Definitely the Best

(an opinion article)

Have you ever imagined who among millions of people in the world could be your ideal friend? Well, that’s what I did.

How to start your own business during the war?

Yes, I’m running a go-go project right now and I’m absolutely sure that everyone can start something that really matters these days.

The Place Of My Convenience (memories and war thoughts)

Home is the place where I used to feel impressed… Beautiful buildings in the center of Kyiv always make me think that there is something verily worthwhile, weighty and wonderful in the world, even if you have a bad mood now.

Ukrainian city Boryslav is going to be renamed as BorisLove!

(humorous opinion article)

After the British House of Commons summer holidays or the summer recess dates from July 21, 2022, to September 5, 2022, Ukrainians are waiting for Boris Johnson arrival to Kyiv. He said to the British parliament, “Hasta la vista, baby,” and Ukrainians hope to hear his, “I`ll be back!”

‘He Bunny’ Seized ‘She Foxie!’

(breaking news)

As it was informed 22 minutes ago, by Multicat Dad, a military correspondent from Kharkiv Oblast, Ukrainian ‘He-Bunny,’a former Russian tank T-80, caught ‘She-Foxie,’one more Russian tank T-72, when ‘she’ was hiding in thick green bushes of dog-rose…‘He-Bunny’took ‘She-Foxie’ as its trophy without causing it any damage and brought it to the base of Ukrainian bro tanks.

What to expect from an international journalist`s career?

(opinion article)

Let’s imagine the situation: you have finally reached one of your main goals in life – you became an international journalist. Finally, something that you have dreamed of is now a reality. But what’s next? Is there something in particular you need to do?

Communication problems that I’ve experienced

(opinion article)

There were actually a lot of times when I’ve experienced some sort of problems while communicating with someone: as a tween (this is how people call pre-teen kids nowadays.). I constantly had misunderstandings with my peers, as a teen – with peers AND my parents and so on. So I don’t think I can single out one of the instances when I have felt like no one gets me.

Plot Twist…Unexpected


Back in late January, I found out that a concert I had expected so much was postponed to the next year summer. I thought that it would actually be the outset of the summer examination.

Go to a high-rank official from Ukroboroprom…

(miniflash story)

“To save your daughter, you must collect seven vessels of sins.” “And then she’ll be able to walk again, right?” “Yes.”

Troieshchyna Witch

(miniflash story)

“What is this black box?”
“It wiil allow to destroy the whole country or even the world…”

Why is it worth watching musicals?

(opinion article)

The musical is a relatively young musical and theatrical genre that originated in the USA in the 1920s. Needless to say, it became a full-fledged genre only in the 1940s. The musicals can be considered to be not only theatrical productions, but also cartoons with films. But today we will talk about performances. So why is it worth watching at least one musical?

Why are you so heavy?

(miniflash story)

“Victoria, be careful!” Peter and Vasyl, two best friends, exclaimed, grabbing the girl under the armpits, when she almost fell in a village well. “God, why are you so heavy?” asked Peter, putting her down on the bed.

One day of my school life

(ministory with irony)

I remember as if it went on just a week ago…

Only those who fight win

(short story)

Ann didn’t immediately realize that she had won. Not after the final blow, in which she put all her strength, not after the opponent in the ring fell and stopped moving. Her ears were stuffed up, as if she was now not here, but underwater. The referee counts 10 seconds, the crowd repeats after him. And at that time, her whole life flashes before her eyes:

Kill the Dragon

(short story)

There was a note on the kitchen table that Liam took and read. It turned out from this note that his mother had recently left for work so that Liam could wash the dishes and was prohibited to go up to the third floor of the new house.



Finn walked through the woods, coming more and more into the thicket. It was getting dark, but it didn’t scare the boy. He needed to perform the rite when midnight comes. Suddenly he heard a rustle… tensed. An old sorcerer limped toward him. The stranger was looking for herbs for his potions. When the old man noticed the boy, he froze uncertainly. Finn was not confused, continued to smile and greeted:

The Fate

(miniflash story)

One day, group of cheeky University students met some mature adults.

I Love Ukrainians!


People in Kyiv, People in Lviv, People in Yaremche and in all other cities and villages of Ukraine make me happy! They inspire, unite, help and move our country forward.

Cyborgs of Donetsk and Azovstal

(miniflash story)

Cyborgs defended Donetsk airport to the end. Even the concrete could not stand it, but they did.

Fuzzy Thinking

(miniflash story)

My name is Galiya… I like this new fella so much.

Past Nearby

(short story)

Deep Night. Stony Silence. Gray everyday life around. Sound Sleeping…He dreams of me again. Everything is always: I run from myself, from the dark past, from him… I write, I write a lot. (I’m different right now … Probably…)

Robbery in the Multiverse

(short story)

Late in the evening, Dr. Strange came home after a rough day. He took off his coat, put down ‘The Cloak of Levitation’ and sat on a soft sofa with a cold glass full of beer.

1000 and 1 e-learning certificate

Since 2020, we have moved to a remote lifestyle. At first it was difficult to get used to being at home all the time, but you get used to everything…

Lost Wallet and Found Happiness

One day Vasyl was walking along the road with a cup of hot coffee in his hand and a backpack on his shoulder. Not to say that his day was wonderful, but rather “the same”: university “again”, annoying classmates “again” and boring teachers, though not all of them… Also “again.”


(miniflash story)

“On Friday the 13th, I watched a movie about Batman. This is my secret, I want to be like him.


(miniflash story)

Once I was going by train to Frankfurt and suddenly saw a guy who was enthusiastically reading a book about the heroes of the Ukrainian regiment “Azov.”


(flash story)

It was a gloomy gelid morning. The night frost has not yet melted. Everyone in the camp except Faith was still sound asleep. The girl destroyed the remnants of drowsiness with a mug of strong coffee. She needs to be in snappy shape on the day of the first reconnaissance. Disgusting monsters again began to emerge from the cracks and climb to the camp.

The King and the Tomfool

From the time immemorial, people have misconceptions about each other. The tomfool is considered a king and the king is considered a tomfool. Centuries go by and people do not change. Now people are also deceived and wrapped in a whole bunch of lies, their eyes are blurred and they are no longer able to understand where the lie flourishes and where the truth survives.

Heroes and Anti-Heroes

(Miniflash story)

I think everyone has met someone once in their life who wants to seem like a hero to everyone.

Chance Pickup

(miniflash story)

While walking in a park, Masha noticed a young man who was staring at her. She sat down on the bench.

They Say About A Wrong President

(miniflash story)

This idea does not fit in my head. Russians and Belarusians tell Ukrainians that they have elected the wrong president.

He Duct-Taped All His Guests…

(short story)

“…And this is my plan to take over the world! Tremble in front of me!”
“ But don’t you think it’s a little illogical?”
“What exactly?”

I am a hero!

(miniflash story)

I was an ordinary son of a craftsman, but the Master found me and took me in.


(short story)

We were surrounded, it seemed we could not get out of the blockage. But we hear a strange rustle from a single crack of stone…

Maniac Man

(short story)

This story happened with my friend when she was visiting her relatives in the village. It was nearly the middle of the night so she put on her pajama and lay in the bed. Not long after that, she understood that someone is staring at her. She opened her eyes and looked over the room. When she looked at the window, she screamed loudly.

London Equanimity

One day in London. Office of Boris Johnson. The door opens and the scared butler runs in.

Madonna from the Kyiv metro…


In the first days of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, a photo of a woman breastfeeding a baby on the platform of the Kyiv metro flew through social networks and the media.

Deficient Gloss or Ignorant Reader?

(opinion article)

Today, the era of newspapers and magazines is not as popular as, say, ten years ago. Especially in the time of war…Modern technology dictates its rules, so people are changing their search format for new information, preferring web resources to print. But whether the Ukrainian magazine market is really as meager as everyone thinks, we will find out when we look at the whole range in more detail.

Ukraine… I Believe In My Country


Today it is very difficult to remain silent about the realities in which we find ourselves. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine by the aggressor’s country cannot be ignored, and the Ukrainian people do not ignore it. The civilian population is suffering, high-rise buildings and ordinary people’s homes are being shelled. We have to flee and hide on our own land. How can this be allowed in 2022? The answer is that tyrants have always been and always end up the same, and it doesn’t matter if it’s Hitler, Mussolini or Putin.

