he went to the witch to ask her for something. The woman gave him a peony seed, told him to plant it in a pot and to care for the flower.

All He Had To Do…

(miniflash story)

Michael traded his records for cassettes, then CDs, and then MP3s.

Murder in the Mitten

(inspired by “Murder in the Crooked House” Soji Shimada)

(Derailed Fairy Tale)

That winter morning was bright and sunny. It felt so strange and unnatural at that moment, after mysterious murder had taken place there, in the Old Mans Mitten, in which all of the guests, invited by the Mittens owner, had spent only one night.


A black cat with long sharp fangs is trying to bite me.

God Save The Queen!

5 films and series about the life of the Queen and her royal family

On September 8, it became known about the death of Queen Elizabeth II. Therefore, today I have prepared you films and series about this charming woman and her family.

Alternative Cinderella…

(derailed fairy tale)

After marrying the Prince of her dreams, Cinderella is getting extremely dissatisfied with her married life, because he regularly cheats on her and constantly goes out to all- night-long banquets.

The Little Briar Rose and Her Friends

(derailed fairy tale)

Once upon a time there lived a king and a queen. They had no children, but they really wanted to have an heir. And finally, they had a daughter – Aurora. The parents were so happy that they arranged a lavish christening and even invited three fairies to visit. These fairies brought the gifts of beauty, intelligence and the ability to never get drunk. In the midst of fun, an evil witch appeared who threatened to give the girl a magical lemonade on her 16th birthday and she would not be able to control herself, she would spin and stop time, and the witch would get immortality.

Fear of Snow White

(derailed fairy tale)

Everyone knows the fairy tale about Snow White? How did the old envious stepmother poison her defenseless stepdaughter? Then there was the love story of Snow White and the Prince: and they lived happily ever after… But how happy?

Rapunzel and her three daughters…

(derailed fairy tale)

Far from everyone, in a high magic tower lived a lovely blonde girl called Rapunzel. She wasn’t too pretty, and she wasn’t too smart, but she had very kind heart and all animals and birds living nearby loved her.

The Lion and the Mouse

(fairy tale)

Once when a Lion was asleep, a little Mouse began running up and down upon his body. This soon wakened the Lion, who placed his huge paw upon him, and opened his big jaws to swallow him. “Pardon, Oh King,” cried the little Mouse, “forgive me this time, I shall never forget it: who knows, maybe I will able to do something to thank you in return some of these days?” The Lion was so tickled at the idea of the Mouse being able to help him that he lifted up his paw and let him go.

A Ukrainian Golden Tree…

(derailed fairy tale)

In one faraway village, one Ukrainian woman lived with two sons. Both of them were cripples and could not serve in the Army. The younger one damaged his arm while building a new cowshed and the elder one lost his eye while picking cherries. So they helped their Mom with her daily household duties on the big farm.

Interview with the owner of a “fighting” dog

Fighting dogs are designed to intimidate. Their appearance makes even seasoned dog owners shudder. Why is there a trail of fear behind dogs of fighting breeds? To answer this question, I talked to my next-door neighbor Anastasia, the owner of the Staffordshire terrier Barry.

A Gloomy Day… A Small Talk

(flash story)

There was a long queue for the coffee machine in the corridor of the office. Because of the magnetic storms, everyone felt sluggish, sleepy and wanted to recharge. It was a bit boring to just stand around, so Steve decided to give Valentine, his co-worker, a kiss on her cheek:

Team Spirit and Cohesion of Seven!

(derailed fairy tale based on ‘The wolf and seven little goats’)

Mom Goat had 7 kids. They were naughty and noisy. There were lots of feuds and fights, frictions and quarrels among themselves every single day. Mom Goat was supposed to be with her goatlings all the time to calm them down. But once upon a time she left. Mom Goat had things to do in the town, to go shopping, to chat with her relatives, so she was not there until the evening. To protect children from predators, she forbade opening the door for anyone except her.

Three Little Pigs! Together – We Are Force!

(Derailed Fairy Tale)

There were three little pigs in a very big wood. They were very happy, kind and responsible. Three little pigs were too lucky because the wolf was not over there.

Little Red Riding Hood in Ukraine…

(Fractured Fairy Tale)

“Once upon a time there lived a little girl with her mother on the edge of a beetle forest. She always wore a red hat and a cape, and everyone who knew her called her Red Riding Hood.

