Freaky Farmer and Diamond Virus

(sci-fi story)

The 2031 year was extremely hard for Alex Azimenko, a retired 85 year old scientist, a specialist in quantum physics. In his august senior age, he looked well-fit in comparison with his countryside friends living nearby in a small picturesque Ukrainian village hidden among numerous apple and plum gardens just 50 kilometers from Kyiv.


Something wrong was with his heart. He didn`t feel the same before. Jordan stopped and looked around. The world he knew changed to the better version. All colors became brighter, terrible noise changed to pleasure sounds. He looked up and then forward. “I fell in love,” thought he.

”Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron”

(film review)

I hear the wind call my name
The sound that leads me home again
It sparks up the fire – a flame that still burns

Bryan Adams

Handsome Robber

(film review)

I consider myself a fan of the English series “Sharp Carthusians.” After all, I watched all the seasons, and even several times. Now I’m looking forward to the new season. However, the thing I love most about this series is Thomas Shelby. This is the main actor who can be said to have fascinated me with his appearance, behavior and actions.

The Black Hole

(short story)

Look, meeting, date, love …

Checkmate for series of 2020

(a film review)

Majority of you, if not watching, but accurately caught the ear of the name of the tape, which quickly gained notoriety. “The Queen’s Gambit” received the most views among the miniseries produced by “Netflix”. Dynamic plot, talented actors, nice visuals, special story – in general, everything you need for success. However, today we will get acquainted with each cell on this board of cinematic creation.

Waterdrops Are Hugging Each Other!


It’s been raining. It’s been raining forever. The drops dripped down the glass as if they were racing. They seemed to be competing with each other. I imagined the conversation of drops at the start,

Book Review on “The Butterfly of the Stars” by French author Bernard Werber

You can’t explain the salty taste to someone who only knows the sweet.”
– Bernard Werber

Love the Sea, the Place of Power


It was August 33. The air smelled like freedom and the sky was filled with seagulls. I felt more alive than ever. I guess they felt so too.

“After truth”

(film review)

A banal romantic plot, isn’t the knowledge of cinematographers how to touch the viewer?

Luckless Larcener Loser

(flash fiction)

Michael was running through bushes and keeping looking around. Although he shot a one cop, he was afraid that another would catch him up. Michael clutched the money bag and the smoking revolver. Worried, he sped up his run, but fell face down on the sand.

Sunny Memories

Although spring has not even come yet, I am already starting to think about long summer evenings and remember the summer.

Wi-Fi and its consequences

One of the greatest ideas people have come up with, in my opinion, is Wi-Fi. See how many opportunities we have now thanks to Wi-Fi. We can call our relatives abroad and not only hear them, but also see them. People don’t need to go to libraries to find the information they want, everything we want to know is in our phones and computers.

Everything from nothing for somebody from my body


I’m going to be the part of 3 birthdays in 10 days. This way the March pushes my fantasy to flower. I’m writing it without romantic tender mood because I need my brain to manage the budget ideas and appearances for every individual party. And now I wanna jogging on all these points.

1. Budget

You will never think about money except the moment you don’t have it. The moment you need it more than oxygen but you still don’t have it. Why did I choose so essential element in our organism as oxygen? Because nobody understands our existence on a birthday party after you’ve came without present. The original plan of first two spring weeks had included 4 birthdays but destiny puzzle decided to joke on me because I was invited on 2 parties organized in one day. Of course I’ve chosen the more expensive one. I can explain it with invaluable goldness of this birthday person who bribed my heart many years ago. Unfortunately, these priceless relationships have its price. And don’t forget about other March-appeared brilliant people. As unemployed I caught a desire to cry. Then I realized I couldn’t cry with diamonds, so I put my tears back and asked my friend (who also got the same party plans as mine) for advice:

  • Where should we sell a kidney?
  • Maybe you wanted to ask what kidney should we sell? Your or mine?
  • I feel both.

2. Ideas

  • What do you want for your birthday?
  • You shouldn’t bother about it. I’ll be pleased with money. That’s all.

“That’s all” means, “I expect the most grandiose surprise that will be the most favorite story for my grandchildren.” “That’s all” means, “I wait for this day only for your unbelievable congratulations that will make my heart stop, then go and then again stop after I will see your surprise twice.” “That’s all” means I have to make up happiness from dust in my head. And I transport only one head on my shoulders that must generate ideas for every birthday request. It’s like “Mind for the dull” from authors of “Health for the corpse”.

3. Appearances

  • Why can’t you just take on your occasion outfit?
  • Which one? What do you mean “which one”? Do girls have many occasion outfits?!
  • Of course we do!
  • So weirdo.

Ye, dear, so weirdo and unpractical! We can’t wear the same dress on “neighboring” parties. Why? Because we’ve worn it already! We have so much clothes exactly for “I have nothing to wear” and save different outfits for every time of year for any place of a party and for individual style of party initiator. This is why I enjoy my summer birthday when guests most probably will be naked. So what would I like to say in conclusion? Today I’m going to the first party. I’m sure it will be fantastically amazing. And I’m excited that my spring is beginning this way. I’m happy I have so many lovely people who want to share this beautiful moment with me. Oh God! I forgot about March 8 …



Screams… Are they different? If so, what does it depend on? Do the screams depend on the time or the situation? The first cry occurs during the birth. You’re screaming, so you’re alive. Then you scream because only life is not enough. “Eat!” “Drink!” “It hurts!” “Where’s Mommy?!”

My adorable A…

(miniflash romantic story)

And I saw him again in a dream. His deep gray eyes, pitch black eyebrows and lips. When he smiled, it seemed as if the sun was beginning to shine brighter and the birds were beginning to sing unusual songs. For some, he was just an ordinary guy, and for me – the center of my universe. Was, is and will remain forever. My adorable A…

Epic Battle for Beauty

I have recently seen a prepossessing picture: a love triangle between two boys and one girl. She is noble, charming and just precious. One of them is smart and bright, the other one is strong and brave. They quarreled and fought terribly. It was a hell of a cock fight!

The Meaning of Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones by James Clear

(book review)

I’ve read a lot of books on changing behavior and building habits and James Clear’s Atomic Habits is my new favorite. This book is different from others in the way it covers an enormous amount of ground in the larger area of self-improvement while seamlessly tying all these ideas back into the central theme of habits.

The Law of Attraction

Everyone should accept the fact that we attracting every item that we have. By thinking about it, wanting it, talking about it with somebody, and even scrolling on the internet similar stuff. It all makes the law of attraction work.

Magic Mushrooms

(fairy tale)

Once upon a time, Ann, a lovely girl with long and wavy hair, sat under the trees and drew a local landscape. She was a very talented painter. Ann has almost completed her sketch. Suddenly Kate, a cheery girl with sparkling eyes, came to her from behind. She lived across the house from Ann. They weree neighbors.

The Snowman

(film review)

What is worse? Taking the life of a person who wants to live or taking death from a person who wants to die.”

Before Dawn

(descriptive essay)

The old oak wood became even denser and denser… Narrow and twisting path looped into eternity… The flashlight flickered slightly yellow glow. The sprawling hands of trees rose ever upwards… Aged roots spread-eagled the ground, looking like ridges of big monsters… The forest smelled of age…

When I do yoga, I feel like a tree


When I do yoga, I feel like a tree. A tree that takes root deep into the Earth. A tree that stretches high into the sky towards the Sun. A tree that grows and strengthens with every hour of practice.

A Walk At the Dnipro Quay


Obolonskaya embankment in Kyiv attracts both guests and locals day in and day out. For those who live nearby, it is a common and ordinary place for a walk, which for some reason attracts even in bad weather.

The Needles

(descriptive essay)

The Needle gags in the eyes. She wants to destroy the gaze that just cherished her gratitude for existence. With every word, the Needle seems to penetrate deeper into the pupils. With every word the Needle seems to crave my tears more and more.

Strong! Volitional! Real!

Today I will talk about the singer, who is admired by many people. About the one who has experienced in her life everything that a person can feel.

A talented person is talented in everything


I even don`t know why but from all successful TV and business personalities flicking at various multimedia outlets, most of all I am impressed by Masha Efrosinina.

The Statue of Liberty


I have been struck by the grandeur of the Statue of Liberty since my early school years. So long, its torch of freedom has heated my soul with its freedom sparkles. So what is the historical background of this startling symbol of liberty?

7 Phrases You Will Never Hear From Successful People

Sometimes we find ourselves in situations that force us to stop believing in our own success. We lose motivation and begin to doubt the feasibility of achieving our goals. However, success is not an easy task, which is why if you want to get closer to it, you should not use the following phrases:

True love, pain and faith

Love is a mysterious and, at the same time, wonderful feeling. It harbors unrestrained happiness and slight sadness. Every person wants to love and be loved. First love is an impulse, close to despair. It is the desire balancing on the verge of a dream and pleasure. It seems that even just being close to your beloved darling makes you happy.

Ordinary burdock and velcro for clothes

Once, after a walk with his dog, Georges de Mestral noticed that he had burdock left on his pants. After examining his discovery under a microscope, the scientist decided to use what he saw.


(short story)

It’s a sunny day. You were going back home from the university in a fabulous mood, cause you were an A-student in all classes which you attended that day. You were walking by the sidewalk with friends. They were gossiping. First, you were listening to them carefully, but a few minutes later you thought about yesterday’s dream. There was a red balloon you were flying near and as only you tried to close your eyes to see what in the hazy balloon was, you spontaneously got up. While your friends were talking, you couldn’t recall what was in the balloon. Then guys went away to their homes, and you started thinking about relaxing in your cute flat cause it was in two minutes of the walk.

Window and Space… Limited a Bit…

(descriptive essay)

Window… Sometimes it is the only source of information and the portal that connects you to the world around you. A strange landscape stretched out behind my small window. Sometimes it seems to me that I am trapped in four walls of the forest around my house. However, from my window you can see a tiny piece of the village. These houses living on the hilly streets of the village are well known to me. But my house is one of the last houses in the village. Then the forest begins.