Frying Pan Is On Fire!

(miniflash story)

“Hey, Anna, I have already wanted to confess for a long period of time.” The guy came nearer to his female friend, who was making pancakes.

Personal Life

When he has one too many, he starts blowing smoke to everyone that he was never interested in adult entertainment and preferred books and movies, while I sit and listen to him, remembering the stories of his friends about how much this chaste lies at home and looks through “erotica” magazines and cassettes. But he won’t tell about it to any living soul, so you shouldn`t be fooled.


Red Scarf

(miniflash story)

“Thanks for coming, Robert.”
“I’m always ready to come to my best friend. So… What happened?”

Welcome to Grishaverse! To an unbelievable universe!

Perhaps each of you has heard these words at least once in your life: grisha, darkling, ravka. Nope? Еhen we will definitely handle it.


Canada is a unique country that is a permanent member of the “Top 10 Must-Visit” list.

After the atrocious war, the first country I plan to visit is Canada! This country helps a lot in the time of hardships in Ukraine…


(romantic story)

Jeremy and Jack fight among themselves for Sabrina’s heart — everyone at school knows this. Sabrina has been chosen as the autumn ball queen twice at their school, she is a smart, beautiful, and a gifted girl. Jeremy is the smartest and richest guy in school. And Jack is the best athlete, the school is proud of him, he brings their football team victory after victory. This is the most talked-about trio in their school, not only because of their achievements and talents but also because of the constant buzz around them.


(short story)

George was terribly afraid of water. “You never know what is hiding in it. Will it be a poisonous hedgehog, a shark or mysterious power,” he always said.

Black’s shop. The Mischief Succeeded

(miniflash story)

A bookstore is conveniently located on one of the streets of London. Its owner was the irresponsible, often angry, pathetic Bernard Black. He was sitting at a dirty table, his feet on the table with stinky socks, when his friend Fran visited him.

Meaningless Success

(short story)

A mountaineer Misfortune Ramirez Hernandez desired to see the panoramic view from a mountain peak (Misfortune is quite an interesting name, isn’t it?). She prepared for a long time: went on climbing courses, consulted with a lot of masters, promising her that this experience would be unforgettable, every day looked at photos of mountains on the internet.

What is the difference? Language issue


I have long been concerned that many Ukrainians speak russian (almost without knowing their native language). Since everyone in the family speaks Surzhik, and most of my friends and acquaintances speak russian, I hardly spoke Ukrainian, although I knew it well.

Horror literature. What is the reader looking for in it? How to write a novel that will be read?

(Viral article)

Today, horror literature is becoming more and more popular. This trend may seem strange, because the literature of horror includes works that should cause anxiety and fear in readers. It would seem that who would want to experience such feelings voluntarily?

The End

She died… It was absolutely accurate and extremely obvious. Did she regret that she did not have time to carry out all her plans while she was alive? A little, all in all, you could never be ready to die.


(short story)

Everyone wanted to get the soul of Ricardo Lopez the Third. In this reality, every person has a possibility to box his or her soul into a vessel after death. All knowledge, all memories and all secrets also go with the soul.

Girl and Sword

(short story)

In one city, competitions were held annually among “the best, the most agile and enduring,” and the prize was nothing more than a magic sword forged from a special metal and enchanted by the most powerful wizards of the same city, if not the whole world. However, there was one rule in these competitions among others: children (for safety reasons) and women could not participate. Such was their hierarchy.

The Guy From Our Apartment Block

(short story)

“Hey, bro, are you busy?”

“No, you need my help, Galya?”

Happy day

(miniflash story)

It was a wonderful day.


(miniflash story)

Day оne: I devised a murder plan

Incomplete Family

(short story)

The brothers didn’t know anything about their father. Neither where he lived nor what he was. My mother always said that this man went from them to another woman and that both sons didn’t even try to look for him, because his appearance in the house meant a hundred percent scandal.

The Second Army in the World

(radio interception)

“Um, boss?!”

“What, serge?”

How the publishing business from Kharkiv survives today: interview of the general director of the Kharkiv publishing house Vivat Julia Orlova

The general director of the Kharkiv publishing house Vivat Julia Orlova gave several interviews about the state of the publishing business in Ukraine during the war in general and about its publishing house itself. I want to present some of her theses from the interview for Mind.ua.

Online cinema “TYTR” from the team of KyivMusicFilm

KyivMusicFilm has created the TYTR online cinema, where users can watch independent European films and films about culture.

Unbreakable in Beliefs

(short story)

“Do you want tea?“ asked one of the investigators, who was holding a list of spies in a paper file.

‘Doctor Who’ Is Incredible!

(film review)

Have you ever dreamed of visiting medieval France? Listen to Shakespeare’s play live in the Globe? Drink tea with Whiston Churchill? Locked Hitler in his closet? And, by the way, save the whole world from underwater vampires from Venice, from aliens from the planet Raxacoricophallapatorius or from crying angels? Move over billions of years in time and space?

A stranger lives in my body…

(flash story)

Steve woke up tired. As always. His foot was handcuffed to the railing of the bed, and there were no marks on the sand, on the floor. So he hardly left the apartment that night. But the reflection in the mirror said otherwise. A bruise under his eye, disheveled hair and a hole in his pajamas, as if someone had cut it.

Place of life: the curse of watch


I knew Bit would never sell his shop. I knew Bit would never betray his shop. “Place of life” gave the necessary things not only to customers, but also to the owner. It was life in the first place for the Bit himself. He would consider himself unworthy to wear the name and the notebook of his father, who bequeathed to keep shop until his last breath.


(short story)

“Tony, what happened?”


“Did Boogie scare you?”


“Why are you crying then?”

“We had a fight.”

What happens to my emotions?

(war essay)

The first days of the war I woke up in a good mood, and then I remembered that the country was at war and the mood was falling below the plinth.

Modern Princesses

(part 2)

Modern Princesses

(part 1)

We’re all used to seeing princesses in lush dresses, crystal shoes, with evil stepmothers and good fairies by their side…

What Does a Siren Mean?


It means that there is a heavy object flying over you that wants to break up and tear you apart. It means that some person hates you very much.

Post-traumatic syndrome


Now the situation in the country is very difficult, and because of this, many Ukrainian cities, infrastructure and, of course, people are suffering.



“Who, what?” This is how people react when I tell who I study for. Who is the publisher? A question with an asterisk.

Hobbies…Even in the Time of War…Hobbies


From an early age, I loved to create something of my own: to write fairy tales, make applications, make toys and decorate the house with them. But most of the time I took an album for drawing and filled it with color illustrations — pictures that were born in my head by themselves.

Importance of English in My life


From the beginning of the war, I decided to do 3D modeling, and faced a huge problem – a lot of useful videos were in English! Although I can understand English fluently, accents are something that is relatively new.

The Personalization Trend


Latterly, the personalization of clothing and footwear has become a new trend. This is an echo of the distant 80’s, when street youth was looking for a way to individualize themselves and their style. Leather and denim jackets, which were decorated with inscriptions, drawings, badges and stripes, were ordinarily the subject of personalization.

Scent of Night

(50-words story)

Rain. No soul outside. I’m looking into the dark abyss through the bars. Am I a prisoner? No, I’m in hiding from duties and responsibilities. But tomorrow the sun will rise and enslave me again. Meanwhile, the night gives me wings and inspires to continue creating.

Rise and Shine, National Opera of Ukraine!

(news report)

The National Opera of Ukraine resumed its work after a long lull. On May 21, an awards ceremony for Ukrainian artists took place, and the comic opera ‘The Barber of Seville’ was successfully performed.

A Little Girl Is Walking Down The Street


A little girl is walking down the street…Today, for her, the world consists of dad and mom, sweet ice cream and a teddy bear…She still knows how to pray for toys and rejoice in puddles of rain. Her golden curls shine in the sun…

Cryptocurrency – our future or another scam?

(blog article)

The economy has undergone quite revolutionary changes in recent years. The development of society and the economy, as its important component, is non-trivial. The old way of life is being broken more and more often, inviolable postulates are being destroyed. Therefore, the currency is also changing. The essence of cryptocurrency is that, although it is electronic, it cannot be copied as a regular file. And it seems to be very convenient and reliable for instant financial settlements around the world. Someday, maybe it will replace ordinary money. And prices for cryptocurrencies will be shaped by the capacity of economies or assets of large companies.

