How to Read Faster? Top-5 Tips

Surely, if you think that ignorance is bliss, this article is not for you. On the other hand, if you are a book nut, why not to read it. As J.Addison once said, “Reading to mind is what exercise to the body.”

Fox and Hare Friends!


In the big forest lived a fox and a hare. They were unusual. The fox and the hare were friends. Everyone was surprised because foxes and hares cannot be friends! But those animals were abnormal. They helped each other; they gave advice to each other in different situations. The fox always protected the hare, and the hare made the fox laugh.

Life is Unpredictable

(humorous story)

One Sunday morning Joe burst into the living room and said, “Dad, Mom, I have some great news for you! I am getting married to the most beautiful girl in our town. She lives a block away, and her name is Susan.

Ten Tips How to Become a Good Talker

  1. Smile. In fact, any communication begun with a smile already disposes a man to you. By means of a smile, you show that you are sincere and open to a productive dialogue. It is needed to mention, that a smile is felt even in an extension call. Besides, people like idiots…surely, it is a joke.
  2. You always have a topic to talk about. It is necessary to define which subject is amusing to the person and to start chatting on this theme. There are a small number of people that are interested in nothing. Anyway, you always can talk about this person. Show attention to him/her, show sincere personal interest, and you will find afterward many topics for conversation.
  1. If you are not understood, so, you chose the wrong topic or expressed yourself in a dubious way. Build the speech so, that everything should be clear for your companion. Then you will stop getting irritated and angered on a person who just misheard or misunderstood something.
  1. Do compliments. Feel free to declare oneself like a positive person and bolster up the courage of the surrounding people. Remember that compliments must go from your soul. Frank flattery only pushes away people from you. However, don’t be afraid to praise those who licked a problem perfectly. Thank those who heaved up a good joke to your mood. Do compliment to those who look smart and stylish. But it is desirable to keep in mind that everything should be done in moderation. Though they say that you should not allow compliments to get into your head, many people start blossoming while hearing applause or admiration. Why not support them at least spiritually?
  1. The active listening method is vital. You look at your interlocutor, nod your head, comment on his/her story, but do not interrupt. You can help to find necessary words and phrases, when a companion stumbled, to set questions, continue an idea. So you will give a hint, that a person is interesting to you. And it will trigger a desire to continue chatting with you.
  1. Try to name a person with whom you speak more often. As psychologists said, the sound of the proper name is the most pleasant and sweet sound for the ear of all human beings. The name is given to any person at birth and he or she carries it during all life.
  1. Talk clear and simple. Even if both for you and your interlocutor has a few higher educations, do not use difficult scientific terms and turns in conversation. It is not needed to try the form of nonsensical conversation to give itself some doubtful status. Any clever person will understand, however, as far as you are clever or foolish.
  1. Do not interrupt your companion and do not advise if you are not asked. Listen till the end, and then comment on the words. So you will show your interest. While interrupting, on the one hand, you show the lack of upbringing, on the other hand, you show that you are all ears. If a desire to give uninvited advice will appear deep in your soul, crush it down decisively. A person will think otherwise that you count yourself smarter and it will be an additional obstacle for successful communication. Intellectual chauvinists, as well as smart Alecs, are not popular now.
  2. The conversation must be curious for you. If you have to support a dull and drab conversation, try to go deep in the theme of conversation. Otherwise, a person, not feeling feedback, will stop a conversation.
  3. Delete the pronoun “I” from your conversation. It is common knowledge that all people in their nature are egoists. And, as a rule, all want to listen mainly about darling themselves. At the same time, it is not a good idea to turn into a ‘yes-man.’ So, try to bypass extremes and be creative and humorous. People like funny chatterers.