Monument to the Past

Old mansion…The rain fell from the sky in small shells. It made everything unreal. I was late for a meeting, lost in an unfamiliar part of town. Here, the past suddenly caught up with me. The gray sky, the heavy rain, trying to wash away the planet, the quiet houses, staring out of the windows with their indifferent gazes.

How to Be a Good Journalist


The field of journalism is really competitive, but it’s very important to society. If you’ve been bitten by the journalism bug, then you definitely want to do your best to be successful in this field. I guess that with a bit of hard work and a great attitude, you can be a good journalist. After looking through hundreds of tips of ‘bearded journalists, who went through the fire and water,’ I chose a number of those guidelines which are the closest to me heart.

Places That Feel Good

(descriptive essay)

Each of us has a place where we feel good and calm, peaceful and happy.
I have several such places and I would like to tell you more about each of them.

Winter’s Evening


It was quiet and calm that evening…
No one around…

Nostalgic Freedom


…There is something magically peaceful about the summer sunset on the river.

Body Positivity! Body Negativity!


They call it body positivity, which is a social current that teaches a positive attitude towards one’s appearance, body and free self-expression. Is this the correct definition? Representatives of the movement completely squelched the purpose of body positive.

My Lovely Kerfuffle


For as long as I can remember, my family has always been large. Oh, these noisy parties with crowds of vociferous kids, dogs and cats! An eternal kerfuffle and clutter… Humdrum chats of adults about the weather… mountains of dirty dishes! “Time, pass faster! I want the calm!” I yelled often.

Сredit Card That Changed the World

American businessman Frank McNamara offered the very first Diners Club credit card in US history. To date, the total debt of Americans is more than $700 billion.

Stephen Hawking

One of the most influential persons of our time was born on January 8, 1942 to Frank and Isobel Hawking in England. They lived in High Gate, but as London was under siege those days, his mother went to Oxford to give birth to him. He had two younger sisters, Philippa and Mary and an adopted brother, Edward. His father wanted him to attend West Minster School, but Hawking was ill on the day of scholarship exam. His family couldn’t afford that school without scholarship, so he had to remain at St Albans School.

My Eco-friendly Breakthrough Idea

The idea that changed my life was the customization of clothes and eco bags.

The Invention That Gave Light

Historical events can cause not only wars between countries, the adoption of the important laws and the glorification of people for their feats. Important inventions of mankind, which really turned life and consciousness upside down, can also be considered as a historical event.

Fun for kids or serious problems for adults?

February is on the calendar. Outside the window – snowdrifts and snow slush, snow crystals and snowflakes. Beautiful and frosty at the same time…However, communal services are not in a hurry to clean the roads.

The Idea That Changed Life


The question and the answer are crowded in one sentence. The second one is grabbing the biggest piece of the pie while the first one is only trying to find the table with delicacy. You don’t understand what I’m telling, do you?

Soap as Main Character. Idea that changed the world

(opinion article)

It is difficult to imagine, or for that matter, to smell a society without soap.

What Measures Can We Make In Order To Change Our Ordinary Attitude For Clothing

(opinion article)

In the era of overconsumption, it is very important to radically change the attitude towards clothes. An item should be treated not just as a piece of fabric, but as an important tool for self-expression, which deserves respect for itself and should be of good quality.

When Good Intentions Lead to The Worst


Do you know Albert Einstein? Of course, you do! This is that weirdo with disheveled hair who shows his tongue in one of his photos. But what would you think about him if you found out that… he was the creator of an atomic bomb?


(opinion article)

How much does our skin weigh and how many holes in it? Why is it so hard to pat yourself? What determines skin color? Tells Bill Bryson in the book ‘Body. Instruction for use,’ published by ‘Nash Format.’

The idea that changed my life


In 2012, my grandfather invited me to watch the European Football Championship, which took place in Ukraine and Poland. Honestly, I was not interested in this kind of sport back then. But everything changed after the match Ukraine – Sweden.

An accident that changed my life

Little Friend


My life was always so predictable and sustainable. There were no crazy things or reckless concessions. So normal… But one situation changed my humdrum routine. It was an ordinary summer, with the shining sun and the singing birds. However, soft squeaks interrupted that idyll.

‘Plant of Joy’ – Anesthesia


It is rightly believed that among the oldest means of general anesthesia was opium poppy, known in Mesopotamia. The ‘plant of joy’, as the Sumerians called it, is often present in images of the goddess of writing and science, Nisaba.



This week the rigid routine of Ukrainians has changed completely. Adults were late for work…pupils missed schools… The streets were deserted and all quarantine rules followed… There were no crowds in shops or buses… People stayed at home and drank hot tea… Is this a new outbreak of the corona? Lockdown? Not at all! The snowstorm snow has skied down! Ho-ho-ho!

The Importance of Knowing How to Fall

A couple of years ago I read a book and one idea changed my mindset by bell, book and candle. I mean TOTALLY. The book was called ‘The truth about the Harry Quebert affair’ and that quote was about the importance of knowing how to fall.

Fall As Beginning and Start From Finish

I once had a splendid situation with my younger sister. Sasha has always been an energetic girl, which is why her favorite subject at school was physical education. However, Sanya was a bit lazy, so she had never been an A-student. But one year everything changed, she started playing sports very seriously, including volleyball and became one of the main athletes of the school.

Little-Known Diamond


My chosen specialty provides a great opportunity to learn about incredibly interesting events every day and “meet” no less interesting people. And one of those people who still fascinates me with his charisma and strength of spirit is Viktor Ponomarev – a young Ukrainian journalist and rapper who started working in his sophomore year because he was not interested in listening to lectures.


(movie review)

This is a business where the buyer gets nothing for his money but memory. What he bought still belongs to the man who sold it. That’s the real magic of the movies!”
By Louis Burt Mayer, the Hollywood film producer

Corona, Business, Alleluia!

January 2020. The world is engulfed in the terrible Covid 19. A guy named Taras sits in his house not far from Kyiv, somewhere 300 kilometers away, and thinks how to avoid the second lockdown regime and all its restrictions, having a restaurant and a hostel. Suddenly, Taras comes up with just a brilliant idea, which he immediately puts into practice.

Оnly in a Dream…

What a beautiful purple-pink sky. Oh, there is even an orange stripe with rusty red sequins. I walk, holding my mother’s hand, my father goes near, smiling and telling something incredibly interesting. Ah! And what is it? A flying unicorn? Well, just a miracle! Oh, where did Dad go? Why is he far from us? What happened? I run to my Dad in tears, my Mum grabs my hand and pulls me to her … I wake up with a bitter thought that now I can see HIM only in a dream.

‘Yummy’ Gift

(Ironic story)

One day my friends decided to give me a pleasant surprise on Journalist’s Day. I, in turn, even forgot about this day. As usual, I was going for a walk with them. My friend Eva called me and her mood was actually superb. In a cheerful voice, she told me to go to them more slowly. I was a little surprised because she didn’t like when I was late for an outing. On the way to the park I met another friend. He smiled mysteriously and asked how I was.

Ireland, Leprechauns, and Banshees. Unforgettable Journey

(touristic article)

Everyone in his or her life should have an unforgettable journey.

Evil Mug

(ironic story)

This story happened a few years ago.

One day in my life


Everyone has already been waiting for the New Year because it’s time for gifts and hot tea with watching the cult movie “One at Home.”

Five Winter Holidays Cartoons


Do you remember an old winter joke, “What does Jack Frost say during the long winter holidays? Have an icy day!”
If you have just a bit of extra free time, I do recommend you watching the following ‘winter cartoons.’

Haruki Murakami and Magic Realism

My favorite writer is Haruki Murakami. He belongs to the writers who write in the style of magical realism. I really like to read books written in the style of magical realism and have read many books by different authors. As a fan of Haruki, there are several read his books on my shelf: “The Pursuit of the Sheep”, “Kafka on the Beach”, “Norwegian Forest”, “Colorless Tskuru Tazatsyaki and his years of Pilgrimage”, “What I say when I talk about running” , and this summer I discovered another extremely exciting novel: “Wonderland without brakes and the end of the world.”

Top 5 Xmas Video Games

Why do we love Christmas craziness? For the jazz song ‘Let it snow’ or for the pop hit ‘Last Christmas’? For creamed brussels sprouts or for a Christmas pudding? For red socks over a fireplace or for a decorated Christmas tree? Actually, for all this. However, the most important thing at Christmas is not this, but its festive and solemn vibe. So, if you miss it and don’t want to wait the next Christmas, I offer a few additions for your video games. With them you’ll again feel the fabulous atmosphere of the warmest holiday of the year.

Annoying spies


As a child, my friend and I decided to play spies. We were fascinated by various detective stories. So we quickly identified the object we will be monitoring. We found a homeless man on the street and watched his daily movements all summer. Two months later, he gave us $ 10 to get off him.


(Christmas story)

Have you ever heard that in California, under Mount Abbott, there’s a hidden town? It always snows there, the temperature never rises above 32 °F and its dwellers are… monsters! However, they aren’t clawed and wicked, but fluffy and cute.

‘The Princess Switch’

(film review)

Now is your moment”
(‘The Princess Switch’)

One Important Tip


Preparing for the New Year is an important process. You try your best to make the holiday a success – you cook, you clean, you shop, then you cook and clean again.

Christmas in Denmark


Christmas in Denmark is celebrated from 24 to 25 December. For many Danes, Christmas is a special family holiday. There are many charming Danish traditions for Christmas. For many people, Christmas and all the traditions that accompany it are also synonymous with family warmth and hilarious joy, which makes the dark cold winter months cozier.