The Price of Deferred Life


The old man looked at his life with bitterness. He was never happy, but why? All his life he was setting goals and reaching new heights. Career, wealth, family, children…

Big Heart Executioner

(50-word story)

His hatred for humans was as strong as his love for animals. When the executioner was ordered to kill a dog that had bitten a priest, he refused.

Mister Mugger Mouse

(dormitory story)

For several days, if not a week, there has been a struggle between the mouse and me.

The world cuisine dishes I like…


The cuisine of each individual nation of the world is a separate culinary kingdom, which is extremely exciting to explore. Each nation of the globe has its own traditions, its own history and, of course, its own characteristics of national cuisine.

Wrong Ideas That Lose Startups

Deciding to become an entrepreneur is usually not easy. Practice shows that successful startup businessmen were those who had a desire to radically change the market and help their consumers in solving a problem or those who wanted to annoy a bad boss from a previous job.

Advertising on Instagram

Without advertising, you probably will not be able to promote your ideas and your business. You can order it from a blogger or use targeted (official) advertising from Instagram. Let’s consider both options in more detail.

My Weaknesses and Strengths


When I was a child, I had some health problems.Then my mother took me not only to a therapist, but to a psychotherapist to better understand me and reject the problems in my head that provoke diseases in the body. For this I love my mother. But it did not turn out as expected. I accidentally heard that I had a weak psyche. Yeah, I was ‘old’ enough to understand that it was bad and not enough to criticize this fact.

Is cooking together a good family tradition?

Nowadays, most people prefer to do household chores, such as cooking and cleaning without any help. It helps them to focus on themselves, relax from annoying people or noise, and even helps to relieve stress. I am such a person, so a tradition of family cooking is not for me.

How the 5th President Dug Up the Black Sea

(humorous report)

After the 5th President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko stated that the Lend-Lease Act was initiated during his term, users have created dozens and dozens memes dedicated to the various ‘achievements’ of the ex-president. Here are the most amusing ones 🙂

Care for painted clothes (personalization)


In order for your picture thing to last you as long as possible, you need to follow simple rules:

Perfect Nature


I am amazed at how well thought out everything is in the world: life and development, death and reproduction…Existence itself is an ideal process, which takes into account even failures and errors.

Is the “finely tuned universe” an illusion?

Our universe may not be so fine-tuned as to predict the existence of parallel universes. Instead, it may be able to create life in a much wider range of circumstances than it seems at first glance.

Why I only read fiction books?


This is a really strange fact, but it is true. I only read fiction. Although no…To tell the truth, I still read school textbooks…


(part 2)

Tustan is a rock fortress city, which was a defensive and administrative center for 9-15 centuries. Tustan is located near the village of Urych in Skole district of Lviv region. The city was founded by tribes of Croats, then conquered by the Poles, and from the end of the 16th century Tustan began to decline and later only the stone foundations of the fortress remained. Thanks to the research and archeological excavations, scientists were able to restore the graphic reconstruction of the fortress with an accuracy of almost 90%.

How to create home comfort in the apartment

After a long working day, even if you love your job, you want to come back to a cozy home and relax. Home walls can really inspire and soothe. But for this you need to properly plan the design and decoration of the room. In this article we will talk about how to create home coziness and comfort in your ‘apt-abandominium.’

My Personal Space


I like swimming. The first time I dived into the pool, I thought it was like open space. Other gravity, no extra noise.

‘How the Classics Wrote’ by Rostislav Semkiv

(book review)

‘How the Classics Wrote’ is a book written by Rostislav Semkiv, published by Pabulum in 2016.

Failures Are Followed By Luck


If you suffer for a long time, something will work out,”
Alexander Zatsepin

You Are In The Ukrainian Army Now…

You tell me you love.
And I did not believe!

Why do we read?


People often say that words don’t matter a lot. But then why is so much attention paid to books? I think high literature matters. It is the cause and effect when it comes to social change. Not surprisingly, when they want to deceive the nation, great importance will be given to literature.


(miniflash story)

The shortage of gasoline…I’m waiting in line for it to fill the tank. I sit on the curb and smoke. A growing rumble can be heard in the sky. I raise my head. A cruise missile…

Meow Superhero

(adventure miniflash story)

Yesterday, 9-year-old Masha was an ordinary girl, but today she is a real superhero. What changed her happened at night.

My Experience of Volunteering On Wikipedia

One day in a group Telegram chat, someone asked for help with editing a Wikipedia page. I answered first, but I was in two minds whether it was worth the time. In the end, I agreed and was told that the right person would contact me.

The Festival Of Short Films, ‘Narrow’

(Film Review)

‘Narrow,’ a short horror film, directed by Anna Chezel, was shot as part of the festival ‘Short of the Week.’

Death In Gyms!

(blog article)

From the beginning of May, I started going to the gym. It is the best in my city. My gym is really cool. It is located on the second floor of a separate business complex. This is not a gym you knew in the basement since Soviet times. There are a lot of new modern simulators in the gym and there were a lot of sports equipment. In this gym if you want or if don’t, but you will be engaged: you want to try everything. There is even a separate room for group training, as well as a spa. Unfortunately, the spa has been closed since the quarantine time, but its presence still warms the soul.

It is impossible to die…

Death is the birth of a new one…


You will die, but you will continue to live under another name, perhaps in another country, in another century.

The Personalization History

Are you an average Joe or an individual?


Personalization has indeed become widespread in the last few years, but this trend originated in the 1970’s. Initially, the personalization of things was the prerogative of various youth subcultures: the first ‘peeps’ who started updating their own things were hippies. American “children of flowers” decorated bags, vests and denim jackets with patches, beads, various embroideries and the trademark of their subculture.

What Paint To Apply To Fabrics?

Deciding to paint or not to paint clothes, you need to choose the appropriate paint. Manufacturers of fabric paints offer a wide range of dyes. They differ in composition and characteristics. To facilitate the choice, it is recommended to study the properties of each of the types of paints, because the use of the wrong can permanently ruins a thing.

Ecological Genocide in Ukraine


The Minister of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources of Ukraine Ruslan Strelets called on Ukrainians to actively report on the environmental crimes of racists in Ukraine.

Russian Mentees

(ironic essay)

Today it’s quite okay to joke about russian people. And that’s really obvious, so let’s start with an example of their studying process in the military field. Eight years ago they were sent for getting skills and knowledge.

Ukrainian Soldier…


Your eyes are like blue sky,
The smile is like a rainbow in spring.

I want to…


I want to write texts that are chaotic, unstructured, confused like I was after the beginning of the war.

Why is interview etiquette important?

(opinion article)

Etiquette is the science of living. It embraces everything.”
Emily Post

Work in Ukraine Now

There are a lot of jobs offers on sites with vacancies, But There’s One Small Catch. There is a work. But for whom? The restaurant business has sunk, and not everyone has survived the economy of the war, so the waiters and baristas cannot find a new place. Many people are still not ready to go to a restaurant, so there are fewer guests in the establishments. The less demand – the less supply. Thousands of people from the restaurant business were left without work.



“Would you like to live some moment again?”

‘You deserve three-ply toilet paper’

(book rewiev)

Review of the book </strong></em><em><strong>Buy Yourself the F*cking Lilies: And Other Rituals to Fix Your Life, from Someone Who's Been There </strong></em><em><strong>
by Tara Schuster

Why it is important to work out during the war

After the start of the large-scale war, Ukrainians did not like sports, morning jogs and yoga.
Why is physical activity so important to us now? The level of stress hormone (cortisol) decreases during physical activity.

How much do you cost? How to understand what salary to name at the job interview…

Experts would recommend assessing the level of wages according to several criteria.

5 Rules to Keep in Mind when Concluding a Publishing Contract!

(listicle article)

  1. The agreement between the author and the publisher should be concluded only in the written form. I am not the first who thinks so.

According to the Law of Ukraine “On Copyright and Related Rights,” an agreement between the author and the publisher, according to the terms of which the latter will be transferred the right to use the work, must be concluded in the written form. Thus, the law establishes a mandatory written form for copyright agreements. At the same time, agreements on the use (publication) of works in periodicals (newspapers, magazines, etc.) may be concluded orally.