TOP 10 Qualities for a Successful VIP

  1. A successful person looks for opportunities, an unsuccessful man – excuses and new obstacles. Let’s take this situation – lack of money. A successful individual will look for opportunities to earn money and how to manage chips; an unsuccessful man – the reasons why he cannot work in ‘this’ country.
  2. A successful person acts; an unsuccessful postpones action for later. A successful individual acts despite laziness, fear, and ignorance; an unsuccessful is constantly accumulating knowledge that he or she does not apply, all the time waiting for a favorable moment that never comes.
  3. A successful pro wants more than he or she currently has; an unsuccessful prefers to keep the status quo. “I can do it right here, right now,” is the internal dialogue of a successful person. “Tomorrow I might do it but not now,” is the internal dialogue of an unsuccessful fellow.
  4. A successful professional will fall and rise again; an unsuccessful is afraid to fall, to make a mistake, and if he falls, he or she no longer wants to rise. In biographies of famous people, you can often read about moments of serious losses and defeats. This is a kind of truth moment, the behavior in which determines a person’s success.
  5. A successful is self-motivated and an unsuccessful need motivation from the outside. As a rule, a successful person is motivated by excitement, the desire to meet a challenge, a genuine interest in the activity itself. An unsuccessful need to be constantly motivated by material benefits, the approval of others.
  6. A successful individual risks and an unsuccessful fears risk. Fortunately or unfortunately, life is unpredictable, and hard circumstances can interfere at any moment. A successful person understands this and steps into the unknown.
  7. A successful patient is ready to go long for his goal; an unsuccessful wants everything at once. One of the celebs said, “A genius is 1% of luck and 99% of hard work.”
  8. A successful individual is not afraid of failures. As T. Ferris once said, “A person’s life success is determined by the amount of ‘awkward conversations’ he has endured.”
  9. A successful man believes in himself and takes decisions independently. An unsuccessful believes in the words of a crowd and prefers to jump a bandwagon. A psychological experiment is illustrative in this sense: all the participants called the square a circle, and only one participant who did not know about the conspiracy stated the opposite. Most people who did not know about the plot, after a while, agreed with the general point of view.
  10. A successful person can look beyond the horizons. He or she follows the call of a great dream (American, Ukrainian, French), worthy of a goal in life. An unsuccessful pursues small goals. There are many stories where true success came to those who chose unattainable goals that far outstripped their choices at the time of choice. These people just leaped the abyss in two jumps. Everyone can become successful if they want and develop the necessary qualities.

So, never put off till tomorrow, never lower your sights, and keep in mind all these things. Besides, it is desirable to remember the eternal words of Winston Churchill, “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue what counts.”


(humorous story)

Going to a buddy`s birthday party, Nikita imagined a cool holiday with no problems in the morning.  But the reality turned out to be completely different …
The day after festivities he rubbed his swollen eyes.

Nine Tips About Good Deeds

It is an eternal truth: do not zero in on negative aspects of your life, think positively to do good deeds. Some ugly hag kicked your ass in the morning subway, forget about it! Your office mates bought you a cup of coffee!

Drive, Hike, Sail: 5 Riveting Literary Routes

(traveling listicle)

Even if you haven’t read Benedikt Yerofeyev’s Moscow-Petrushka, you have most likely heard about this postmodern work filled with strong words, alcohol, and irony. The same-name 125-kilometer route became cult for many readers — devoted fans used to grab the book and travel through the stations described in it. But there are a huge number of other cult routes in the world literature.

‘Healthy Books’

Healthy books are like a healthy food. Both give you a power, energy, and strength. But healthy food gives you physical beauty and books – mental attraction. So, I want to present you 3 books that can show and develop your  inner beauty.

Independent Boy

(children`s story)

Once upon a time, in one little village lived a boy. He had a lot of friends. They were many cheery girls and hilarious boys. The boy and his friends spent their time playing different games in the yard. They always had a lot of fun.

Four book cafes in Kyiv you should visit for good book and cup of coffee

Sometimes everyone desires to enjoy a cozy place where you can come alone or with a small company, drink tea or coffee, read a book, zero in on  some project or prep lessons. So, if you live, study, work in Kyiv and look for a place to have a bit of privacy – here you go, four pleasant places made just right for this atmosphere:

My Family`s Chagrin

More than a year ago, I moved from my parents to another city. Adulthood, freedom of action, and freedom of choosing… what I can eat. So now, I was able to make the decision to become a vegetarian. Moreover, I dared to say this to my loved ones.