How Not to Get Crazy Due to the Latest News: 5 Ways to Act Rationally

(listicle article)

There’s probably no media that have not written something about Ukrainian counteroffensive against Russian forces occupying territories so far. Attention to this case is very pleasant, but specialists once again emphasize the importance of “hiding” some specific news (“silence mode”), which someone accidentally violates or does it on purpose for the fast fake fame.

Bar On The Corner

(short story)

I entered the room and turned on the light. It was raining in the yard again, and the whole of Edinburgh was covered with fog, like a blanket. Left the cloak in the closet, made two cups of tea and went to water the plants. Most of them hung from the ceiling in cute, homemade planters.

Definitely the Best

(an opinion article)

Have you ever imagined who among millions of people in the world could be your ideal friend? Well, that’s what I did.

How to start your own business during the war?

Yes, I’m running a go-go project right now and I’m absolutely sure that everyone can start something that really matters these days.

The Place Of My Convenience (memories and war thoughts)

Home is the place where I used to feel impressed… Beautiful buildings in the center of Kyiv always make me think that there is something verily worthwhile, weighty and wonderful in the world, even if you have a bad mood now.

Ukrainian city Boryslav is going to be renamed as BorisLove!

(humorous opinion article)

After the British House of Commons summer holidays or the summer recess dates from July 21, 2022, to September 5, 2022, Ukrainians are waiting for Boris Johnson arrival to Kyiv. He said to the British parliament, “Hasta la vista, baby,” and Ukrainians hope to hear his, “I`ll be back!”

‘He Bunny’ Seized ‘She Foxie!’

(breaking news)

As it was informed 22 minutes ago, by Multicat Dad, a military correspondent from Kharkiv Oblast, Ukrainian ‘He-Bunny,’a former Russian tank T-80, caught ‘She-Foxie,’one more Russian tank T-72, when ‘she’ was hiding in thick green bushes of dog-rose…‘He-Bunny’took ‘She-Foxie’ as its trophy without causing it any damage and brought it to the base of Ukrainian bro tanks.

What to expect from an international journalist`s career?

(opinion article)

Let’s imagine the situation: you have finally reached one of your main goals in life – you became an international journalist. Finally, something that you have dreamed of is now a reality. But what’s next? Is there something in particular you need to do?

Communication problems that I’ve experienced

(opinion article)

There were actually a lot of times when I’ve experienced some sort of problems while communicating with someone: as a tween (this is how people call pre-teen kids nowadays.). I constantly had misunderstandings with my peers, as a teen – with peers AND my parents and so on. So I don’t think I can single out one of the instances when I have felt like no one gets me.

Plot Twist…Unexpected


Back in late January, I found out that a concert I had expected so much was postponed to the next year summer. I thought that it would actually be the outset of the summer examination.

Go to a high-rank official from Ukroboroprom…

(miniflash story)

“To save your daughter, you must collect seven vessels of sins.” “And then she’ll be able to walk again, right?” “Yes.”

Troieshchyna Witch

(miniflash story)

“What is this black box?”
“It wiil allow to destroy the whole country or even the world…”

Why is it worth watching musicals?

(opinion article)

The musical is a relatively young musical and theatrical genre that originated in the USA in the 1920s. Needless to say, it became a full-fledged genre only in the 1940s. The musicals can be considered to be not only theatrical productions, but also cartoons with films. But today we will talk about performances. So why is it worth watching at least one musical?

Why are you so heavy?

(miniflash story)

“Victoria, be careful!” Peter and Vasyl, two best friends, exclaimed, grabbing the girl under the armpits, when she almost fell in a village well. “God, why are you so heavy?” asked Peter, putting her down on the bed.

One day of my school life

(ministory with irony)

I remember as if it went on just a week ago…

Only those who fight win

(short story)

Ann didn’t immediately realize that she had won. Not after the final blow, in which she put all her strength, not after the opponent in the ring fell and stopped moving. Her ears were stuffed up, as if she was now not here, but underwater. The referee counts 10 seconds, the crowd repeats after him. And at that time, her whole life flashes before her eyes:

Kill the Dragon

(short story)

There was a note on the kitchen table that Liam took and read. It turned out from this note that his mother had recently left for work so that Liam could wash the dishes and was prohibited to go up to the third floor of the new house.