“Getting warm with a chill”

(music review)

Ariana Grande, one of the biggest international pop stars at the moment, is known mainly by her iconic singles “thank u, next”, “7 rings”, “God is a woman”, “Side to side” and the most recent “positions.” But not so many people recognize her as one of the modern influencers in Christmas music. Although Grande’s stand-out single “Santa tell me” has been a holiday hit since it’s release in 2014, most of her festive songs do not get the attention they truly deserve.

The Lord of the Rings

(film review)

Power can be held in the smallest of things…

Oldie Christmas Films!

(listicle article)

I would like to recommend old but high quality 5 Christmas films. If you are already bored watching new products of modern holiday movies, then this list is for you.

Forest Song by Lesya Ukrainka

(book review)

– La-la! Like that, my freedom would be lost?
That’s just as through the wind should cease to be!

Top-5 Features of the New Year Table


It doesn’t matter how bad the year has gone, as long as you can cheerfully celebrate its passing! So can the New Year be without a table sagging from the smorgasbord of delicious dishes presented by the owners? Definitely no! You can close your eyes so that it shouldn’t scatter on all this yummy. The main things are the well-working mouth and the stomach, large enough for this night. I would like to draw your attention to the top 5 of what is sure to be on the New Year table in Ukraine.

Trip For Santa’s Dream

(Christmas story)

Chapter 1 Act 1. One of the rooms in the orphanage Childhood.

“Dear Santa, I have been a good boy for all this year except the occasion with Mrs. Teams. I wasn’t guilty she had done a mistake in a sentence. But I’m writing not for boasting myself. I just want Santa’s wish to become true. Respectfully, Michael.”

5 New Year’s Locations in Kyiv for photo shooting

Illumination on “Vladimirskaya Gorka”

New Year’s locations have already started operating in Kyiv, where they installed food courts, New Year’s sculptures and lit Christmas trees. For the first time they were connected by a single route. One of the points along the way is the Vladimirskaya Gorka Park. They made two locations with New Year’s illumination and sculptures.

Miracle On Ceiling A Surrealistic Approach

hristmas story)

The New Year and Christmas are the first of all family holidays. Most Ukrainians celebrate the New Year with their folks and friends. Every family, of course, has its own traditions.

Ukrainian Family and the New Year

(Christmas essay)

I’ll tell you about usual Ukrainian families and their usual hustling and bustling getting ready for Christmas and the New Year holidays. On Christmas Eve as well as New Year`s Eve, everyone is worried, rushing around the shops, looking for gifts, fir-trees, bottles of Champagne, tangerines, chickens, ducks, turkeys, hand-made sparklers and dozens of other necessary and unnecessary things… Moms are always running around in circles being up to ears in their thoughts about the year ahead…Dads with baskets, full products, hard and soft drinks, barely have any time for it.

How advertising works. Influence on human consciousness

Quite often we can hear exclamations that advertising does not affect me. For those of us who know anything about marketing, this is a pretty familiar thing. I invite you to read further in our article on how to create high-quality advertising. But it is worth considering whether the most advanced companies will invest $70 billion (this is the approximate cost of a full-fledged advertising on TV.) in something that does not work. Naturally, companies expect a good return on advertising, the popularity of their product or company. The reason many people assume that ads aren’t working is that they think ads want to get them to do something right away, this very second. They are wrong.

Finance My New Domestic Film ‘Under the Knives’!

Let`s make Ukrainian cinematography great again!”
(My personal motto)

New Year`s Essay

`Christmas is most truly Christmas when we celebrate it by giving the light of love to those who need it most`
Ruth Carter Stapleton

How comparison can kill your soul

I hate when people start comparing them with other much popular or somebody who achieved more. It’s just not fair and it will always be.

New TikTok record: who managed to gain 100 million subscribers

16-year-old American dancer Charlie Damelio managed to gather the largest audience in TikTok – more than 100 million users subscribed to the girl’s account. Charlie has been dancing since the age of six, and started recording short music videos only a year and a half ago. She managed to achieve popularity in the record time. For comparison: it took 14 years for video content creators to achieve similar results on YouTube.


If work has ceased to bring pleasure, and you go to the office every day as if you were going to hard labor, if you have forgotten the last time you felt cheerful and energetic, if you do not have enough strength for anything other than performing work duties, then it is time to sound the alarm and take measures to remedy the situation.

How to start reading 100 books a year

Have you read only 2 books so far this year? Not a problem because here are some tips, practiced by me personally, to help you increase the number of books you read:

Let’s celebrate the New Year with a smile!


This is a holiday we have been accustomed to since childhood. A holiday of Christmas trees, tangerines and good Santa Claus, who always delights us with his gifts.

We decorate the Christmas tree – we are waiting for the holiday

(listicle article)

A large family gathers for the New Year and Christmas holidays. At this time, all problems and troubles are thrown to the background, there is hope that the coming year will enrich us with joy and prosperity.

5 Christmas cartoons worth watching for a festive mood

During the Christmas and New Year holidays, we all allow ourselves to be little children: we play snowballs, make snowmen, watch cartoons and laugh heartily! I offer you a selection of cartoons that will provide a festive mood and a magical atmosphere!

A Photo Costs Money

As we know, the Ukrainian legislation has weaknessess in the defense of the copyright. The consequences of its acting are used by different stingy people. So in this article I write about photo stealing, how photographers can achieve justice in Ukraine and what scandals were caused by the same issues abroad.
A copyright itself, mostly in the high-developed countries, is protected by many variety measures, but the “copy-paste” infection has been playing a bad joke with the authors who ingnore the copyright rules. Ones of the famous scandals were the following: 

“The Man Who Killed Don Quixote”

(film review)

“The Man Who Killed Don Quixote” (Spain, Great Britain, France, Portugal).
Genre — tragicomic fantasy.
Director — Terry Gilliam.
The premiere took place in 2018.
Starring: Adam Driver, Jonathan Pryce, Joanna Ribeiro, Olga Kurylenko.
The film is freely based on Miguel de Cervantes’ novel Don Quixote.
The movie won the Magritte Award for Best Co-produced Film.

Review of the book ‘House on the Edge of Night’

We’ve all lost people, you know,” she said, slightly scoldingly, when Amedeo wept.”
Catherine Banner, The House at the Edge of Night

Santa! Don`t sleep! Orphans want to be adopted!

Once in Lviv, a letter came to the Department of New Year’s gifts in the Lviv region. It said:
Dear Christmas elves,
On this bright holiday, your unit was sent to help the All-Ukrainian center of Christmas gifts for children without parents. Your task is to provide all Lviv children who do not have parents with Christmas gifts. With best wishes,
Svyatoslav Aleksandrovich Klaus.
Merry Christmas!”

Christmas Could Be Saved!

(Сhristmas story)

Christmas was in danger.
It was a day before Christmas, and everything looked totally fine. I had a Christmas tree, lots of decorations like lights, candies, garlands and candles, but something was wrong and I couldn’t get it. I didn’t feel this Christmas spirit, which makes everything around magical and that’s why I was not happy about the forthcoming holidays.

The Holiday

“And after all that, however long all that may be, you’ll go somewhere new. And you’ll meet people who make you feel worthwhile again.”
— Iris


Human beings aren’t meant to be alone on the holidays. We actually need warmth, companionship.”

The film “Holidate” was shot in 2020 by director John Whitesell.
Genre: comedy, melodrama.

‘Last Christmas’ by Paul Feig

(film review)

‘We are so lucky to be alive. We are so lucky to be able to help each other, in little ways, and in big ways. The reason we are lucky is because helping each other is, in fact, what makes us happy.’
– Kate (Last Christmas)

John Green ‘The fault in our stars’

Some infinities are bigger than other infinities.”
John Green, The Fault in Our Stars

‘Fahrenheit 451’ by Ray Bradbury

(book review)

4.5 stars. The first thing that surprised me that there were just 252 pages. I immediately thought – why so few? Reading the annotation, I counted at least 500-600 pages. The topic is interesting to write about: the development of a post-industrial society, prosecution for keeping books, merciless reprisals against paper books, and sometimes with their owners. In general, horror. How not to read it. Just want to note the book is read quickly, written in a completely ordinary, normal language. Although I thought that with this book everything will be difficult. But no, everything worked out.

The day that taught me to live” by Laurent Gunel

If everyone were aware of their value, the world would be completely different”
(Laurent Gunel)

Are computer games a potential hazard for all ages?

Nowadays computer games have become a part of our everyday life. Cell phones allow you to play on public transport, in a queue, and even during a break at school or work. More and more people prefer computer games to other leisure activities. But whether this creates a danger and whether it differs depending on the age, the questions still have to be answered.

Book Review on ‘Crime and Punishment” by Dostoevsky

My rating is 10/10. Fedor Dostoevsky entered the history of literature as one of the greatest Russian writers of world renown, a master of creating a psychological portrait. In the novel ‘Crime and Punishment’, he describes in detail the split in the soul of the protagonist, the painful struggle between good and evil. The theme of mental disorder is emphasized in the work already says the name of the protagonist – Raskolnikov.

`Mort` Terry Pratchett

(book review)

Oh. I see. People don’t want to see what can’t possibly exist.”

“Iris Apfel: Accidental Icon”

(book review)

5 stars. The book “Iris Apfel: Accidental Icon” is as bright and beautiful as its author. Inspiration, inspiration and a lot more inspiration — that’s what I felt while reading this book. The whole reading process was like a conversation with my best friend, and sometimes even with a mentor.

What is fantasy and what isn`t?

Many of us love to spend the evening with a good book, especially, when it is a fascinating fantasy story. With such book in hands you can easily escape from the real life and everyday problems. Fantasy writers are only limited by their own imagination and maybe it`s the reason we like their stories so much – we never know what can happen next. But what is the fantasy genre?


We often hear about this or that author that his style is one of the main advantages of his works. Indeed, someone’s writing style is catchy, while someone’s reading is very difficult. In this article, we’ll talk about how that very special style develops and how to come to it yourself.