Boogie, The Imaginary Friend


“Jeremy, I think our son has an imaginary friend.”

“How is it imaginary?” asked Tony.

He entered the kitchen at that moment. It was clear that mom didn’t want him to hear their conversation with dad.

The Rear City Life… Khmelnytsky!

(vox-pop interviews)

Khmelnytsky has always been a quiet place where nothing happens and has remained so even during the Russian invasion. Only checkpoints, people in uniform, and sirens, which are heard less and less, remind us about war. And talking, endless talking…You could hear words like “Brought clothes for refugees,” or “Our boys kick the shit out of orcs.”

How Kathy Tricked Her Mom

(miniflash story with verisimilitude)

It was a hot sunny day, Kathy was walking with her bestie. During lots of hilarious moments they spent that evening, Kathy met a new bf in Instagram.

Robbery With Taco

(miniflash story)

Chaos was everywhere. Shards of glass crunched underfoot, important documents lay unattended. Scarlet stains of blood were visible on all surfaces. Bank robberies flourished…There were plenty of white-collar fools.

Sly Fox. Oh…Cat

(miniflash story)

My cat is very crafty. Every time I come home, I see cookie stumps.

Little Confusion

(miniflash story with a synecdoche)

One evening Ivanko returned from work a little earlier. He wanted to make a surprise.

The Ice Cream Mystery

(miniflash story with a synesthesia)

“Mommy, come here!” a little girl came to a stall with ice cream.

Insolence Causes Trouble

(miniflash story with a hubris)

The townspeople gathered around Theophilus, a local winemaker.

My Beloved Prince

(miniflash story with verisimilitude)

One day the Smiths went shopping. Mr. John Smith helped his wife out of the car and lit a cigarette. Mrs. Violet Smith went to the fabric store. Suddenly, a gentleman with a large umbrella nearly knocked her out of the way.

Beauty Saves the World

(miniflash story with hyperbaton)

Anna went for a walk in the Golosiyivsky park. She was wearing a long floral dress and a straw hat. The plume of perfume flew through the air with citrus scents.

Seekers of Somehing

(ministory with MacGuffin)

Vagabond Justin shouted loudly:
“I’m sorry, we’re closed, goodbye! Sorry, ma’am could you leave us alone, please?”

Long Sunset

(miniflash story)

Once in a blue moon the Nature gives people a chance to rebalance — a long dusk.

Wonder Trip to the Seaside

(miniflash story)

We went to the sea. The road was so exiting. Firstly, we turned not there and wandered for half an hour in the local villages.

Magical Kyiv News

(miniflash story)

Ivan Sirko’s brick was stolen from the Museum of Magical Artifacts. “Are you serious ?! That is, some idiots broke into the museum and went through the powerful security system for this ?!” commented the owner. In search of the stolen brick five detectives have already been sent.


(movie review)

A retelling of Shakespeare’s legendary play Hamlet from Ophelia’s point of view.

Ukrainian Fighting Geese Attack the Seventh Artillery Battalion of Russian Army!

(breaking news with verisimilitude)

Today, June 2, 2022, it was recorded a flock of Ukrainian geese in armored suits flying towards Russia to attack their large artillery unit. According to the data, we received from a flock of infected spy doves there are about 10 thousand of them. Ukrainian geese are soaring to exterminate the long-range Russian artillery men!

Search for a lost civilization

(miniflash story)

Milo is a long, thin guy with John Lennon’s style glasses who is crazy about Atlantis. His father was the same and passed on some of his knowledge and an old map to his son. But he himself did not have time to visit a mysterious and fairy-tale civilization, due to illness and the rapid death.

Degradation or Development: The Choice Of Modern Youth

(opinion article)

Compared to the past, our young people generally enter the adulthood later. In the Middle Ages, if a child survived, she worked all her life long and by the age of 20 she had already been married and had one or two kids.

Wrong Priorities


I woke up at about two o’clock in the afternoon.

‘Big’ Ambitions

(miniflash story)

As a child, Peter dreamed of becoming a successful businessman, the owner of an influential company and one of the most recognizable entrepreneurs in Ukraine. Did he want that? Yes. Did he do anything about it? No.

‘Antytila,’ Musical History


Antibodies’ of Ukrainian show business ‘Antytila’ (‘Antibodies’) is one of the most famous Ukrainian pop-rock bands. Ten years of its existence led to the release of six studio albums and surpassed the way from small concert halls to thousands of stadiums.

‘5 Vymir,’ Ukrainian Music Band


‘5 Vymir’ (5th dimention) is a well-known Ukrainian music band, whose debut album was included in the TOP-100 albums of independent Ukraine. And finally, we got the opportunity to talk to the band’s vocalists Konstantin Pochtar and Roma Garkavenkо.

The Magic Power Of The Art Of Music

(opinion article)

American music theorist Gerald Levinson argues that in terms of the study of linguistics, musical language is no less expressive system of communication than simple speech. Music triggers and regulates our emotional state. Music carries a much stronger emotional charge than real life events. Music, one way or another, is literally able to evoke the necessary emotions. The reactions of the nervous system to cheerful and sentimental musical works are completely different.

Online Interview


If you launch your own startup, you need young urban professionals, so called yuppies. An online interview is a good way to find and estimate them…The main advantage of an online interview is saving money and time. Neither you nor the applicant should carve out an hour or two for the road and the meeting itself, and online, the candidate can more easily cope with the excitement, because he is in his comfort zone.

50 Years After

(romantic story)

She was wonderful, had beautiful blond hair, green eyes and thin lips. She had everything a man needed, or rather me. I saw Kate in the pub under her house, sitting at the bar drinking bloody Mary. In fact, I did not meet women in such places, but she attracted me, as it turned out, and in the future I also attracted her.

‘Unforgettable’‎ Meeting

(Melodrama story)

Catherine had a fight with her boyfriend, Michael, and left home for the night. She went to a club and met a cute man named Roman. On emotion, Catherine drank too much alcohol and slept with this man. When she woke up in the morning, she couldn’t understand what happened last night until she saw Robert next to her in bed. Catherine quickly packed up and left while he slept to avoid any contact since she had a young boyfriend.

How could he do that?!

(melodrama story)

It was the eleventh grade. I was a wonderful winner with the best guy and a passion for the veterinary medicine.

The Rival

Veronica looked at Betty, who was listening to the lesson attentively. Which class is it? Chemistry or physics? Mr. Bennett taught both subjects. Never mind. Betty is a dumb nerd. Teacher’s pet. She did her homework and went to bed at 10:00 at night. What did Ritchie see in her? A boring, gray mouse.

Magic Exists! Witches and Angels…

(miniflash story)

Ann accidentally got to the University of Ukrainian Magicians. Her friend had studied magic all his life, and she supported him in doing so, although she was skeptical of such activity.

Tangled Triangle

(short melodrama story)

Late in the evening, Felicia returned from work. The living room greeted her with an empty coolness. The woman wandered wearily to the bedroom. Maurizio read that damn magazine again!

International book fairs during the war


Culture is the most effective way to express the right messages. At the same time, while the Ukrainian military are defending the country at the fronts, publishers are trying to convey our values and visions of the world to the international community.

Top 10 funniest wedding traditions from around the world


In order to build a happy family life, men and women dare to do the craziest things. Wedding is one of the brightest events. In order for the newlyweds to have a happy fate, many countries follow their own traditions. Sometimes, to build their own family life, men and women dare to do the weirdest things – and all because of the unique wedding ceremonies that exist in their homeland.

“I mix your blood with coal”

(book review)

The work on “I mix your blood with coal” began in October 2016 – when Micah first went on a working expedition to the east. This reduces the distance between the story and the reader, for whom the topic of Donbass may seem either completely exhausted or difficult to understand.

Volunteers invite to donate books for Ukrainian children who have found refuge in Poland

(news report)

In Vinnytsia (a city in the center of Ukraine), volunteers initiated a donation of Ukrainian-language books for children and teenagers studying in Poland. This was reported by the activist organization ‘City of Content.’

Prophetic Desire

(50-words story)

I bought cookies at the checkout. Suddenly I craved for a walk in the park, which I hadn’t been to for a long time. The subconscious flashes promised a reward.