7 Tips For Proper Nutrition

Do you eat balanced? Is your food healthy? If you adhere to these 7 rules, then you are doing everything right. If not, then something needs to be changed. Though, some jokers say that if you keep trying to lose weight, it keeps finding you, don`t trust them, follow these tips.

Drink or Get Sick


Winter is coming, the season of dank wind, when you want warmth and comfort. What could be more comfortable than a glass of warming mulled wine? A warm aromatic wine with spices begins to appear in the menu of restaurants, and at city fairs, and in the thoughts of wine lovers!

Apple, Bear and Law


It was late autumn. Leaves flew from the trees for a long time, and only at the top of the wild apple tree was a single apple still hanging. In this autumn season, Hare ran through the forest and saw an apple. But how to get it? The apple is hanging high – you won’t jump! The Hare looks – a crow sits on a tree and laughs.

Fear in not Fear

(if you friend is there)

(Fairy tale)

It was a sunny-bunny day and everything was just like always. Nothing boded trouble – the sun is shining, birds are singing and rivers are flowing. In the tiny-miny house deeply inside a wide wood, a girl named Dee was doing her things. And suddenly in an instant it started to rain outside the window. Dee was a brave girl but the only thing she was truly afraid to be rain. Not the summer one but the cloudburst with thunder, with a storm and strong hail. And there it was – huge fatality. Dee stopped cooking pancakes, sat on the floor and started crying.


(with a friend)

Do you know that as a result of a sociological survey conducted in Great Britain a couple of weeks ago it was determined that daily 10.000 steps walks increases your life expectancy  more than 10%?

Your Favorite Brands. Know More!


A lot of us want to be trendy, fashionable, stylish, chic and classy. As Edith Head, one of the world fashion icons, said, “You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it!” Despite you’re a girl or a boy, a woman or a man, our clothes can say who we’re and what we feel in that moment. Ok, It’s not always true, but it’s  the stark reality. So, let me introduce you to 11 catching facts about the world popular brands, brands of mass market.

Magic Wind

Once upon a time, there was a wind. But it was not just a wind; it was a magic wind that could make your biggest dream come true. Of course, he was looking for good-hearted people and their dreams.

Cactus and Rose

In the gorgeous garden placed before the royal one, there were many colorful flowers: healthy nasturtiums, dazzling dahlias, pretty poppies, boasting begonias, magnificent magnolias, and admirable orchids. There was also a large contemptuous cactus with barbed prickles. A couple of bushes of young roses lurked bashfully beside it. They were planted just only several months ago.

Clever Hare and Stupid Teddy

There was one huge forest. There were a lot of different animals in it. And wolves, and foxes, and hares, and bears. Each lived his or her own life. The hardest was to live for a little gray hare. He was very small and defenseless. But he was very-very smart. Everyone in the forest mocked the poor hare, but he never took offense.


Ukrainian book festivals started to develop years ago. It is obvious that many people heard about Book Forum (the biggest one which is located in Lviv) and Book Arsenal (this one takes part in Kyiv). But what if you love books so much that you wanted to visit as many such festivals as possible even in small Ukrainian cities?  This article is just for you!

Who is the Forest Chief?

A family of hares lived in the forest. Then, somehow, rabbits were born from them. They were small and fluffy, like balls. Mom hare and Dad hare called the guests to the birthday party. The animals that lived in the neighborhood came with gifts and congratulated happy parents. The bear brought a keg of honey, a squirrel – a whole basket of nuts, a hedgehog brought the ripest apples. Everyone wanted to please with his gift. However, suddenly, a couple appeared that no one was waiting for. It was a wolf and a fox. Nobody loved them and everyone tried to get around them by the tenth road, because they were hooligans, littering in the forest, offending the little ones. The wolf and the fox came empty-handed and approached the hares.