This list will show the 5 best movies to watch for Christmas

During the long winter holidays, I do recommend watching the following Christmas movies. In my opinion, they are the best from those which really raise your Merry Christmas spirit!

«Politicians never lie» by V. Danysenko and Yu. Vyshnevshiy

Review to Ukrainian nonfiction book

To be honest, for some reason I didn’t expect much from this publication. Whether because of a somewhat atypical cover for 2020 or because of false stereotypes, skepticism, and distrust of Ukrainian analysts of political processes. But, in the end, the book impressed me! Very informative and fact-rich publication. Highly relevant issues in modern society are covered! Especially during the mayoral election campaign and the period after the very scientifically interesting presidential race. In addition to theoretical aspects, the authors analyze a lot of manifestations of their theses in practice. The book describes 10 basic laws of interaction of politicians with voters.

Feedback on the cartoon “Polar Express”

The bell is the wonderful of the spirit of Christmas as am I. Just remember the true spirit of Christmas is in your heart.”
(Santa from ‘Polar Express’)

Secret Santa

A little more than 1 week is left before the New Year. It is time to think about gifts for your relatives, friends, neighbors and colleagues. But what if your social circle is huge and there is simply no opportunity to bestow everyone? In that case, Secret Santa will come to the rescue. This is a kind Christmas game for a big company, the meaning of which is in the anonymous exchange of gifts. It brings no offense, disappointment and a dozen stupid cheap gizmos under the tree, which will have to be thrown away because of their uselessness.

The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown

Book Review

I am a huge fan of Dan Brown’s books. This is the perfect writer for me in the mystical detective genre. And I want to start with the world’s bestseller, translated into 44 languages and published in over 81 million copies The Da Vinci Code.

Anne Frank: The Diary

Book Review

In the long run, the sharpest weapon of all is a kind and gentle spirit.”
Anne Frank, The Diary of Anne Frank

Basketball and my Love!

(feature article)

Six years of basketball is a big part of my life. To me – and most probably to anyone who plays it – basketball is much more than just a hobby, more than a sport, more than a way to stay healthy. A sport that inspired me and gave me a lot of strength and self-confidence. From an uneducated player to a captain. It was very difficult to survive long and exhausting trainings, but I spent this time in the company of my close friends, my team. And I do not regret it at all.

Adult Problems

The extreme news that excited the Ukrainians sounds something like this: “The authorities want to introduce a complete quarantine.” For many adults, this sounds like a sentence: they will not have the opportunity to earn money to feed their families; not all professions can afford remote activities. For example, a doctor cannot treat his patients at a distance; he can only give recommendations. In a case of a surgery operation, the doctor cannot be at a distance, therefore, for people whose profession cannot manifest itself at a distance, this is a big problem.

Interview with Evgenia Teleyanova

Interview with the director of the children’s literature publishing house “Sova” Evgenia Tekeyanova.

Louis Mayer’s Empire of Cinema

A lion surrounded by a film appears on the black screen. We hear his formidable roar and understand that the next two hours will quietly fly over watching a movie marked by a quality sign. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) has been the leader of world cinema for 30 years since its founding, and Louis Mayer, its vice president, was considered the father of the golden age of Hollywood.

1984 by George Orwell

(book review)

This is a book about wars: real and imaginary. The real one is the war between the three powers: Oceania, Eurasia, Vostasia, which is meaningless, and it is needed only to exterminate the population. The fierce struggle with the past, the dissent, the language, the desire to live freely in happiness and prosperity belongs to the imaginary.

Do you think you have a healthy diet? Is there anything you should change?

To begin with, the theme of wholesome eating is extremely discussed nowadays because everyone wants to be healthy and feel excellent in any age. The point worth mentioning is that a healthy diet may help to avoid certain chronic illnesses such as heart diseases, stroke and diabetes. Also, a diet prevents us from overweight (this disease can cause lots of other much more terrible maladies.).


Magical realism is quite easy to confuse with similar genres that use the imagination. To be consistent with the tradition of magical realism, in my opinion, a work must have several (or better all) of these six characteristics:

Bullying and Commercial Bulling. Modern problem of our society

Bullying is a new term for the average citizen, the meaning of which each of us not only knows, but in most cases encountered this phenomenon in childhood. This is aggressive behavior towards an individual or group, with the aim of humiliation, domination, physical or psychological self-affirmation.

Poald Dahl ‘Witches’

(book review)

My rating is 5/5⭐

It doesn’t matter who you are or what you look like, so long as somebody loves you.”
Roald Dahl, The Witches

‘Coraline’ by Neil Gaiman

Book Review

Coraline Jones and her parents have just moved into a house so big they share it with an old man who trains mice upstairs and an aging former actresses in the basement. An avid explorer, Coraline investigates the large garden and grounds around her new home until a heavy rain forces her to confront every active child’s nightmare an entire day stuck inside with nothing to do. So she turns to explore the inside of the house, and in a corner of the seldom-used drawing-room, finds something puzzling a locked wooden door that reveals only a brick wall when her mother opens it with a huge rusty key.

“Girl with a Pearl Earring” by Jan Vermeer

(book review)

Fiction novel “Girl with a Pearl Earring.” A gripping story about the artist Jan Vermeer, half true, half fiction, and his assistant, an ordinary servant. A story adorned with thousands of colors about love, devotion, envy and, most importantly, friendship.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

(book review)

It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to our enemies, but just as much to stand up to our friends.”
J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

Book Review on ‘Twin Peaks’

This book include two stories: ‘The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer’ аnd ‘The Autobiography of F.B.I. Special Agent Dale Cooper.’

Why should we still read novels?

Reading is one of the most effective learning methods. It is our tool in understanding the incredible world of human emotions and a possibility of inspiration? For? To achieve fulfillment of our activities. Unfortunately, the last two meanings are often discredited today, but people shouldn’t refrain from reading novels.

Book Review on ‘The Joke’ by Milan Kundera

The Joke’ was Milan Kundera’s first novel. It was completed in 1965, first published in 1967 and first translated into Ukrainian in 2020.


This is my very good friend and, at the same time, an incredible poetess and an active figure in the literary life of the capital.

“The First Swallows. Addicts”: a coup for Ukrainian cinema

This week Ukraine was shaken by the news of the release of the new season of the famous Ukrainian thriller “The First Swallows”. Fans of the series have been waiting for this event for over a year, and now, finally, the TV channel aired the unique project.

The Book “100 Ideas That Changed Fashion” ― All About Fashion Innovations

(book review)

Melancholy or Depression?

It has been said more than once that the worldwide pandemic of coronavirus infection has changed not only the usual life of people, but the world as a whole.
We all try to take better care of our health, wash our hands more often, use hand sanitizers and so on.

Choice for Сhange

Many people are often faced with a choice problem. And I am the supremacist of the consideration: there is no “right” and “wrong”, there is only a choice and its consequences. We always tend to hesitate in making decisions, weighing up the pros or cons, rather than taking action. Many people regard the wrong choice as one that leads to problems and negative consequences. It is worth understanding here: when you make a decision, you cannot know what the consequences of this or that choice will be.

Dreams. Don’t believe when they say they don’t come true.

You carry within you all the dreams of the world. Maybe you don’t believe it, but the dreams we fight for often come true. Although they can happen in a different, unexpected way. This is because the whole world within us is full of endless possibilities.
And while these opportunities can sometimes fail you, if you don’t give up and fight with all your might, they will lead to your goal.


“…Well who are you?”
“I am part of that force, I always want to do evil, but always am kind.”

This proposal is the beginning of the novel “The Master and Margarita.” The story in the novel alternates with two levels of narration. The first one is the level of integration of reality and fantasy, and the other is the level of integration of history and legend. The novel organically combines two levels through the ingenious switching of time and space.

10 Rules of Success from Elon Musk

Elon Musk is a prominent engineer, inventor and entrepreneur, co-founder of PayPal, founder of SpaceX, Tesla, SolarCity and The Boring Company. Mask seems to be pursuing success, but not everything in his life was so good. Elon Musk gets in the headlines almost every day: The New York Times calls him “the most successful and important entrepreneur in the world,” and The Rolling Stones notes that such a person is born once a century. He is compared to Tony Stark – the main superhero of the movie “Iron Man.” So, I will try to present his rules in a brief way.

Social media: what does it mean for me? Why can`t I delete my Instagram?


If be honest, I was planning to write the philosophical treatise. But I`m not a philosopher 
Short back.

Unique technologies of the future

Just recently, about 10-15 years ago, we thought that in 2020 we would have flying machines and other high-tech devices. Now we think that this will only happen when Pigs Fly. But what if the future is much closer than we think?

The courage to be yourself – what is it and how?

Each of us goes through a natural path of change in life. The butterfly also liberates itself from the cocoon through pain and misery. But if we help when it doesn’t ask, we will only harm it and the butterfly will die. Parents, by keeping their children close to them and “helping” them by falling in love or wrapping themselves in their fears — an excuse for inaction, are really only harming. After all, the absence of risk is the absence of danger and the possibility of growth in equal measure. Only if you risk going your own, you can turn into an authentic personality.

How to Stimulate Vision

It becomes boring when a person or rather his senses do not receive new information. We perceive it through sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch. To get rid of boredom, to pass the time is best through more intense exposure to one of the main senses.

Magic Mascot Dress

(magic realism short story)

Sarah was an ordinary girl. Yes, the most ordinary one. She went to university, spent time with friends, traveled and so on. In short, she did everything that all ordinary people do. But, unfortunately, Sarah constantly got into some awkward situations and because of this she was very insecure. One day she forgot to take an umbrella in the rainy day, then she spilt coffee on her new blouse, after that she forgot t call her friend. In general, flops and failures chased her on a daily basis.

Five Books You Need to Read to Launch Your Business

Atlas Shoulders’ by Ayn Rend

What to teach? Introduced business and to advance the opportunity to get in. Whether it’s a good idea to please you to read the book, you’ll start to get started. Would you like to start a business, as a situation you can see what vibe can lead you to in singing situations and to what we cook.