As Usual, Unusual Triangle

(Melodrama story)

Today I am eager to share a melodramatic story of my bestie. Well, I’m glad to introduce you Ilona and her enormous period of life. As an average lonely woman, my friend singed up in TelegramTinder. She met a cute guy and was hanging out with him all days long. What is more, she blissed-out feelings of love so high, that decided to go to Poland to work with him.

Place of life: the acquaintance with the shop


“All right, mister…”
“Dickens. Mr Dickens.”

The Clock is Knocking… Be Damned the War!


The clock is knocking, minutes are coming.



She collected raindrops in her hands and poured out rays of light.

She and Freaky Fiction. What literature to read to stay healthy?


She did not like to read. Don’t get me wrong. She liked the process, she liked to bathe in words, understand them, steal thoughts from the book and shackle their themes in her slightly sick imagination.

Fakes Are To Be Checked!


Now fake news has flooded Ukraine. There are really so many of fake articles that sometimes it seems that they are produced from some Russian factory. Sometimes fakes are so true that they create problems, scandals and violate the integrity of the state.

Bologna Children’s Book Fair and its online resources

In today’s world, most people live online. Without going outside, you can watch all the world events, visit a book fair or even support a country at war.

Heroes of today: how volunteers save animals


The war in Ukraine takes away homes not only from people, but also from animals. People leaving their houses often decide to leave their pets to fates` hands. Fortunately, there are those who care about rescuing the poor creatures. This article contains some stories about those who do not forget to take care of pets, despite the horror that is happening in our country.

The Ukrainian Language Is The Border of Our State

Nations do not die of heart attacks. At first, they take away their language…
— Lina Kostenko

In a dispute, the winner is the one who thinks calmly, not the one who shouts emotionally


What is more important in a dispute: emotions or analysis?

Being a Publisher Means…

(opinion article)

I have already written what it means to be an editor. But there is another part of the profession: publishing. Being a publisher also cuts both ways.

Being an Editor Means…

(opinion article)

When I say I’m studying to be an editor, people say, “Wow, that’s great, but what is it?” A really cool question: what does it mean to be an editor?

Morphia in Nicole’s memories


“Do not touch the shell under any circumstances. It is very dangerous.”



The sun is warming, everything is blooming!
May is coming to visit us!
The earth is cleared,
It wakes up from winter sleep



“Berry, honey, your words are very important to us. Nobody will harm you. We will take care of you. But in order to help you, you must help us. Good?”

President in Pictures

(news report)

The US publishing house ‘TidalWave Comics’ has released a biography comic about Volodymyr Zelenskyy, about his path from a comedian who played the President to a true leader of his country.

1001 US Journalism Genres

(opinion article)

Once I wrote an article and didn’t know what genre it was. I googled American genres and was thunderstruck. If in Ukrainian journalism there are only three genres (informational, analytical and artistic-publicistic), in US journalism there are dozens and dozens of them, an infinite (∞) number. Besides, there are names that have blown my mind, such as churnalism or gonzo journalism. What the hell is this? I decided to find out!

Tips for Great Job Interview

(humorous listicle)

Your resume struck the recruiters to the heart and you are invited for an interview! My congratulations and let’s think about what it should look like.

Diplomatic Etiquette: Why President Zelenskyy Doesn’t Wear a Tie

(opinion article)

From the beginning of Russian invasion of Ukraine, President Zelenskyy exchanged navy suits and white shirts for khaki jackets, T-shirts and military-styled pants. Since then, this outfit has become a must-have for the Ukrainian President. However, whether it contradicts diplomatic protocols and whether heads of other countries don’t consider it an insult, read on!

Sport On Trees

Sport is a force. But this is not enough for me to force myself to do sports. Many times I tried to start a sportive life, but it all ended in failure.



The hobby of a modern person is an integral part of leisure. Hobbies help to live a luminous and lofty life, do not let boredom or laziness, but sometimes surprise with their strangeness and even cross the boundaries of generally accepted standards.

When is the best time to do yoga?


I want to share my experience and observations, and then you will make a choice for yourself when it would be convenient for you to practice.
Let’s go!

Fishing… Those Were Good Days


Unfortunately, the war completely changed the normal life of Ukrainians. Before the events of February 24, 2022, I was actively engaged in fishing. As a rule, I spent at least two days a week on the river. But three months passed, and I did not go fishing. In general, I have the opportunity to go fishing every day, but I have no desire to do it. So in this blog I will remember one day of autumn fishing, which was last year…

I can’t handle my nightmares…


“Good morning dear. You had nightmares again last night. You’d been tossing and turning and crying for hours.”
“Good morning.”

What is Weird?


Somewhere there the music is constantly playing and some people in headphones listen to the sound of silence. Just imagine this world, full of barbeque grills and rubbish, precious gems and dirty crap, fairy tale people and freaks. This has already been written by world classics and readers, apparently, have already recalled ‘Alice in the Wonderland’ (by the way, I called my cat Alice.).

Pragmatic Dreams! Yeah! Fantasy Dreams, No!


I have always been a realist or a result-oriented person. And I have never understood daydreamers having their heads in the fantasy clouds. I am really confused when I am asked: what do you dream about? Because I dream of …a new renovation in the room or rest after a hard day’s work. And nothing more.

Beginning hobby: painting

When I was little, my mother sent me to an art class. I went there all the time, learned to draw in different techniques, different kinds of illustrations, and I was pretty good at it. During this time, I drew a lot of pictures which now decorate walls in my aunt’s apartment and one picture I presented to my grandmother for her birthday. But time passed, I stopped going to classes and took up sports, since then I have never picked up a brush again although many people said that I had a talent…

To Meat or Not To Meat?

(opinion article)

I am on a meat diet! I see meat and eat it!”

Do you think the world would be a better place if people ate less meat? How much meat do you eat in your diet? Would you miss meat if you became a vegetarian?
What does a healthy lifestyle mean? Is your lifestyle healthy? What are the benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle? What is a balanced diet? Why is it important to maintain a healthy diet?

Ukrainian Army

(humorous story)

This story is about the Ukrainian-Russian war. On the Ukrainian side of the front, a Ukrainian soldier shouts at the occupiers.

Self-Doubt, Doubt, About…


“If you have complexes, then you are not naive.”
— Iryna Bilousova

The Endless Road


The endless road is very tiring physically and morally. You look out the window, watching the twinkling trees, houses and travelers in other cars looking like you. All these things flash in your eyes just in seconds. All these landscapes are various and similar at the same time.

Stepan, Our Cat!

(fun story)

The father found Stepan when the cat was only 1.5 months old. He was tiny, scared, ate poorly, but defended himself like a tiger. My Dad had to go to the barn for several weeks and to tame this meowing wild creature.

The Slow Death Of A Long-Distance Relationship

(Ukrainian girls wait for their military men…)


With the development of the Internet, long-distance relationships are becoming more and more common. Someone consciously chooses it, for example, a couple who met online, but for someone, it was a forced step.

The Light in My Soul, the Wonder Woman…

(miniflash story)

Summer twilight, short break…The silhouette can be seen from afar. Inside is illuminated by the moon, Woman!

Place of life: the beginning of a story



About Opportunities for Communication

(travel blog)

Saturday morning. My family and I came to the center of the Polish city of Gdynia to take advantage of the wonderful weather and take a walk along the sea coast. As we approached the parking lot, we got out of the car. My father went to the parking lot to pay and get a check while my mother and sister and I toured the area.

War is More Than A Word. Thank you for support…


War is a terrible word. Probably everyone in the twenty-first century did not think that this grief could return again. We are all used to seeing hostilities only in American action movies and other similar films and TV series. It used to entertain us, but now I don’t want to watch it. After all, things that happen in the cities and villages of Ukraine are more atrocious than even in horror movies.

Сonfession at War


I haven’t seen you for a long time,
I can’t even remember the face.
I dreamed of you all day
And what advice could you give me?

How To Set Goals In Sport

“If you want to get the most, demand the impossible.”
© Napoleon Bonaparte.

10 steps to a healthy diet

Make a shopping list. Yes, you can come to the store and put in the basket the usual set of products. But! We are gradually transitioning to proper nutrition, so make sure in advance that the shopping list includes poultry, vegetables and fruits of different colors, greens, cheese, whole grain bread, eggs.