Finn walked through the woods, coming more and more into the thicket. It was getting dark, but it didn’t scare the boy. He needed to perform the rite when midnight comes. Suddenly he heard a rustle… tensed. An old sorcerer limped toward him. The stranger was looking for herbs for his potions. When the old man noticed the boy, he froze uncertainly. Finn was not confused, continued to smile and greeted:

The Fate

(miniflash story)

One day, group of cheeky University students met some mature adults.

I Love Ukrainians!


People in Kyiv, People in Lviv, People in Yaremche and in all other cities and villages of Ukraine make me happy! They inspire, unite, help and move our country forward.

Cyborgs of Donetsk and Azovstal

(miniflash story)

Cyborgs defended Donetsk airport to the end. Even the concrete could not stand it, but they did.

Fuzzy Thinking

(miniflash story)

My name is Galiya… I like this new fella so much.

Past Nearby

(short story)

Deep Night. Stony Silence. Gray everyday life around. Sound Sleeping…He dreams of me again. Everything is always: I run from myself, from the dark past, from him… I write, I write a lot. (I’m different right now … Probably…)

Robbery in the Multiverse

(short story)

Late in the evening, Dr. Strange came home after a rough day. He took off his coat, put down ‘The Cloak of Levitation’ and sat on a soft sofa with a cold glass full of beer.

1000 and 1 e-learning certificate

Since 2020, we have moved to a remote lifestyle. At first it was difficult to get used to being at home all the time, but you get used to everything…

Lost Wallet and Found Happiness

One day Vasyl was walking along the road with a cup of hot coffee in his hand and a backpack on his shoulder. Not to say that his day was wonderful, but rather “the same”: university “again”, annoying classmates “again” and boring teachers, though not all of them… Also “again.”


(miniflash story)

“On Friday the 13th, I watched a movie about Batman. This is my secret, I want to be like him.


(miniflash story)

Once I was going by train to Frankfurt and suddenly saw a guy who was enthusiastically reading a book about the heroes of the Ukrainian regiment “Azov.”


(flash story)

It was a gloomy gelid morning. The night frost has not yet melted. Everyone in the camp except Faith was still sound asleep. The girl destroyed the remnants of drowsiness with a mug of strong coffee. She needs to be in snappy shape on the day of the first reconnaissance. Disgusting monsters again began to emerge from the cracks and climb to the camp.

The King and the Tomfool

From the time immemorial, people have misconceptions about each other. The tomfool is considered a king and the king is considered a tomfool. Centuries go by and people do not change. Now people are also deceived and wrapped in a whole bunch of lies, their eyes are blurred and they are no longer able to understand where the lie flourishes and where the truth survives.

Heroes and Anti-Heroes

(Miniflash story)

I think everyone has met someone once in their life who wants to seem like a hero to everyone.

Chance Pickup

(miniflash story)

While walking in a park, Masha noticed a young man who was staring at her. She sat down on the bench.

They Say About A Wrong President

(miniflash story)

This idea does not fit in my head. Russians and Belarusians tell Ukrainians that they have elected the wrong president.

He Duct-Taped All His Guests…

(short story)

“…And this is my plan to take over the world! Tremble in front of me!”
“ But don’t you think it’s a little illogical?”
“What exactly?”

I am a hero!

(miniflash story)

I was an ordinary son of a craftsman, but the Master found me and took me in.


(short story)

We were surrounded, it seemed we could not get out of the blockage. But we hear a strange rustle from a single crack of stone…

Maniac Man

(short story)

This story happened with my friend when she was visiting her relatives in the village. It was nearly the middle of the night so she put on her pajama and lay in the bed. Not long after that, she understood that someone is staring at her. She opened her eyes and looked over the room. When she looked at the window, she screamed loudly.

London Equanimity

One day in London. Office of Boris Johnson. The door opens and the scared butler runs in.

Madonna from the Kyiv metro…


In the first days of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, a photo of a woman breastfeeding a baby on the platform of the Kyiv metro flew through social networks and the media.

Deficient Gloss or Ignorant Reader?