The Best Christmas Day

I wish I could wake up some Christmas Day somewhere in Norway. Or any country full of mountains. Cause for me Christmas or New Year`s Eve it must be close to mountains. Snowy Mountains! It’s actually my big big love.

Health benefits from eating fresh fruit

When discussing the health benefits of eating fresh fruit, it is important to note that fruit is not just fructose. This particular ingredient is the most controversial, but it is worth mentioning the many valuable fruit components, like water, glucose, vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, flavonoids, carotenoids, organic acids and other compounds, which undoubtedly have a positive effect on human health. . Moreover, fresh fruits are usually characterized by low energy density, and therefore it seems that their regular and, importantly, rational consumption is an important element of the daily menu of a person who cares about good health and slim figure. Therefore, today the delivery of fruit is more important than ever.
Among other things, eating fresh fruit can have a positive effect on the weight loss process, rather than increase body weight, as is quite common.


Use interactive navigation

In PowerPoint, you can insert icons or shapes on the side of a slide and make them hyperlinks to other slides. This is a very good solution for presentations up to 10 slides. High-quality icon navigation solves two problems: allows readers to quickly jump to the desired section and helps to understand where you are currently in the presentation.

Important: if you use navigation, then you can skip the slide numbering — just on each slide, highlight the item in the navigation that the reader is currently on.

My 20-God-20

(Christmas story)

I don’t know when and why the tradition of year consequences was born but it seems to become one of the most significant parts of the celebration. 2020 can’t be described without swear speeches, however, I swear that even this year brought me some smiling news. My time was like a garland. A running chain of events where each season had its place and color. So chaotic. With unsimilar special and simple mood modes.

I wanna begin.

Cinderella or Golden Paris Hilton?

(irony story)

He lived in Obolon. He had a good job, a brand-new car and good career perspective. He had well-off parents to whom he went on weekends. After work he liked to have a drink with golden youth friends.

Movies for this Christmas

A Princess For Christmas.
After the death of her sister, Jules, a young girl, became the guardian of two nephews – a seven-year-old girl and a teenage boy. Jules can hardly make ends meet; she is forced not only to feed and dress them, but also to give them care and attention because now she is replacing their mother. On the eve of the Christmas holidays, the family travels to Europe at the invitation of their grandfather, which no one knew about. There Jules and her nephews are waiting for many pleasant surprises and interesting meetings in a real castle …

My Top List of Christmas Songs

Christmas is my favorite holiday. I like to make Christmas atmosphere at home. But for that, I need some muse. It means that something or someone should make Christmas atmosphere for me. And this “something” is Christmas music. I have my own playlist of Christmas and New Year songs.



Subway is a museum of the atypicality of typical human fates. This museum has one notable feature: its daily visit is not boring at all. They ask for a meager price for an entrance ticket, but emotions and feelings will be definitely enough for the next “visit.” Going from one end of such a native blue branch to another, sometimes you can even personally get acquainted with some unusual “museum exhibits”. It is no exception that I fell in love with this branch of the subway so much because blue is my favorite color. It is said that this sky-sea shade calms and improves concentration. Personally, I usually concentrate on the psycho types of passengers in the subway.

Five detective books to read on Christmas holidays

(Christmas listicle)

Are you a king of a thrill-seeker? Are you in search of a decent book to read? Well, I can help you. Here is the list of five detective books that will make your skin crawl.
Let`s get started!

The 5 best books to read this holiday season


Reading during Christmas holidays is a wonderful way to get into the festive spirit and enjoy the delights of the holiday season. From amazing children’s fairy tales and historical novels, throughout literature stories touch the heart and illustrate the magic of Christmas Day. There is a list of famous classic titles that are guaranteed to warm the soul and bring back the thrill of Christmas.

‘The Gift of the Magi’ by O. Henry

(book review)

Of all who give and receive gifts, such as they are wisest.
(O. Henry)

Pen or stick?

(magic realism)

While walking with her parents in the dense woods, a little girl called Masha found a wizard looking wand. She took it home, threw it away and left this wand lying around.

Book review on ‘The Master and Margarita’ by Mikhail Bulgakov

Everything will turn out right, the world is built on that
(Mikhail Bulgakov)

Christmas and This Lovely Killing World

The world, to me, is very strange. It’s outlandishly beautiful, and at times, impossibly sad. We drive cars and can mail objects across the globe. We cook noodles, and we start wars, and some of us grow babies inside our bodies. We will all die, and none of us can know what that will be like until we get there. We have mothers and fathers who are amazing and who can let us down… We are capable of falling in love and of killing each other. What is all of that if not some kind of magic? Yet, it’s also very real.

Golden City Dream

(Magic realism story)

This is a story about a girl. From an early age, she dreamed of lost cities, which streets are covered with gold and statues of ancient kings with diamonds and rubies. In the evening her mother often told her stories about distant lands and temples hidden in the depths of the jungle. The girl enthusiastically listened to stories and at night dreamed of seeing these mysterious and bright places with her own eyes. But as time went on, the girl grew up, and forgotten golden empires remained in childhood dreams.

Simple Snowflake Miracle

Time works wonders
© Proverb.

Cat in the Basement

(Magic realism short story)

This is a typical city, a typical residential area. Artyom was returning home, his high-rise building was shining in the sun. At home from work, his mother was waiting for him, whom others would call a grandmother. The guy was eager to get to the dinner table. When Artyom, jumping over the steps, went up to his floor and entered the apartment, his mother greeted him with a loud and sad cry.


(magic realism story)

Once upon a time, there was a magical ship called ‘Vomit.’ On board there were a team of brave Pirates that ruled the seas. They were just not common pirates buy treasure hunters seeking lost for the eternity riches. There was no one to stop them from learning the ropes in any new affair.

Fairy Sea

Once upon a time, there was a kind and small fairy. She was named Sea. And she had never ever seen the sea. Her parents thought it would be really romantic – to name a daughter by some miracle, they had never watched. This original choice was the one that instantly decided all her life. Undoubtedly, her biggest dream was to see the sea. 

Dreams are much more real than you think

Once in a blue moon I had a dream that I couldn’t forget even three years later. It was no different from any of my other dreams, and I couldn’t understand why I remembered every minute of it so vividly.


The New Year is the most popular time for promises that never come true. Many people say that from January they will start a new life, give up bad habits, and start doing sports. But how often does this come true? January comes, but after a series of holidays there is no time to fulfill their promises.

Video blog on YouTube: TOP-5 tips for beginners

It will be about content – how to make videos to be watched and about its promotion – what works, and how exactly works. If you are just thinking about creating a YouTube channel or have already taken the first steps, then read this article.

‘Me before you’

‘Me Before You’ gives us insight of life meaning in unique way.

‘Death on the Nile’ by Agatha Christie

Look, can you see the moon? Now it is visible so clearly, but as soon as the Sun looks out, the Moon will disappear in its rays.

‘The Butterfly of the Stars’ by French author Bernard Werber

(book review)

Mankind has cruelly destroyed itself. There is no way back. We will die. It’s inevitable… Oops, one second, it’s not about the book. But…

“The Real-life MBA: The No-Nonsense Guide to Winning the Game, Building a Team and Growing Your Career” by Jack and Suzy Welch

(book review)

“The Real-life MBA: The No-Nonsense Guide to Winning the Game, Building a Team and Growing Your Career” is your reliable and extremely exciting guide to the world of business. In addition, this book is a bestseller of the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, which, you will agree, is respectful and confirms that this book deserves your attention.

‘Everything’ by Nicola Yoon

(book review)

Everything’s a risk. Not doing anything is a risk. It’s up to you.”
Nicola Yoon, Everything, Everything

The Meaning of Mariah Carey by Mariah Carey

(book review)

“Time has shown me there is no benefit in trying to protect people who never tried to protect me.”
― Mariah Carey, The Meaning of Mariah Carey

‘Oscar and Lady in pink` by, Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt

Book Review

`My name is Oscar and I’m ten years old …They call me Egghead and I look about seven. I live in hospital because of my cancer and I’ve never written to you because I don’t even know if you exist.`

‘The Grey House’ by Mariam Petrosyan

Yes, when I say that it is not house, but House it is not mistake – Grey House itself is not only a building”
Mariam Petrosyan

When the Breath Becomes Air

(book review)

There are people whose activities are so exciting that they seem to be endowed with superhuman qualities. In particular, such are doctors who are not afraid to operate, for example, the main organ of the central nervous system – the brain. In their profession, these people can resemble robots: clarity and balance of movements at work, balance in character, which helps to experience both victories and failures.

Book Review on “Ten minutes past two” by Anne-Helen Laestadius

My rating is 9.5/10. Words alone are not enough for something to stop and not repeat itself. The pain that replaces the old one is just another pain. The book is about love for her home, for her neighborhood, about how the young Maya tries to avoid the demolition of houses and the moving of Kiruna to another place, safe from mines.

Book Review on ‘You will be able to draw in a month’ by Mark Kistler

All know we do not need talent to learn how to write as a communication”
Mark Kistler, You Can Draw in 30 Days:

‘The Secret History’ by Donna Tratt

(book review)

‘“There is nothing wrong with the love of Beauty. But Beauty – unless she is wed to something more meaningful – is always superficial.” 
― Donna Tartt, The Secret History

On Tyranny: Twenty Lessons from the Twentieth Century by Timothy Snyder

The book, which began with one post on Facebook, the post of a scientist who reacted to Trump’s victory in the previous US election. This scientist is Timothy Snyder. You could hear about him thanks to his works on Ukraine.

Ice for Christmas

(Christmas story)

Christmas is a holiday of peace, when the family gathers at the table and family evenings begin. But this year Anna decided to celebrate with friends. They booked a house. So bright, beautiful and spacious. Bought a lot of food, sweets and alcohol.

How to spend time at Christmas so that it is remembered?

