Cruel Cosmetics and Lousy Lipstick

Every day we use cosmetics, but avoid getting it in the eye, tasting it or rubbing it in the wound, we know that it is dangerous. But when making cosmetics, to understand the interaction of mixed substances with the living body, many companies test cosmetics in animals, and only some of them show mercy.


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Now, in the age of mass consumption, fast fashion, merciless madness and a cutting-edge concept of ‘individuality’, it is difficult to say where YOU are and where the one you want to SEEM.

Why do people need mass culture?

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In our life, we are constantly faced with mass culture. It is an integral part of our existence because we are the bearers of this culture. Around this phenomenon that seems to be usual for us, there are many discussions. What is the mass culture? When did it appear? What influence does the mass culture have on people’s consciousness: positive or negative? And the main question is: why do people need it?

Education for children with special educational needs

Every year in early September, all children and adolescents go to school. There they learn new things, the world and communicate with their peers. All of this plays a significant role in the formation of their worldview and future behavior in society. And have you seen many children with disabilities in a regular school? The school where I studied didn’t have such children. Why? The answer is very simple; there are no conditions for inclusive education in an ordinary school. Not to mention educational programs and plans that are not adapted for children with special educational needs. This type of education is quite specific. As Sarah Palin said, “Sometimes even the greatest joys bring challenge, and children with special needs inspire a very, very special love.

Fashion as Fancy Media

Modern and Modish

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At long last, it happened. For the majority of youth, the problems of the environment got flashy, funky and faddy!  Just several years ago, the eco-topics were “not in the backyards” of people and those who said that they refused plastic or furs were considered to be scammers. Nowadays, more and more leaders of public opinion and big-league companies support the idea of environmental protection.  The most striking manifestations are in the fashion industry.

Castles of Trash

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Every time I take a trip home from Kyiv to my native Pavlograd I feel it like a journey. The sound of trains, outside the window – beautiful landscapes: from snowy valleys in winter to green gardens in spring. The pictures flash one after another: fields, forests and … tons of garbage, instead of a flourishing land, an urban nightmare. I call it a castle of trash.

Global warming

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One of the main problems of humanity in the 21st century is global warming, which inevitably destroys the atmosphere of the earth and threatens our planet.

Ukrainians aren’t ready to pay for music

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In 2019, it is extremely easy to access various sites and services that provide you with tons of music, movies and TV Series. Still, research shows that only 6% use streaming platforms to listen to music. According to an analytic company MUSO, Ukraine joins top-10 of countries visiting piracy sites. So why do Ukrainians still choose to steal media and refuse to pay for anything on the internet?

Is there feminism in Ukraine?

While in the 28 countries of the world same-sex marriages are staggering, in Ukraine gender equality issues are only beginning to gain momentum. Moreover, Ukraine ranked 83rd in the index of gender equality among 150 countries of the world. Is the phenomenon of feminism positively affecting our society?

Chicken Ankle Generation

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A week ago one old doctor astonished me with a funny affirmation, “Look at the ankles of the present-day youngsters! They are thin like chicken bones! Don`t you know why? They lack the Earth Energy. The miserable asphalt jungle kids!”

Veganism. The Price of Life

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Veganism… What’s that? This is not another “smart word”, not pseudoscience and not a diet. It’s a way of life. A life that does not harm others and those who cannot protect themselves. Life healthy and long. Life without furs and skin. Life without honey. Life without milk, cheese, curd, sour cream, condensed milk, and eggs. Life without meat, fish, and seafood. Free life — without violence and murder.

Hamburger or Salad?

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One spring evening, I sat on the balcony, drank green tea and surfed the news on the internet. I saw a very witty video that said that human health is 70% depending on what you eat.

To Grow Up or Not To Grow Up

Growing up is a natural change that sooner or later happens to all people. I think that the adulthood of a person is determined not so much by his age, as by the ability to take responsibility for the committed actions to analyze them and correct them. Therefore, it is very important to stop hoping that others will solve your problems and do it yourself.

Hatred, Racism and Extremism… Not for Ukraine

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Racism covers the world and unfortunately Ukraine is no exception. European countries are effectively finding ways to eradicate such a phenomenon. In general, racism is a belief in the superiority of some races or ethnic groups over others and prejudice and discrimination related to such faith.

Just Love Pandas

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The famous black and white Chinese “bamboo” bear, panda, can completely disappear from the wild nature. This was stated by the World Wildlife Fund, the symbol of which is this animal. Scientists have named the reasons that for many years “push” pandas to the brink of extinction.

Social networks: our assistants or traitors?

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It is impossible to imagine modern life without the internet. There are almost no such people left, who don’t have an account in a social network. In social networks, it is easy to find the desired video, music, book, and it’s also simple to find a like-minded person. Social networks bring us simplicity of communication, because of opportunity to be in completely different places in the world and communicate with relatives, friends or colleagues.