My Driving Experience


This blog will focus on my driving experience on different vehicles.
Of course, the first vehicle I have learned in my life was a bicycle. Probably everyone knows how to ride a bike, so there is nothing interesting here.

Protection From Fakes

(listicle article)

Nowadays a fake news is spreading lightning-fast in the Ukrainian information space. This is primarily due to Russia’s war against our country. The enemies are trying to sow panic and disorient Ukrainians with false information. Now everyone who reads the news on the Internet should know how to check the publications for truthful info. This article provides tips on how to distinguish real information from manipulation in a nutshell.

Vyshyvanka As The Symbol Of Inviolability

(opinion article)

On May 19, 2022, Ukrainians celebrated the Day of Vyshyvanka. Although this holiday appeared relatively recently, in 2006, the Ukrainian embroidered shirt has been the strongest manifestation of the nation’s identity for centuries. Now, due to the destruction of our people by russia, there is a great need to stick to our traditions and symbols. That is why now it is a good opportunity to remember how much our embroidery has survived during its existence and what it really means for the people.

Diesel Car Without Diesel Fuel!

(humorous story)

One of these days one of my beer buddies bewildered me a bit. For several days, he failed to buy diesel fuel for his Jeep engine, damning everything and everybody. Though I tried to calm him down saying something about war hardships and sacrifices, it was in vain… To fill his gas-tank, he surfed the net round-the-clock and called all his friends and folks, buddies and bunnies, bubbies and dedos, class-mates and beer-bros, living in the radius of 50km.

Holodomor and Issues of the freedom of speech in the world publishing

“There was a deathly silence…They thought today that person died, and tomorrow it will be me. Everyone just thought of death.”
– Nina Karpenko, an eyewitness who survived Holodomor.

Gareth Richard Von Jones is a Welsh journalist who, for the first time in the Western press, stated under his own name that the Holodomor took place in Ukraine in 1932-1933. His report was also published in The Guardian and the New York Post.

Importance of English In My Life. It`s My Life…By the Way


From the beginning of the war, I decided to do 3D modeling, and faced a huge problem – a lot of useful videos were in English! Although I can understand English fluently, accents are something that is relatively new.

A Soupy Sad Story About… Foreign Freelance Sites

If you decide to start earning dough, then you first need to register. What could be easier, you might think. But here a surprise will quite await you!

Angel Souls Flew Away…

Dedicated to children killed in the bloody war in Ukraine.

Deported But Not Destroyed

(news report)

Annually on May 18, Ukraine commemorates the Day of Remembrance of the Victims of the Crimean Tatar Genocide. In 1944 the Soviet Union conducted a special operation to deport all Crimean Tatars from the Crimean Peninsula. Stalin’s criminal order erased thousands of innocent lives.

My Own Interview Experience

(feature article)

In my own experience, I have gone through several interviews, and I can say that ethics really plays an important role. For example, I mentioned an interview with Monobank company, which I could not pass, however, I gained useful experience. First of all, I finished my resume in a certain order and briefly noted why I could get this job. Then I got in touch with the recruiter and joined the conversation. In such a way, the first stage of the job interview was over. After that came the second stage. The conversation was warm, we exchanged views on themes that were somehow connected with the main topic. We discussed one question that concerned all of us, it made us feel comfortable, relaxed and free.

Life Without Cars: How To Save Fuel?


Everyone knows that we have a big problem with fuel now. Gasoline and fuel prices have risen, fuel can be purchased with restrictions…Yesterday I saw a queue of cars before refueling; it looked endless…The Army and agricultural enterprises need a lot of fuel. So, soon we will forget about traveling by car, right? We may leave car travel for a while, but let’s talk about other travel options…

Place Of Life: The Beginning Of A New Story


That night I woke up to an annoying heat that stuck to every inch of my body. I threw the blanket on the floor, but that made it even hotter. I wanted to take my “weather” T-shirt that Bit gave me for my 12th birthday. In whatever weather conditions you are stuck, it will always make a comfortable temperature for your body. But when I went to my closet, I smelled smoke… Fire…

My First Job Interview

So far in my life, I’ve only had one real job interview. And one that didn’t happen. I will start my story with the second one. It was a period when I was actively looking for a job. And so, sitting in a park, my phone rang from an unknown number. I picked up the phone (which I very rarely do) and on the other side of the phone a quite nice girl started talking to me. She looked through my resume, which she had found on the email of her company. After telling me about the job for five minutes, she immediately asked if I could come in for an interview, to which I agreed, and we even agreed on a date and time.

How to Become A Fighter

(a miniflash story with McGuffin)

Mater Xiao, the great kung fu fighter, went to an evening meditation in the mountains. The sun was about to rise, so he hurried up. Meanwhile, his servant Han quietly made his way to his apartment.

Adventure Time

(ministory with a cliffhanger)

We are finally here! Our courageous army has long fought for the honor of stepping on this ground. We had to steal a hundred washing machines and fifty foghouses to finally capture this airfield.



“Maybe that’s what it looks like because of the light. Maybe the balance of distances is a little disturbed. And still the palm seemed to shrink. Wait. I wanna speak. I have to say something. I have something to say. If I don’t, I’ll get bored, dry up, and then turn to stone. Like the others.”
– Haruki Murakami ”TV-people“

10 p.m.

My life is my rules, but it’s not…

Little Upset

(miniflash story)

“How are you?”

“Thanks, I’m fine.”


(absurd joke)

A squirrel ran through the woods. It found a pile of acorns.


(satiric story)

This morning, well-known businessman Ronald Cooper received a letter:

Pinchuk Art Cente

(opinion article)

It is one of the primary motives of modern art that it wants to abolish the distance which the viewer, the consumer, the audience maintain vis-a-vis a work of art.
– Hans-Georg Gadamer

Georgy Bushchan – Armstrong Goalkeeper From Ukraine

“Just only fools don`t change their opinion!”
– Georgy Bushchan

Meet Me In The Garden

(miniflash story)

I would love to go for a walk with Ted, I like him so much.

Save Mariupol, Save Azovstal!

(news report)

Kalush Orchestra has obtained a stunning victory in the world’s largest song contest. Ukraine triumphs at Eurovision for the third time. In 2023 we’ll be a host country, what an honor!

The Best Housewife

(Miniflash story)

Alice is the best housewife on Frey Avenue; all the neighbors envy her.

Malicious Maradeurs

(miniflash story)

One winter night, Kyiv slept peacefully until the telepathic executors of putin’s ambitions burst into its borders.

High Heels

(miniflash story)

Most women wear high heels every day, do you know how easy and simple it is?

The Last Night… Before and After…

(miniflash story)

It was a wonderful evening. I drank wine in honor of a non-existent holiday.

No Difference…

(miniflash story)

She watched russian YouTube, because there was less content in Ukrainian.

To Ban Cigarettes and Alcohol Advertising or Not To Ban? That Is The Question


My first reaction to this statement about alcohol and cigarette advertising was: Undoubtedly yes! To BAN! I completely agree that cigarettes and alcohol are dangerous products and that’s why advertising these products on TV and other resources is awful. It’s practically killing your health for your own money…Cigarettes — for your lungs and alcohol — for your liver and brains…But not about that now.

Is palm oil a killer product?

(opinion article)

Apparently, everyone has heard a lot of scary myths about palm oil. But why is it still used then? Do manufacturers deliberately poison the buyers of their own products? Of course not, because it would reduce their profits.

My Way To Success

(miniflash story with a cliffhanger)

Everyone is willing to know the secret of being successful and outstanding…

Modern productive society. Is it worth it?

You better paint to relax and pray for Ukrainian military…

(opinion article)

Everyone can open Instagram, YouTube, TikTok and in the first ten videos / posts see the one having the word “productive” in its name. So, I want to talk to you about the modern trend to be productive.

Ukrainian E-learning In The War Time. Thank you, Technoking of Starlink…

(opinion article)

In Ukraine, the transition to the distance learning due to the war time was an unexpected and serious challenge for all participants in the educational process. Professors and students had to adapt quickly to new realities. Internet did not work properly in all regions of Ukraine, especially in the occupied regions.

‘The Devil All the Time’

(film review)

‘The Devil All the Time’ is a 2011 adaptation of Donald Ray Pollock’s novel. It is worth watching primarily through the amazing cast, assembled by film director Antonio Campos and producer Jake Gyllenhaal.