(opinion article)

Today, the era of newspapers and magazines is not as popular as, say, ten years ago. Especially in the time of war…Modern technology dictates its rules, so people are changing their search format for new information, preferring web resources to print. But whether the Ukrainian magazine market is really as meager as everyone thinks, we will find out when we look at the whole range in more detail.

Ukraine… I Believe In My Country


Today it is very difficult to remain silent about the realities in which we find ourselves. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine by the aggressor’s country cannot be ignored, and the Ukrainian people do not ignore it. The civilian population is suffering, high-rise buildings and ordinary people’s homes are being shelled. We have to flee and hide on our own land. How can this be allowed in 2022? The answer is that tyrants have always been and always end up the same, and it doesn’t matter if it’s Hitler, Mussolini or Putin.

Frying Pan Is On Fire!

(miniflash story)

“Hey, Anna, I have already wanted to confess for a long period of time.” The guy came nearer to his female friend, who was making pancakes.

Personal Life

When he has one too many, he starts blowing smoke to everyone that he was never interested in adult entertainment and preferred books and movies, while I sit and listen to him, remembering the stories of his friends about how much this chaste lies at home and looks through “erotica” magazines and cassettes. But he won’t tell about it to any living soul, so you shouldn`t be fooled.


Red Scarf

(miniflash story)

“Thanks for coming, Robert.”
“I’m always ready to come to my best friend. So… What happened?”

Welcome to Grishaverse! To an unbelievable universe!

Perhaps each of you has heard these words at least once in your life: grisha, darkling, ravka. Nope? Еhen we will definitely handle it.


Canada is a unique country that is a permanent member of the “Top 10 Must-Visit” list.

After the atrocious war, the first country I plan to visit is Canada! This country helps a lot in the time of hardships in Ukraine…


(romantic story)

Jeremy and Jack fight among themselves for Sabrina’s heart — everyone at school knows this. Sabrina has been chosen as the autumn ball queen twice at their school, she is a smart, beautiful, and a gifted girl. Jeremy is the smartest and richest guy in school. And Jack is the best athlete, the school is proud of him, he brings their football team victory after victory. This is the most talked-about trio in their school, not only because of their achievements and talents but also because of the constant buzz around them.


(short story)

George was terribly afraid of water. “You never know what is hiding in it. Will it be a poisonous hedgehog, a shark or mysterious power,” he always said.

Black’s shop. The Mischief Succeeded

(miniflash story)

A bookstore is conveniently located on one of the streets of London. Its owner was the irresponsible, often angry, pathetic Bernard Black. He was sitting at a dirty table, his feet on the table with stinky socks, when his friend Fran visited him.

Meaningless Success

(short story)

A mountaineer Misfortune Ramirez Hernandez desired to see the panoramic view from a mountain peak (Misfortune is quite an interesting name, isn’t it?). She prepared for a long time: went on climbing courses, consulted with a lot of masters, promising her that this experience would be unforgettable, every day looked at photos of mountains on the internet.

What is the difference? Language issue


I have long been concerned that many Ukrainians speak russian (almost without knowing their native language). Since everyone in the family speaks Surzhik, and most of my friends and acquaintances speak russian, I hardly spoke Ukrainian, although I knew it well.

Horror literature. What is the reader looking for in it? How to write a novel that will be read?

(Viral article)

Today, horror literature is becoming more and more popular. This trend may seem strange, because the literature of horror includes works that should cause anxiety and fear in readers. It would seem that who would want to experience such feelings voluntarily?

The End

She died… It was absolutely accurate and extremely obvious. Did she regret that she did not have time to carry out all her plans while she was alive? A little, all in all, you could never be ready to die.


(short story)

Everyone wanted to get the soul of Ricardo Lopez the Third. In this reality, every person has a possibility to box his or her soul into a vessel after death. All knowledge, all memories and all secrets also go with the soul.

Girl and Sword

(short story)

In one city, competitions were held annually among “the best, the most agile and enduring,” and the prize was nothing more than a magic sword forged from a special metal and enchanted by the most powerful wizards of the same city, if not the whole world. However, there was one rule in these competitions among others: children (for safety reasons) and women could not participate. Such was their hierarchy.

The Guy From Our Apartment Block

(short story)

“Hey, bro, are you busy?”

“No, you need my help, Galya?”

Happy day

(miniflash story)

It was a wonderful day.