(Christmas essay)

If you are a fan of celebrating with your family, then cook everyone’s favorite dishes, keeping in mind that there is no need to chose traditional New Year’s dishes. Creativity is always welcomed.

‘Brave New World’ by Aldous Huxley

My rating is 9/10. Far future, England. People all over the world live in one state, which seeks to make citizens happy and make good money on it. Already nothing reminds of the good old days of ordinary human life.

How To Start Your Startup Business

Though I am a student now, like any reasonable University undergraduate or graduate, I start thinking about my own startup. So, I think that these tips will be useful not only for me but also for other young people living in Ukraine. Creating a company from the ground up is not an easy task. It is very easy to lose money in the early stages or not get an investment. However, if you gather a strong team, develop a good development strategy and work hard like a bee – then business will start moving in the right direction!

Motivational Message For A Successful Entrepreneur

(miniflash story)

Only one in a hundred projects becomes super successful, but this is not a reason to give up the dream of becoming an entrepreneur. Risk, loss, difficulty — you can always start from the ground up, back to the drawing board. Most importantly, never give up, create a business plan and think outside the box to impress and make your customers fall in love with you. And don’t forget to believe in your success, great things take time!!!

Interview with Julia Belous

Of course, while mentioning the books, the authors are most often praised. And there is something for that 🙂 But what about getting to know the profession of an editor better? In this interview, we will talk to experienced editor Julia Belous about editing, freelance and job search for students who are interested in working with the word in the future.

Expectations / Reality

(ironic story)

Now the life of young people is full of various adventures and emotions. Spending time with friends over a cup of coffee, reading a favorite book, skating, watching a movie. You don’t have time for these fascinating activities. Time flies.


(film review)

“It’s Christmas Eve! It’s… it’s the one night of the year when we all act a little nicer, we… we… we smile a little easier, we… w-w-we… we… we cheer a little more. For a couple of hours out of the whole year, we are the people that we always hoped we would be!”

Christmas atmosphere for the whole year

Winter holidays are a necessary part of every year, because they create the mood with which we enter the new year.

Black Jacket

(magic realism story)

At night I am very vulnerable. Especially after watching some horror movies. One evening I went to bed and did not notice a small change in my room. I fell asleep and in a while I dreamed that I was fighting against the most dangerous magician in the dark world, Voldemort. He was standing in a black cloak in front of my bed. It was very scary. I won the duel. And at that moment I woke up from the noise in my room. Opposite me on the floor lay my father’s black jacket, which my mother hung to dry in the evening. My pseudonym Voldemort actually fell. The dream turned into reality!

New Year`s Day! Chicken with oranges is the best!


A New Year`s miracle is that all your family gets together without a single quarrel all day”
(Unknown author)

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve. Mom is preparing a festive dinner, and Mark is sitting on the windowsill admiring the fancy patterns on the frosty window. What only charms does not use winter! The patterns on the windows are probably some of the most refined and recherché. However, frosty patterns on windows are almost the same as frost on icy grass and trees. In any case, the principle of their formation is the same. The same magic, the same magnetism.

Déjà Vu or Not a Déjà Vu?

(Christmas story)

Celebrating Christmas and New Year was a long practiced tradition for all of them. This year was no exception. Everyone was celebrating at home but Boris.

Find Your Own Indigo…

(book review)

The minute you stop looking for Indigo your soul will die”
(Graham Joyce)


That`s great if you follow your New Year`s resolutions. That`s bad if you promise and then break them like a whining wimp. This year, stop the cycle of resolving to make change and then not following through. If your resolution is to take better care of yourself and get healthy, you will have a much better year if your resolution sticks. Here are ten tips to help you get started.

The Largest Spruce

(Christmas story)

Once upon a time, in the distant wilderness of the snowy forest lay a small town. For the New Year holidays, when the houses and streets of the town were decorated with all sorts of bright decorations, residents prepared the largest Christmas tree in the area. It seemed a simple matter to find one among such taiga, but every year a whole team of lumberjacks went in search for the right spruce.

Birthmas Twiny Present

(Christmas story)

Merry Christmas! Christmas, Mary!

Mewling Barking Fight. Puppy against Cat

(humorous story)

For too long Misha dreamed of having a dog, and finally his dream came true. He had already got the experience of owning a cat, but not a dog so far. Therefore, he carefully prepared: he read two books on raising dogs, bought a place for a dog, сanine food, bony toys, leather leashes and a goatskin collar. Purring Josie noticed new objects in the apartment and immediately suspected something odd.

Too Much Is Bad Too

It happens to everyone. You live your daily mundane life, and then in one moment you fall in love. Desperately. Up to ears. You feel that it has never happened before. I fell in love with this dress. It was so beautiful, so unbelievable, so DIVALICIOUS!

Five Best Books About Christmas

Start reading – create a festive mood!’

Film review `Home Alone’

`This is my house. I have to defend it


COVID-19 has been the object of manipulation and lies spreading widely on the Internet. When we stay at home, there is more time to surf the social networks and read the news on the websites. And there you can come across something that does not fit in your head.

Christmas On Fire!

(Christmas story)

This story happened to me three years ago. 

Dream that I want to come true

One of my favorite cartoons ever is ‘The Polar Express. The cartoon tells the story of a young boy who, on Christmas Eve, sees a mysterious train bound’ for the North Pole stop outside his window and is invited aboard by its conductor. The boy joins several other children as they embark on a journey to visit Santa Claus preparing for Christmas. As you can see — pure magic.

Magic Realism Film I Would Shoot

If I were a film director, I would shoot a magic realism film. I like this genre even don`t know why. There would be two main characters: a smart but common guy and a shy and at the same time witchy girl with sharp eyes. In one episode he would come to the classroom and see a dream. At the beginning of the lesson, he would sit down, fall asleep and see a beautiful girl with brunette hair streaming down her slender shoulders. At first glance he would fall in love.

Exposing students to lies

(Humorous story)

Professor Benjamin Osmond walks into the classroom and says: “The topic of today’s lecture is a lie. So, tell me, how many of you read the twenty-fourth chapter of the textbook?” Most of the students raised their hands confidently. The professor smiled and happily replied: “Great! You and I have something to talk about. Because there is no twenty-fourth chapter in the textbook. This is called a lie!” The students laughed together as teachers and continued the topic.

‘One Hundred Years of Solitude’

(book review)

Cease, cows, life is short”
(Gabriel G. Marquez)

Stephen King’s book “11/22/63”

(book review)

We never know which lives we influence, or when or why”
(Stephen King)

Christmas! I got your meaning!

(Christmas story)

Denys was an ordinary man who loved his family and delicious dinners. But Denys had one trait — he did not believe in miracles and magic of Christmas. “I do not understand why God turned into a man. This is a common day, dear!” always said the man to his wife Suzanne. But one event completely changed his life…

Who Surrounds Me


It was our ordinary walking day when we created adventure from nothing. My friends and I had decided to meet and go to Kyiv although we couldn’t get together. As always, Valery and I were waiting for Ira at a subway station when she called us and said, “Hey, I’m here. Why can’t I see you?” That girl was upset and nervous because she thought that we were in the other place and we were kidding her. Ira was getting mad when we found out that she had got out at the wrong station. Also, our friend was staying in front of the station name for some time and kept on persuading us that she was right.

‘The House of the Spirits’

(book review)

It would be lovely if we were all created equal…but we are not“
(Isabel Allende)

Santa and Birds` Language

(Christmas short story)

Once upon a time, right on the eve of Christmas, a little and snub-nose girl called Ann went to seek a true Santa. She passed through all supermarkets with cheery Santas in shop windows; she circled around all funny Santas on city squares inviting children to take photos with them…At last she found one six feet high Santa with a sturdy body and steadfast face who winked at her while bringing a fir-tree on his shoulder to the nearest apartment block.

Fable about Necromancer and Bounty Hunter

(humorous story)

Once, after exhausting adventures, Necromancer and Bounty Hunter met in the tavern. Both had only few cheap artifacts, so they didn’t want to go to the town and sell them for a low price. So, they decided to play dice on them. Each winning game meant the one artifact obtained.

Humanity Savior

(magic realism story)

This is Woodie, and he is a fanatical hermit lumberjack. One day he declared war to the forest and now the meaning of his life is to cut down all trees on the planet.

Understanding Or Misunderstanding?


I live with a black cat named Maliuk-Drakosha. After my story, you will want to get a cat or start believing in magic.

Sweet Dream Door

(Magic Realism short story)

There was a family from a caring mother, action father and daydreaming daughter Zoe. They moved often, from one town to another, from one village to another –so Zoe had no friends.

Magnificent Mansion

(ironic story)

My friend lives in the city; he drives an expensive brand-new car, dresses in the best boutiques.

Flight of Fantasy

(magic realism story)

Often at night I have strange dreams. In the morning when I wake up, I do not always understand where I am.

Worries of Unbeating Heart


He was so magic attractive. He always had a wish to be liked in every company he appeared. So magnetic in his burgundy costume. Like proud rose poured with wine of autumn sunset. Simultaneously this guy was shy and soft as lonely cloud at summer sky. Although he wasn’t alone. He was my Dream. He had me. Unfortunately, he didn’t know about it.

What is magic realism


Now the term “magical realism” implies a direction in literature, characterized by the inseparability of an ordinary gray reality and inexplicable magical phenomena, skillfully inscribed in this reality. It is noteworthy that the characters of literary works related to this direction are not at all amazed by magical events. Here miracles become part of everyday life, but they stay miracles.
The origins of magical realism are found in the culture of ancient Indian civilizations (Maya, Aztecs, Incas, Chibcha).

‘A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings’ by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

(book review)

His only supernatural virtue seemed to be patience.

Angel Guardian

(Magic realism story)

Lilith moved quickly down the empty street. As usual, she hurriedly had breakfast in the morning and was already 30 minutes late for the meeting. The girl forgot to turn on the alarm clock again. Fortunately, the voice of a stranger in a dream woke her up today.