19 things I understood in 19 years


1) Do not make any decisions when you are happy, angry or upset.

2) You need to be yourself no matter what happens.

3) We need to give more than receive.

4) Hypocrisy is the worst thing that can be.

5) Boomerang law exists. Everything returns in double size.

6) Positive thinking gives a positive life.

7) You never have to regret anything.

8) Do not worry about what others think of you. Often everyone does not care.

9) All people are selfish. Just someone more, someone less.

10) Beauty is in simplicity. Santa simplicita.

11) You need to be sincere in your actions.

12) Always tell the truth, however terrible it may be.

13) It is necessary to help other people, especially if you see that they need it.

14) Never blame anyone.

15) NEVER give up. Though, it sounds trite. NEVER.

16) Dream as often as you can.

17) Remember: nothing is impossible. Limitations are only in your head.

18) Correctly prioritize.

19) If you can’t find a way out of the situation, just look at it from a different angle.

And what things did you understand in your 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, years?


About the harm of sugar, they shout everywhere. If you don`t want to forget about sugar, insulin pills, and validolum lozenges, are waiting for you in the nearest pharmacy! Dentists are rubbing their hands too, they are in the game! Sugar-struck teeth – that is their bread and butter!

Eat Local and Get 100 Points Total

There isn’t only one meaning of the term “local food.” Someone is convinced that it is a product planted no more than 160 kilometers from the place of residence, others — that food was made in your region. But for the last year the trend for local ingredients become more and more in favor. Now I will explain to you whу the local food is both contemporary and healthy.

White Bloom Tale

(Children`s fairy tale)

In a bright green valley, covered with sharp trees, stood a house. A small garden and a tower for observing the stars adjoined the house. The man who lived there was a hermit. Society was alien to him. That is why he settled on the farthest edge of the valley – next to the Great Pit. Legends spread about the hole that seemed scary and bottomless. People believed that many years ago a city lay there, the beauty of which cannot be described. Nevertheless, one day the Sparkling Stone fell from the sky and the town got crashed into the ground. Sometimes the Hermit stood at the cliff and painted live pictures, looking at the foggy lowlands and splendid skyscapes. Darkness reigned there and only sharp rocks protruded from it like sharp and scary teeth. However, the Hermit did not lose heart from the dreary sight. He lived every day and lived for himself. At night, he looked at the stars, in the afternoon he grew his fragrant garden. And not a single living soul was nearby. Only a silent pit and a whist wild wood.

How Kitchen Cat Got in With Kitchen Mice

Cherrypie, the kitchen cat, loved to cook. Sizzling cutlets, luscious lasagna, perfect muffins. Scrumptious!

Big Brave Elephant

(children`s fairytale)

A lone elephant wandered the forest looking for friends. He came across a monkey and asked, “Will you be my friend, monkey?” “You are too big and cannot swing on trees as I do. So I cannot be your friend,” said the monkey.

Little Knight Willie

Let’s go back in time, with no gadgets and no internet, with noble knights and rose-looking miladies, at a time when letters were written by hands and postal pigeons flew high in the skies.

No man is an island. No wolf is a warrior

There were two flocks of wolves who lived in the Forestland, Wolves of the West and Wolves of the East. The territory of the two camps was delineated by a small stream that was forbidden to cross for both of them. Wolves of the West and Wolves of the East had been living in hostility with each other for years and even for centuries. They trapped each other, robbed and abused each other. The Wolves of the West, like the Wolves of the East, considered themselves the sole owner of the Forestland and did not want to share their already impoverished and poor possessions with another legion. The older generation of wolves always forbade their children to communicate with the wolves of the hostile camp and set them up against hateful neighbors.

Stars and Rainbow Star

(children`s story)

In the blue sky, between the planets and cosmic dust, there lived a family of stars: Mom, Dad, and Daughter. Mom and Dad were beautiful golden stars. They sparkled in the sky, beating light from the Sun to the Earth. And once from their great love, a new star was born, but not like everyone else. Unlike other stars in the sky, which were blue, red, yellow, orange and white, this one was colorful. She flickered with all the colors in turn, and this scared other stars, because she was not like everyone else.