(miniflash story)

Day оne: I devised a murder plan

Incomplete Family

(short story)

The brothers didn’t know anything about their father. Neither where he lived nor what he was. My mother always said that this man went from them to another woman and that both sons didn’t even try to look for him, because his appearance in the house meant a hundred percent scandal.

The Second Army in the World

(radio interception)

“Um, boss?!”

“What, serge?”

How the publishing business from Kharkiv survives today: interview of the general director of the Kharkiv publishing house Vivat Julia Orlova

The general director of the Kharkiv publishing house Vivat Julia Orlova gave several interviews about the state of the publishing business in Ukraine during the war in general and about its publishing house itself. I want to present some of her theses from the interview for Mind.ua.

Online cinema “TYTR” from the team of KyivMusicFilm

KyivMusicFilm has created the TYTR online cinema, where users can watch independent European films and films about culture.

Unbreakable in Beliefs

(short story)

“Do you want tea?“ asked one of the investigators, who was holding a list of spies in a paper file.

‘Doctor Who’ Is Incredible!

(film review)

Have you ever dreamed of visiting medieval France? Listen to Shakespeare’s play live in the Globe? Drink tea with Whiston Churchill? Locked Hitler in his closet? And, by the way, save the whole world from underwater vampires from Venice, from aliens from the planet Raxacoricophallapatorius or from crying angels? Move over billions of years in time and space?

A stranger lives in my body…

(flash story)

Steve woke up tired. As always. His foot was handcuffed to the railing of the bed, and there were no marks on the sand, on the floor. So he hardly left the apartment that night. But the reflection in the mirror said otherwise. A bruise under his eye, disheveled hair and a hole in his pajamas, as if someone had cut it.

Place of life: the curse of watch


I knew Bit would never sell his shop. I knew Bit would never betray his shop. “Place of life” gave the necessary things not only to customers, but also to the owner. It was life in the first place for the Bit himself. He would consider himself unworthy to wear the name and the notebook of his father, who bequeathed to keep shop until his last breath.


(short story)

“Tony, what happened?”


“Did Boogie scare you?”


“Why are you crying then?”

“We had a fight.”

What happens to my emotions?

(war essay)

The first days of the war I woke up in a good mood, and then I remembered that the country was at war and the mood was falling below the plinth.

Modern Princesses

(part 2)

Modern Princesses

(part 1)

We’re all used to seeing princesses in lush dresses, crystal shoes, with evil stepmothers and good fairies by their side…

What Does a Siren Mean?


It means that there is a heavy object flying over you that wants to break up and tear you apart. It means that some person hates you very much.

Post-traumatic syndrome


Now the situation in the country is very difficult, and because of this, many Ukrainian cities, infrastructure and, of course, people are suffering.



“Who, what?” This is how people react when I tell who I study for. Who is the publisher? A question with an asterisk.

Hobbies…Even in the Time of War…Hobbies


From an early age, I loved to create something of my own: to write fairy tales, make applications, make toys and decorate the house with them. But most of the time I took an album for drawing and filled it with color illustrations — pictures that were born in my head by themselves.

Importance of English in My life


From the beginning of the war, I decided to do 3D modeling, and faced a huge problem – a lot of useful videos were in English! Although I can understand English fluently, accents are something that is relatively new.

The Personalization Trend


Latterly, the personalization of clothing and footwear has become a new trend. This is an echo of the distant 80’s, when street youth was looking for a way to individualize themselves and their style. Leather and denim jackets, which were decorated with inscriptions, drawings, badges and stripes, were ordinarily the subject of personalization.

Scent of Night

(50-words story)

Rain. No soul outside. I’m looking into the dark abyss through the bars. Am I a prisoner? No, I’m in hiding from duties and responsibilities. But tomorrow the sun will rise and enslave me again. Meanwhile, the night gives me wings and inspires to continue creating.

Rise and Shine, National Opera of Ukraine!

(news report)

The National Opera of Ukraine resumed its work after a long lull. On May 21, an awards ceremony for Ukrainian artists took place, and the comic opera ‘The Barber of Seville’ was successfully performed.

A Little Girl Is Walking Down The Street


A little girl is walking down the street…Today, for her, the world consists of dad and mom, sweet ice cream and a teddy bear…She still knows how to pray for toys and rejoice in puddles of rain. Her golden curls shine in the sun…

Cryptocurrency – our future or another scam?