‘The Conjuring’

(film review)

Who you are? What are you called?
“Demonologists. This is one of the options. And also ghost hunters. Psychos. Crazy…”

What has changed in Ukraine?

(opinion article)

Our country has always been among the strongest. Sometimes we were proud of it, especially when our grandmothers and grandfathers told us the stories about Kyiv Russ, the Cossack Times, and WWII. Sometimes, we wanted to go and live abroad. Sometimes, we thought that ‘it’s not cool to live here.’ It was a time when no one in the Western world even knew about our existence. There were a ton of jokes and stereotypes about Ukrainians. ‘Village red necks from Ukraine are eternal red necks…’ We had governments that couldn`t exist without corruption.

The Sun as a Symbol…

I always thought that it’s something personal for me — to interpret the Sun as a vision, clarity and perspective. But recently I found out some more meanings the Sun brings to us.

‘Irène Némirovsky’ WWII A French Jew from Ukraine

(biographical feature)

Irène was born in Kyiv in 1903. A daughter of Léon Némirovsky, one of the richest bankers of Russian Empire, and Faїga “Fanny” Némirovsky, a socialite, led a life of luxury, but not happiness. Irène’s father was always busy with work, while her mother despised the girl for being a constant reminder of Fanny’s fading youth. So, Irène spent her childhood years with her governess, reading books and developing her own writing skills.

Hostomel Heals Its Wounds

(blog article)

“Does February War like March? No, April and May May Lead to the Ukrainian V-Day.”

I Will Never Forgive This! War in Ukraine…


I will never forgive this!

My Lazy Friend Is A Patriot Living Abroad


I have a friend who lives in Germany, but before the bloody events in Ukraine he lived in my city.Every morning he starts with distance learning, where he rarely appears because he is too lazy to wake up. During the break between classes, he otta go to the kitchen and eat. He even got a job, because living in an unfamiliar country is difficult and expensive. But the company chief decided that my friend`s help was not needed for one day and he got a day off.

“It’s My Choice!”

How many generations of Ukrainian people must be killed so that people can finally understand that what is happening in Ukraine now is not a coincidence, an accident and not the fault of one mad “leader.”

Underground Wonder Woman

(archetype story)

Pablo was in a hurry. That day he had his first exam in the art college, so he should not be late! But the alarm clock didn’t work.

What is money? How to spend it? Where to save it?


What is money? For somebody money talks and for another says ‘Good-bye.’ Money is necessary for any person to be able to pay for the desired product or service. Money is both a means of survival and a benefit of life.

How to become prominent: 5 trouble-free ways


First of all, as Alexandr Voloshyn said, “you need to be a genious.” Kinda incomprehensible point, agree? But anyway I’m willing to tell you the steps for that.

Online-learning in Ukraine

(op-ed article)

Since the pandemic, Ukrainians have become well-informed about distance learning types. Now the application market allows us to choose one of many programs to work “from home.
It is very convenient and safe for all participants of the process. Let’s consider all the pros and cons:

Stranger’s Diary

(short story)

“Make yourself at home” — these were his first words when we flew into his apartment. It was the only thing he managed to say between our kisses.

Don`t chicken out before you are hurt…

My BBBright BBBalcony.

Those were the days when I had just started going home from school on my own… My parents always believed in me more than I did. That’s why on a cold winter day, and especially on a dark evening, I walked home at a steady but quick pace, closer to the lighters, far away from the garages. I was not afraid…I was just cautious.

Bitter Love Story…

(short story)

Once upon a time, in the ancient times there was a man named ‘Fred Sharp Knife.’ There were rumors that he killed 10 people in one fell swoop.

Spring 2022

Spring is in the air, can you feel it?
Freedom and love, happiness and flowers are the normal spring indicators. But are they the same now? Do you feel any of it?


(book review)

Ignore this book at your peril’
Seth Godin

What to do during emotional instability?

If you are experiencing emotional instability, this text can help you.

How to (not) behave at the humanitarian center queue for volunteer help?


As one of the volunteers at the Humanitarian Center, I would like to talk about the rules that guide people in the queue, the people we help.

The Meaning Of War…


When the present holds unbelievable horrors, I tend to turn to the past. Not to escape the cruel reality of “today” — to analyze “yesterday,” and to see the outline of “tomorrow.” Since the outbreak of the present-day bloody Ukrainian-Russian war, I felt a fresh interest in World War 1, World War 2 and in what had been similar between them. Previously, I have studied the common information: key events, great battles, important personalities. However, I have barely looked at the reasons, decisions, consequences and most of all — feelings.

In a dispute, the winner is the one who thinks, not the one who tells emotionally


What is more important in a dispute: emotions or analysis? Everyone understands that emotions are an important part of us as human beings, and we cannot express ourselves without them.

‘Happy people reading books and drinking coffee’ By Agnes Martin-Lugan

(book review)

Even in the times of war atrocities, it is a good idea to distract you from gloomy realities of our present–day life. Book reading helps a lot to relax and forget about deep stresses.

‘YOUR BRAIN AT WORK’ by David Rock

(nonfiction book review)

“Mindfulness is a habit, it’s something the more one does, the more likely one is to be in that mode with less and less effort…it’s a skill that can be learned. It’s accessing something we already have. Mindfulness isn’t difficult. What’s difficult is to remember to be mindful.”
― David Rock, Your Brain at Work



He never heard his father’s last words. Roy never thought about what kind of voice he had. The only thing he knew about his father was that he was a man. Who lived somewhere…Who ate something. Who worked with somebody. According to this description, every second man on his street could be his father.

The book that will change your life if you put the knowledge into practice

(book review)

Our life is not a series of mistakes, but a sequence of lessons,” said Julian. – There is no negative experience: there is an opportunity for growth and movement forward. Strength is gained in struggle. Illness is an excellent teacher of health.”

“Tiger Hunters” by Ivan Bagryany

(book review)

This review will be dedicated to the wonderful book by Ukrainian writer Ivan Bagryany “Tiger Hunters.”

‘A Farewell To Arms’

(book review)

‘A Farewell To Arms’ is an antiwar, mainly autobiographic novel by American writer Ernest Hemingway. It follows a life of Frederic Henry, an American serving as an ambulance officer at the Italian front during World War 1. The parallel plot follows his passionate romance with Catherine Barkley, a British nurse.

The Concert I Remember…

(feature article)

Today, in the period of war hardships, I still remember this great concert devoted to peace, love and mutual understanding, which inspires me in the most depressive moments…It started at 8:00 pm., 18.09.2021, at the location of the National Academic Drama Theater named after I. Franko, in Kyiv.

War and E-learning, Spring and Uni-lovely-versity buddies…


How do I miss my University corridors and my class-cheery-mates! Nobody knows, but I know for sure…My studies and my life, in general, changed dramatically two years ago. An airborne virus disease has been born somewhere in China…We got prohibited to contact each other… Hundreds of people died from the Covid-19, so the lives of all people on the planet have changed in some way.

Pickpocketing Etiquette

(miniflash story with absurd)

Britain, 19th century. Thomas joined a gang of street thieves. Their leader sends him to the first ‘‘deal.’

A Headless Guy


On April 26, 2022, the dismantling of a Soviet monument to two workers under the Peoples’ Friendship Arch began in Kyiv. During the works in one of the sculptures, the head symbolically fell off.

Get Ready For A Job Interview


Interviewer: “Tell us a little something about yourself…”
Candidate: “I’d rather not, I really want this job.”



When I saw Ida’s theater had come to our city, I knew it was the perfect opportunity to get back at her for what she did with my father. And with me.

A Woman Who Passed By…


This road was waiting at your feet; it was waiting for you… Sand danced waltz on your soles. The golden light sought refuge in your curls. And my heart seemed to blossom in that alley when you passed by my soul, leaving your charming fragrance. It’s a pity you don’t hear these poems written in my soul, in my head a hundred times. I saw you, I felt you, I wanted to be you…

Fancy Facts About Cats


Did you know that ‘friendly’ cats follow you from a room to a room to control your actions? Cats are pets that are adored all over the world. These are some of my favorite animals, so I decided to write an article with fascinating facts about cats. Let’s get started!

Legs or Roots?