Ukraine. The toothless eco-activists and the smirking business sharks

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Nowadays we live in a world where the ecology problem goes bigger and bigger with every passing day. Through our actions we are always destroying habitats: many cities suffer from smog, animals are dying because of hunting, there’s more plastic in the world ocean than fish in it…

Alexander the Great and his drunk or sunk fleet

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From school I loved the lessons of world history, so when I heard that scuba divers supposedly found the sunken fleet of Alexander the Great near the shores of Lebanon, I began to study this information better.

Tragic Prophecy of Victor Hugo

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Like millions of people around the world I can`t but express my condolences on the case of Notre Dame damaging blaze. The whole night I could not sleep keeping in mind the lamenting faces of Parisians. Next day, with a hard heart, instinctively, I took ‘The Hunchback of Notre Dame,’ the novel written by Victor Hugo from my bookshelf, just to look through and to calm down a bit…

Do you need a bag?

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The phrase you hear every day at the checkout at the supermarket. Courtesy to the buyer and spit at the planet. ⠀

Ready, steady, go!

(Short story)

I chose running or did it choose me? Most likely, the choice was mine.
My marathon lasts for 19 years 3 months and 3 days.

How to start zero-waste living

OThe progressive part of our society solves the sore garbage problem by sorting it and proper disposal. However, there is a much better and more importantly, systemic solution – to make so that there is less garbage, and ideally, it was not at all at the “entry” stage when you are shopping for new things and products. This movement, which is spreading around the world and is already finding its supporters in Ukraine, is called Zero Waste – “zero rubbish.

Angelic Peach Aroma

(short story)

The aroma of the first peach fruits in the garden of Ann and Antoine, the young couple in their late twenties, was actually angelic. They planted it at the third anniversary of their marriage. The divine looking peaches were so sweet that bearded Antoine can`t help but smiling, “The fruit flavor resembles your lovely lips!”

Gender Equality in Ukraine

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Women in Ukraine have equal opportunities with men, if they would have a desire and ability to make them – this opinion is quite widespread. However, it is false, statistics prove. Ukrainian women still face discrimination on the basis of sex.

Cloning: scientific progress or a threat to humanity?

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Man is a creature that cannot live without progress. Every year we develop, create new technologies, look for ways that can improve our lives. Unfortunately or fortunately, people, in addition to the desire for scientific progress, have a clearly defined morality and empathy. Therefore, I would like to present one of the most complex ethical and scientific issues of mankind: it is ethical or not to have cloning, what kind of benefit or danger it represents. At the moment there are more negative than positive positions on this topic.

Fancy Fille Fatale

(Criminal story)

One day my friend and I were at the railway station and waited for the train to go on holiday for a few days. The weather was so scorchingly warm, the sun shone so brightly that I wanted to do just only one thing – to put off my sweater. I put my purse with all my documents, tickets and money on a bench and started changing my сlothes.

Notre-Dame. Catastrophe. Condolences. Questions.

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 On April 16, 2019, the grim grief in the heart of Paris stirred up the whole world community. The enormous fire engorged the scaffolding, the spire and the roof of Notre Dame, the 850-year-old Gothic cathedral, the most visited touristic landmark of the world, with almost 13 million people attending it each year.  


(Fantasy story)

“I don’t know, maybe, I sound old-fashioned or retro-style thinking, but visiting Paris with all its art tourist attractions is one of my deepest dreams,” Peter, a twenty-one-year-old student with a nerdy appearance of an A-student simpleton took off his glasses and looked at Ann, his University group mate, a diva-licious glamour girl with noble manners, who socialized with him just only because he was her summer cottage neighbor. 

In vain

(Romantic story)

He doesn’t get used to the constant cold: for the first weeks, he tries to keep warm in vain, wraps himself in everything warm in vain, sleeps under a pair of blankets in vain and turns on the heater in vain.

Leyla, Jack and David

Eternal Love Triangles
(Romantic story)

Leyla, a 21-year-old brunette beauty, with a slender figure and fruity voice, was still a university student. In her life, there were a lot of buddies and friends, but Jack was special, they studied together. Outwardly, he was shy a bit, but inside he had a kind heart and sharp brain. She knew it. From time to time, he appeared from nowhere and said: “Let’s go for coffee!My shout!”They drank coffee for hours and talked about everything, starting from a new video game and ending with the global problems of humanity. The day came when Jack told Leyla about his feelings and said that he could not imagine his future life without Leila. Leila was in doubts, she could not understand whether she loved Jack or not, whether he was a friend or just a bit more. On reflection, Leila decided not to hurry up and to leave this question for the future. Jack agreed and gave her time to thinking.

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