(blog article)

The economy has undergone quite revolutionary changes in recent years. The development of society and the economy, as its important component, is non-trivial. The old way of life is being broken more and more often, inviolable postulates are being destroyed. Therefore, the currency is also changing. The essence of cryptocurrency is that, although it is electronic, it cannot be copied as a regular file. And it seems to be very convenient and reliable for instant financial settlements around the world. Someday, maybe it will replace ordinary money. And prices for cryptocurrencies will be shaped by the capacity of economies or assets of large companies.

The Price of Deferred Life


The old man looked at his life with bitterness. He was never happy, but why? All his life he was setting goals and reaching new heights. Career, wealth, family, children…

Big Heart Executioner

(50-word story)

His hatred for humans was as strong as his love for animals. When the executioner was ordered to kill a dog that had bitten a priest, he refused.

Mister Mugger Mouse

(dormitory story)

For several days, if not a week, there has been a struggle between the mouse and me.

The world cuisine dishes I like…


The cuisine of each individual nation of the world is a separate culinary kingdom, which is extremely exciting to explore. Each nation of the globe has its own traditions, its own history and, of course, its own characteristics of national cuisine.

Wrong Ideas That Lose Startups

Deciding to become an entrepreneur is usually not easy. Practice shows that successful startup businessmen were those who had a desire to radically change the market and help their consumers in solving a problem or those who wanted to annoy a bad boss from a previous job.

Advertising on Instagram

Without advertising, you probably will not be able to promote your ideas and your business. You can order it from a blogger or use targeted (official) advertising from Instagram. Let’s consider both options in more detail.

My Weaknesses and Strengths


When I was a child, I had some health problems.Then my mother took me not only to a therapist, but to a psychotherapist to better understand me and reject the problems in my head that provoke diseases in the body. For this I love my mother. But it did not turn out as expected. I accidentally heard that I had a weak psyche. Yeah, I was ‘old’ enough to understand that it was bad and not enough to criticize this fact.

Is cooking together a good family tradition?

Nowadays, most people prefer to do household chores, such as cooking and cleaning without any help. It helps them to focus on themselves, relax from annoying people or noise, and even helps to relieve stress. I am such a person, so a tradition of family cooking is not for me.

How the 5th President Dug Up the Black Sea

(humorous report)

After the 5th President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko stated that the Lend-Lease Act was initiated during his term, users have created dozens and dozens memes dedicated to the various ‘achievements’ of the ex-president. Here are the most amusing ones 🙂

Care for painted clothes (personalization)


In order for your picture thing to last you as long as possible, you need to follow simple rules:

Perfect Nature


I am amazed at how well thought out everything is in the world: life and development, death and reproduction…Existence itself is an ideal process, which takes into account even failures and errors.

Is the “finely tuned universe” an illusion?

Our universe may not be so fine-tuned as to predict the existence of parallel universes. Instead, it may be able to create life in a much wider range of circumstances than it seems at first glance.

Why I only read fiction books?


This is a really strange fact, but it is true. I only read fiction. Although no…To tell the truth, I still read school textbooks…


(part 2)

Tustan is a rock fortress city, which was a defensive and administrative center for 9-15 centuries. Tustan is located near the village of Urych in Skole district of Lviv region. The city was founded by tribes of Croats, then conquered by the Poles, and from the end of the 16th century Tustan began to decline and later only the stone foundations of the fortress remained. Thanks to the research and archeological excavations, scientists were able to restore the graphic reconstruction of the fortress with an accuracy of almost 90%.

How to create home comfort in the apartment

After a long working day, even if you love your job, you want to come back to a cozy home and relax. Home walls can really inspire and soothe. But for this you need to properly plan the design and decoration of the room. In this article we will talk about how to create home coziness and comfort in your ‘apt-abandominium.’

My Personal Space


I like swimming. The first time I dived into the pool, I thought it was like open space. Other gravity, no extra noise.

‘How the Classics Wrote’ by Rostislav Semkiv

(book review)

‘How the Classics Wrote’ is a book written by Rostislav Semkiv, published by Pabulum in 2016.

Failures Are Followed By Luck


If you suffer for a long time, something will work out,”
Alexander Zatsepin

You Are In The Ukrainian Army Now…