(miniflash story)

“Answer me, Tracy, who are you? They didn’t say you were human. If we are all human, then why do our feet grow into the ground like the roots of a tree? And it doesn’t matter that you can walk and run, it’s a mirage! Tell me the truth quickly!”

Absurdity As Means of Information Warfare… Sick Surrealism…

(opinion article)

The mass media of Russia aimed its information blow at the very foundations of the consciousness of Ukrainian citizens. The absurd became one of the key means of the information warfare.

My plans for life after victory


Regrettably, I didn’t have time to do anything important before the war, nothing that I had dreamed of. Roughly speaking, I didn’t have time to do anything in the 20 years before the war started, and I really don’t want to believe that the war would cut my life short completely. So, I’m still trying to make plans in the hope that I can start making them very soon. And I certainly won’t put them off until tomorrow, because, as life shows, you can’t put anything off.

Impossible is Probable and Probable is Fun


Anything at all is possible. Some things are unlikely. Some things will never happen. But they always could, at any time.”
Ashly Lorenza

Refrigerator Resident or Beer Buddy

(flash story)

Today, Peter, a refugee from Kyiv, was due to move into a Lviv apartment of a beer buddy of his University buddy who had bros and mates, kiddos and besties all around Ukraine… His name was Sasha…So Peter stood with a modest package of things at the door of Sasha apartment and pressed the intercom button for a long time. Finally, a GIRL with disheveled and wavy hair opened the door for him. Peter winced in surprise, no longer hoping anyone would open.

Absurd Victory Day? Never Again?

(miniflash story)

Ukraine. Bucha photo.



In our theater it is not customary to rant a lot about your past life. Looking at some of the troupe workers, it’s even hard to say that they once had a life before the theater.

The Book Then And Now…


“Reading is one of the sources of thinking and mental development,” said V. Sukhomlinsky. And it’s hard to disagree with him. After all, in all times of mankind, the book was a source of knowledge; everything was taken from it – from recipes to the great history. In today’s world, people appreciate books less and less, replacing them with social networks, TVs and other new things. However, the evolution of technology has captured the book, creating e-books that allow the book to “stay afloat.”

My Anti-stress Pills


Due to Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine, my family decided to temporarily go to Poland. Even when you are safe abroad, you keep worrying about your country, family and friends who have stayed at home. Now the only way out of the tense situation is to distract yourself from the constant flow of breaking news and try to look for small joys around. That’s why I want to talk about how I reduce daily stress.

I Want To Go Home…


Home is where the heart is.”
– Pliny The Elder

Lazy Hobby


When people get acquainted, one of the first questions that worries them is following, “What is your hobby?”A really good question, especially for those who have a hobby. For me, this is a rather difficult question.

What is a workout and what are its benefits?

Nature is a gym. Membership is free.”

A street or outdoor workout is a very popular sport in which competitions are even held. It is not surprising, because in order to exercise, you do not need any expensive equipment or gym membership. All you need is your desire and the nearest sports ground. That’s enough for a start.



Why is life so short?
How I want the moment to stop
To be as sweet as nectar
Which no one could interrogate…

How to become a successful blogger


Nowadays, being a blogger is fashionable and fascinating, many people try blogging, but most of them fail to succeed. Besides, sometimes successful bloggers just go milk mousing (earning too little), and they don`t know why.

Old Friend Comeback

(miniflash story)

A dark night… The sky full of stars…Two guys in the cemetery.

Lights In The Dark… Halleluiah!

(flash story)

Two young travelers stopped for the night under a sprawling tree. The day seemed doozy and burdensome. At first they were chased by robbers, and Henry was heavily wounded. Then the boys barely escaped from a big booty beast unknown to them.

Chemistry Smash Hit…

(miniflash story)

“You destroyed the whole laboratory!” The teacher was on shock.

They Got Missing…Who Is Guilty?

(humorous miniflash story)

Anton lost Anna’s pet while she was away. He was afraid to admit it, so he said the dog had bitten him to arouse pity and avoid a scandal.

My Dear Parentals…

(humorous letter)

Dear Parents,

My Donuts!

(short story with a red herring)

It was a soft sunny day with habitual humdrum traffic. From the summer heat, all people hid in buildings, hoping to find salvation in their air conditioners or fans. A police car was parked outside the 24-hour coffee shop, waiting for something. The city of Milton, Massachusetts, has not experienced any significant crime in the past several years. What is there to hide? Even this tiny town was stingy with events.

The Best Book Of My Childhood

(book review)

”Remember, you’re the one who can fill the world with sunshine”
– Snow White

Robbery in the Multiverse

(short story)

Late in the evening, Dr. Strange came home after a rough day. He took off his coat, put down ‘The Cloak of Levitation’ and sat on a soft sofa with a cold glass full of beer.

A Little Help In The Great War


More than 50 days have passed since the day the full-scale Ukrainian – Russian war began. I know that the war has been going on for a long time, but what happens now is louder and closer. My village was shelled several days ago, and my father was there at that time…

‘From Zero To One’ by Peter Thiel

(book review)

Brilliant thinking is rare, but courage is in even shorter supply than genius.”
– Peter Thiel

8 Сrucial Tips For Young Authors

The first and most important tip is to be yourself. In today’s fast-paced world, we hear a lot more little bits of information, and because of this, we are constantly tired and all our things pile up like a snowball. This is a key ability – to be yourself, to maintain your individual thinking. It can help you in all life situations.

The Pills


“I think you’re the only one I can talk to.”
After these words, I seem to want to feel how they pass through his entire body, so I cling to him even more. I don’t care if he understands my hugs. But I need those hugs. I need to remember that I’m alive.

Boris Johnson – the best Prime Minister… in Ukraine!

(humorous article)

They say that in the USA, at long last, they got a popular President, who managed to unite the Democrats and Republicans, and that it is Volodymyr Zenesky! It was proved by Gary Shteyngart, a humorous writer, who added that the funny Ukrainian President has ‘the backbone of steel.’ The same says the Survey of 3,581 US people showing the 72% support conducted on March 21-27, 2022.

The War in Ukraine… We shall overcome my friend!

(opinion article)

Terrible events have been taking place in Ukraine for more than a month now, and everyone is trying to understand why civilians are being killed. This whole situation is extremely confusing for people, they have nervous breakdowns. Sometimes you get distracted, but you still reach for the phone screens and the computer keyboard to find out what’s going on right now. In such difficult times, it is important to support each other and not to quarrel with friends and folks over trifles. This is a very important aspect, because everyone needs support.

“They need weapons here and now”: Moravetsky said Russia seeks to seize the third part of Ukraine

(opinion article)

In this gory time, Ukraine has reliable friends. One of them is Mateusz Morawiecki who called on the world to increase sanctions pressure on Russia.

Bloody Spot In History

(opinion article)

February 24, 2022, is a date that has gone down in the Ukrainian history forever. No one would have ever thought that the war would befall us in the twenty-first century. In an instant, cities and villages that have been built for years are being daily destroyed. People are hiding in basements and bomb shelters. When the situation in our village became unbearable, we had to flee from our house, from our friends from our small Motherland.

Tarot Cards and Eternity…

(opinion article)

“Tarot is just stories on cards.”
– Erin Morgenstern.

Is Modern Music Really Badong and Bummer?

Now quite often you can hear an opinion about the bad taste of modern youth. Their music is dominated by lust and sex, drugs and kitsch wealth, love for show and other “disgusting things.” Indeed, in a sense, there is some truth in these words. Let’s figure it out.

Internet: an advantage or a dangerous mania?

(opinion article)

The twenty-first century has brought us many changes. Perhaps the emergence and spread of the Internet has become one of the most significant.

Mariupol: Battle for key port city continues

God Save Mariupol!

(opinion article)

Ukrainian forces are holding out a stronghold in Mariupol against Russian troops, officials say, despite some reports suggesting the battle was nearing its end.

The Collector

(miniflash story)

The court goes on. The judge says to the victim:

At the Restaurant

One day a man came to a fashionable restaurant. He couldn’t decide what to order, so he asked a waiter to help.

Man Caught a Goldfish…

(viral story)

On April 12, 2022, the info space of Ukraine exploded with the news, “Medvedchuk was caught.

‘Normal People’ by Sally Rooney

(book review)

“I’ m not a religious person but I do sometimes think God made you for me.”
― Sally Rooney, ‘Normal People’

Football as War Therapy, Bros