Mikhail Bulgakov and Magical Realism

(book review)

The tongue may hide the truth but the eyes –never”.
Mikhail Bulgakov, The Master and Margarita

All-Ukrainian Congress of Witches!

(Essay on magic realism)

Once, in a Ukrainian village near the city of Cherkasy, a witch named Oksana received a message: “The All-Ukrainian congress of witches will be held in the city of Kyiv, namely in the Green Theater, when Saturn comes in Aquarius.” And so, when Saturn was in Aquarius, Oksana milked the cows, packed her things in the store, changed her broom for a winter one and flew away towards Kyiv. She was traveling on a broom highway at a speed of 150 kilometers per hour, did not stop at the request of a policeman and turned around on a double air solid line. There was again no room for flying brooms in the parking lot, and Oksana left the broom on the sidewalk, blocking the exit.

A student’s day that repeated

(magic realism story)

On Sunday evening Sophia decided to watch the legendary film ‘Groundhog Day.’ In the film, the protagonist is stuck in a day that repeats itself. “What a marvelous example of magical realism!” Sophia thought. The hero was very funny to watch, but I felt pity for him. Sophia wondered if she were stuck in her day: “Well, no! This is nonsense!” Having overlooked the film, she went to bed.

Witchcraft Watchcat

(magic realism story)

I’m crazy about cats, that’s true. I can pet them, kiss and squeeze all day long. So it’s not a surprise that I have one of them at home. Her name is Emma and she’s one of the weirdest cats in the world. 

‘Eat to live’ or ‘live to eat’

(Bon appetite article)

Instinctively, most people will automatically answer, “Of course, we eat to live.” It is obvious that their thoughts are completely focused on the biological process of their body needing food and nutrients to survive. But let’s delve into this controversial topic deeper.

Weird Fig

(magical realism story)

When Lexie was little, she used to visit her grandparents during summer holidays. They lived in a small summer cottage with a big garden. 

When are coronavirus people the most contagious?

The first five days after the onset of symptoms are the most dangerous for the patients with the coronavirus and those who surround them. This is evidenced by new large studies.

Covid-19 changed the rating of the most expensive cities

The top three included Paris, Zurich and Hong Kong, which scored the same number of points.

A Painted Fairy Tale

At three o’clock in the morning, the girl was sitting in her room at the private house, drawing her homework from university again on a graphics tablet. It was not the first sleepless night, it was reminded by a few empty cups of coffee, which helped to stay up at night and sit in the morning on the distance lessons. Outside the window there was an opaque darkness in which the forest was disappearing. The atmosphere of the house did its thing – it was a little scary, but also cozy.

Friday. Who is right?

(magic realism essay)

Suddenly Sweet Rescue

(magical realism story)

It was a painfully cold day when the Walsh family packed their bags and decided to go on a sail trip to the North Sea. They rented a boat and started their voyage.

Fantastic Students and Where to Find Them

Our Institute of Journalism has four departments: Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Slytherin. All students have their own unique magic wand – corporate mail. Just only adepts know that the institute teaches the magic of journalism. It is for us to decide either we with Gryffindor or Slytherin…

The message of the owl

(Magic Realism short story)

It was a gloomy Friday night. The young boy, exhausted by the road, but with joy in his soul, returned from a long business trip, where he spent six months.

Playing With Fire

(ironic story)

Everyone is taught not to play with fire. Everyone knows fire may be dangerous. But that does not stop many girls from going out with a guy named Fire. He is enthralling, magical, and as hot as a summer heat. But the thing is — this apocalypsing guy burns all the girls out, one by one.

Behind Eyes Closed


Monday. Mum was watching TV while I was reading another one dull school book. Of course I was more fascinated with the plot of the new mum’s favorite soap opera. Suddenly I felt our house shaking. We knew what we had to do. We hadn’t even taken our belongings before Mum and I ran out the front door. The cherry tree was the last thing I had seen. After that a pile of bricks fell down on me.
Game over.

Review on ‘Nation of Vegetables’ by Oksana Moroz

That is the provocative book that caused me the most doubts. Doubts were conflicting with each other. Is the author telling the truth? Was that really the case? And I doubted if I really needed to read it. But let’s go step by step.

Corns on my hands

(humorous story)

Once in Kyiv, a guy came in a sex shop, crept to the seller and asked him, “What can you recommend me for a present to my girl’s birthday?”

Martin Eden by Jack London

(Book review)

‘Martin Eden’ is perhaps the most famous work by Jack London, I read it twice. A novel about great love, commitment and thirst for knowledge. This is the story of an ordinary sailor from a poor family, with a surrounding typical to his profession, of drunkards and brawlers.

To be Сorona be or not Corona be?

(ironic story)

A hobo Nikita decides to get imprisoned to avoid the winter chill. Firstly, he decided to steal a bunch of bananas from the market, but no one noticed stealing. Also, bananas were disgusting! Then he tried to attack an old woman, but she successfully hit him on the head with a bag.

Sunny and Rustic

(ironic essay)

I think almost everyone feels more confident and cool when walking down the street in headphones. I also sometimes give in to such a trend. One day I strolled so cool in white socks and white sandals, to rhythmic music in headphones and felt like the Queen of the world, well, or at least of our village. At that moment, I didn’t care what I was wearing, but to be honest, fashion just doesn’t exist for our village at all. So when I’m in the village, I dress in a rustic style and its main rule is to wear something comfortable and old, something cozy and folk. And as a girl who follows our village fashion trends, I always follow this rule.

Glossy Trash Or Trashy Gloss?

(ironic story)

My glamorous friend is always neat and tidy, smart and trendy. He spends many hours choosing new watches and shirts. Only if the day is extremely warm, he does not wear a high quality and expensive shirt. In this case change it for a classy and cool t-shirt. Usually, my glossy friend meticulously takes care of his well-trimmed hair and handsome face.

Brand-New Car!

(Ironic story)

At a little town not far from Kyiv lived a man with bad luck. His name was Kuzma. He had a good job, a good wife and actually he was a good guy. But unfortunately, Kuzma was an awfully unlucky person.

The “best” day in my life

(ironic essay)

One day everything went awfully from the morning till the evening. I was late for school, got an F, and tore my favorite shirt. Still now, I don`t know how it happened. And even after all that, when I thought that anything couldn’t be worse I was doused from my head to my toes by a car on my way home. When I started complaining, one hilarious and freaky guy sloshed me with water too.
“What a wonderful day,” I said and tried not to cry.

Frozen Adventure

(humorous story)

Once upon a time, when winters were frosty not marshy, we came back from a party. Snowy evening, frost, and we were young and happy… Yippie! My friends ran and jumped into the ice puddles. The amusing crunch and laughter! Wow!

Offended Artist

Once my female friend was angry with me, I was kidding a lot, but for some reason she quickly forgot about it and asked me to pose for a portrait (she is an artist). So I sat for a whole hour, and she drew and drew me. I wanted to see it and then she showed me a blank sheet of paper and said that she saw me that way…

Two Queens

(ironic story)

Gorgeous evening, juicy sweets, the new season of the’Crown.’ The story of the life of Queen Elizabeth II continues, more and more dramatic plot twists are added, and even the new series are played not by Claire Foy, but by Olivia Colman.

I am a surgeon

(ironic short story)

It is Mark’s first day as a surgical intern. Med school is in the past. Now he has the full right to call himself a surgeon. But the thing he anticipates the most is the promise of his chief to let him scrub in on an appendectomy. 

Brainy Dog

(Humorous story)

Yesterday, while going home, I noticed a young man sitting on a park bench and playing chess with his Labrador dog. I watched the weird game in astonishment for a while.

Rich Retirement

In the US, many people save money for their green age retirement. In retirement, many of them travel around the country or go on a trip to Europe or Asia. Unfortunately, there are people with low incomes who live and just make ends meet.

Three Female Friends

(Humorous story)

Not far from the Black Sea coast, three female friends stranded on a deserted island and found an old magic lamp. Inside of it there was a genie who agreed to grant each female friend one wish.

Unwanted Surprise

(humorous story)

I’m living in a dormitory. I’m a proud, independent… and always hungry. Because of my studies, I don’t always have enough time to cook. So, when Sunday came, I decided to cook a large pot of soup, enough for four days.

Fatigue and Goal

I have a goal. My muscles hurt… my legs don’t listen to me… my heart beats with such force that it knocks air out of my lungs…

Athlete! In My Dreams

(ironic essay)

Sport is my dream. Sport is something I always miss. Every evening I decide what physical exercises I should do to develop different muscle groups next day, and every morning I think that I am a bit tired and there is no necessity to hurry up. Though no matter what, you always want to lose weight and make your body slimmer.

Some Duty from the Cutie

( humorous essay)

Sometimes the Cutie Destiny hugs me with her prickly astonishing situations screaming: “I have so pleasant gift for you! Wanna get an unforgettable chain of events that gonna choke you to laughter?” So disappointingly because I often pour my mother’s flowers with me tears (they would die if I weren’t so kind and sad). Although this time I truly laughed cause the next story happened not with me. Finally…

Ukrainian Jerry and Ukrainian Tom

(ironic essay)

Once I was walking in the center of the city and saw a man dressed as the mouse called Jerry.

Unexpected Surprise

One day my brother decided to please his girlfriend and bought a kinder surprise at the supermarket.

How to Recognize a Witch?

Once I was going by a public bus. Surprisingly, there were few people in the compartment. But one person attracted my attention.

Watch out for the car!

Popular rock and rap stars are often concerned about their safety. They often use crowds of bodyguards.

Books to Start Reading in English

Do you want to read books by English-speaking authors in the original? But what if we start with the simplest works that even beginners with a basic level of knowledge can do? For example, from easy novels, children’s books or the works of your favorite authors that have been read hundred times?
Here are books for you that are written in simple words, so they are easy to read even for those who do not know the language perfectly.

Save the Turtles!

(humorous story)

As a child, I was very generous and still now I love the cartoon “Ninja Turtles.”

Сhildhood frustration

(humorous story)

One day my little sister was very upset and even cried out.

Grandfather With Humor

(Humorous essay)

I would like to share one amusing and funny, in my opinion, story.

Trick IN Treat

(black humor story)

Long ago, somewhere in 1691 or 1791… So far way… In the middle of nowhere…not far from Dublin… there was a small kitty called Pirozhok.

Hurry up, but not in a hurry

(humorous story)

I dreamed about being late. It was a good start.

Summer of Covid-19

(humorous short story)

This story happened to me last summer.

‘Going Postal’ by Terry Pratchett

(book review)

Still, people think strangely. Steal five dollars, and they call you a petty thief. But if you have stolen thousands, then there is already one of two things: either you are a government or a hero.”

Interview with Ukrainian writer Anna More

Hello. Tell our readers about yourself. In my opinion it can be good start of our talks. Where did you study? Work?”

“Hi, I`m Anna More. I was a student at the Institute of Journalism, Taras Shevchenko National University. Finished the baccalaureate in radio journalism and Master`s programs in art history. Now I work as an editor of a website, a reporter, and a PR-manager on public radio. Besides, I`m a host of podcast about information in media and a creator of documental material for Radio Culture. But, at first, I`m a writer.”

Endless Lateness

(Feature Article)

You are ready to leave the house. Suddenly you remember that you forgot to take the keys, then a friend calls with an urgent question, the laces are torn – and now you are running headlong to the meeting, you are late and think that next time you will arrive on time. However, this does not stop. Why so?

How Will Alessandro Michele Present The New Gucci Collection During A Pandemic?

(feature story)

The COVID-19 pandemic has sparked a crisis in the fashion industry. Since January 2020, the capitalization of the fashion and luxury goods market has decreased by almost 40%. In annual terms, the projected profitability of the industry, which accounted for $2.5 billion before quarantine, will decrease by 27-30%.

Vegan Fashion: Everything You Need To Know About Animal-Friendly Clothing

(feature story)

Over the past year, the concept of vegan fashion has been added to such already known concepts as vegetarian and vegan diets. So what does this mean?

What is so so magical about the new Netflix TV-show ‘The Queen’s Gambit’?

(feature article)

In the recent limited series ‘The Queen’s Gambit’, the exclusive thing that’s real is the chess. Child prodigy Beth Harmon is fictional. But, every chess game played is extremely accurate.

Day in a Long Line

(humorous story)

A guy asks his girl to go to dance. She agrees, and he decides to rent a suit. The rental has a long line, so he waits and waits, and finally he gets his suit.

Lego and E-work

(humorous story)

It’s already been 8 months of Coronavirus pandemic. Almost everyone studies distantly, a lot of people work from home or start to adjust the process to this unpredictable and half-crazy situation…

Broken TV

or potential family murder

(humorous essay)

Beginning. We had been living without watching TV for two months before my Mum and I got tired of each other. I was annoyed with Mum’s “Give me your tablet, please” and she got disappointed with my refusals. Thus, the best and the one man in our family decided to solve this problem. After a few hours of work and some minutes of bad language we were deprived of television for another two weeks.

Brazilian Police Arrested a Parrot

(Miniflash Humorous Story)

Drug dealers with their parrot have hidden from the police in the house. Men have tried to outsit and outstay quietly, waiting for the approach of cops and thinking about an escape plan.

Expect Unexpected

Love triangle

(black humor story)

“I think I love him too much. You know, sometimes I just want to gently place my hands on his cheeks and hold his head there in my hands, looking into his eyes…” I told my best female friend.

“… and kiss him?” she interrupted.

Crazy and Tasty Sport

(humorous short story)

“This time I will manage to do it! Go! Go! Go!” said I to myself early in the morning… Nine of ten voices in my head supported this idea… I started preparing and went out for doing come sport exercises and run around the city.

The Best «UNO» Player Ever

(humorous story)

Do you like playing «UNO»? Are you good in this game?

Unexpected Call in Italian

(humorous story)

My grandfather worked as an Italian language teacher. And my grandmother knew only a few phrases.

How to recognize a predator?

(humorous story)

I was going to the subway once. There were not many people. It was cloudy outside, no mood. And here I felt someone’s gaze on me. And so probably for 10 minutes, I had these spidey feeling eyes. Well, they certainly didn’t look at me in love.


(sci-fi story)

Breaking news

“Now you are listening to CMM news. Today, on February 27, 2020, our astronomers from such European countries as Sweden, Ukraine and Germany, witnessed a strange space phenomenon when Mars disappeared from the screens of telescopes for almost eight hours. At the same time, not far from it, something resembling an unregistered cigar-looking asteroid exploded emitting extra-long radiant rays in different directions. We invited Professor Dupinski, a specialist in all extraterrestrial issues, to comment on these two unusual sky phenomena.”

Annual festival “in space years”

(Fake news)

On November 1, 2020 Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University will host the annual “in space years” festival.

Oh, Sweet School Years…

(Humorous story)

On Chernobyl Memorial Day it was cloudy a little bit, but sometimes sun worked its way through the clouds. Our class went to the memorial of Chernobyl disaster. There were all high school students from other schools. We were standing around the memorial and listened to the narrator that told us about Chernobyl disaster. Of course, nobody listened to her.

My Shortest Diet

(humorous story)

“My cheeks are disgusting. They make my face look like a ball,” I said to the mirror one morning. “I need dieting!
I’m starting now! Heigh-ho!”

Folk Glamour

The artist Stas Volyazlovsky collected special postcards of the twentieth century: romantic and hand-painted. I offer an exclusive selection of these leaflets, as well as Elena Afanasieva’s interview with Volyazlovsky, from the Kherson magazine CAFFEINE published in 2007.

Poetry Still Alive?

(essay about poetry)

What is art? What is poetry? Can we say that in the 21st century, poetry still remains only in textual form? Contemporary art is a big question. From the author, from the viewer, from society, from the art-object. And we underestimate how poetry changes us, how it affects thinking. And the fact that people often do not go internally from rhyme to vertebra takes a lot. We still ask with skepticism, “And is this art?” “Why?” Bbecause our hearts are closed and blind.

What is fantasy and what isn`t?

The right man in the wrong place can make all the difference in the world,”
(Half-Life 2, a video game character)

Tasty Coffee

A waiter gives a man a cup of hot coffee. The angry man takes a sip and spits it out.

Technologies and Fashion

(Feature story)

The intelligently, immersive computerized arrange is an opportunity for molding ultramodern models bypassing all exhibiting plans, concurring to Sam Field, Head of imaginative tech and development over EMEA markets at RYOT Studio. RYOT, Verizon Media’s Emmy Award-winning generation house, made the exhibitionsr together with Kaleidoscope, MOR, and FIA. “They can take the gathering of people interior their world. Our architects made virtual sculptural pieces of clothing that participants seem associated with, but they too made storyboards to relate the stories rousing their designs,” he clarifies. “So frequently, you see unused articles of clothing and plans, but the artist’s story behind it is lost.”

I would rather lie

(humorous story)

Peter goes in for a job interview and sits down with the boss.

‘Nightlights’ – comics by Lorena Alvarez Gomez

5 stars – Great art and fascinating family-friendly story with slight suspense makes this comic worth revisiting.

Back to the Roots

(opinion article)

Taylor Swift, one of my favorite singers, is back to the country stage of the 2020 ACM Awards with a song from her latest album.

When I was a Ghost…

(trick or treat story)

Once I studied at a music college. There, my studies were characterized by the fact that students came early in the morning and went home late at night. One morning I came to the classroom at dawn, too early before classes. It turned out that the cleaning lady had locked me in the classroom accidentally. I couldn’t call anybody. So I stayed in the class as if I had a choice. My music teacher was very scared when he opened the door. He thought that he met a GHOST…My ‘Good morning’ sounded too o-o-o-m-m-m-inous from an empty class.

Journey Through The Autumn Trail


Each autumn is its own story with its own insights and inspirations, flashes and fairy tales…

Arnold Schwarzenegger underwent heart surgery

(news article)

October, 27, 2020. The Terminator star has already felt well and has taken a walk around the city.

Victory of Ukrainian national football team

On November 13, 2020, in the match of the fourth round of the League of Nations A, the Ukrainian national football team defeated the Spanish rivals 1-0. The match took place in Kyiv.

Thanks to caution, the Ukrainians were able to keep the score 0: 0 in the first half before the break, despite the constant possession of the ball by the Spaniards. The decisive goal was scored by Tsygankov, using a successful counterattack. The rest of the match was played by Dynamo Kyiv football players in defense, beating Furia Rocha for the first time.

It was the victory of historical significance. For the national team of Ukraine, this triumph was also the first after a series of three consecutive defeats. President Volodymyr Zelenskyi congratulated the Ukrainian footballers on their victory, and head coach Andriy Shevchenko noted that the result of the match was decided by a game without a ball, thanks to which they managed to cope with the individually strong Spaniards.

Dogs Also Want Warmth

October 29, 2020, Kyiv. It is not a problem for 600 million animals in the world not to have a home. It is not a problem for animals not to have owners. The problem of reducing the population of stray animals and their sterilization is not completely solved. After all, not all animals are sterilized.

In Ukraine, about 57% of dogs and cats live with people in love, and where other 43% of pets live, nobody knows. They also dream of warmth, hugs, and good food not found somewhere in the street garbage bins. The animals that are thrown away, after a while, will just hate humanity, they become wild.

I want to ask people why you harm animals? There are other options to get rid of the animal, give it to someone (there will still be those who are looking for a faithful pet), sell it (and get some benefit from it), and not just get rid of them. And if you’re the one who found the four-legged friend, just find him a family.

There are many options. And they are simply not guilty of anything. Dogs also want warmth.

What is Love?