Little Monkey

Morris, a little monkey, woke up when the sun was high up in the sky. Another lovely day. Perfect for playing hide and sneak. Off he went to find his friends. First, he ran into Henry, a fluffy rabbit.

Dad, Son, Granddad

(Children`s story)

One day a successful adult son took his lonely white-haired father to his home. In his big, bright and beautiful apartment, the son lived with his wonderful long-legged wife and a small boy.


Once upon a time, there was Little Dragon. He always looked at his father with great respect and most of all he wanted to become as strong and spacious as his Daddy, spewing fire like a furnace.

Vikings` Ostrich

Once upon a time, there lived a man and his wife who were so happy to own the ostrich that had a golden paw. It was very strange that the ostrich, which usually lived in Africa, ended up in Sweden, where the Vikings lived.

Green Scarf and Blue Scarf. Can I be more attentive?

(humorous story)

When my boyfriend and I first started seeing each other, we went on this memorable date where we went for food, saw a fascinating film, then went for drinks. When we were heading home, suddenly, he found out that he didn’t have his scarf.

Vacuum Cleaner – Winner?

(humorous story)

Linda, a little old lady living in a small village outside the city, answered a knock on the door one day, to be confronted by a well-dressed young man carrying a vacuum cleaner.

Inclusion or Exclusion in Ukraine?

(Opinion essay)

I am not a speaker for disability matters. Human matters are what concern me. In this essay, I will talk about the level of inclusion in our country. Today it is very low and is only just beginning to develop, while in developed countries this problem is solved to the maximum. As I. Perlman affirms, “Every person with a disability is an individual.” We should remember it.

Black Horse and Vasya, Bad Boy

(Childen`s story)

Vasya was a blacksmith`s son. His Dad worked in a forging workshop. He always made horseshoes, hammers, and hatchets. Sometimes he made beautiful metallic roses for his wife and the wives of his neighbors. But it was not too often. Every day he went to the forge on his own horse. That was a black mare with a long mane and smart eyes. Every morning he harnessed her to the cart and rode. Every evening he came back and took care of his tidy gee-gee. His small son, a six-year-old urchin, Vasya, with spiky hair and a freckled nose, was a big lover of a fast ride.


In one mysterious country, very, very far away, somewhere on the edge of the earth lived the Queen of all the fairies of nature, surrounded by a large number of small translucent fairies.

Small Girl and Wise Wizard. Nothing is Impossible

(Сhildren’s tale)

Lazy Fox and Hardworking Bear

There were two friends: a red fox and a brown bear. They studied at a Medical University to get the doctors’ degrees. 

Rose and Burdock

(children’s story)

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful rose in the garden. Every day  the gardener looked after this tender female flower. He watered it, rooted out weeds, spilled the best fertilizers. The rose blossomed, flourished, and whiffed a wonderful flavor. One day a boorish burdock grew near our subtle charm. The refined rose was angrily outraged. How can this brutal bush grow up at such a brilliant beauty as she? The rose said, “You’re disgusting! Don’t even dare approach me!” The burdock said nothing in return.

Wee Weak Witch

(children`s story)

Once upon a time, a little girl lived in a tiny Ukrainian village. She was small even for her age, quiet and melancholic. She did not like to talk much – she never ever tried to tell a long story. Her mother, old witch Karen was terrified of how quiet her child was. She tried to teach her to speak loudly and to sound sure. Small girl, Ezra, didn`t want to do it. Her mother tried to find a teacher who could make her daughter speak loudly and self-confidently. Karen`s mother was a witch too. And Grandmother was. And Grand Grandmother too. And all of them knew that the tongue of a witch needed to be longer than anyone`s else.

“Ezra, you will be a witch! You are so good at witchcraft, but you`ll never have customers if you can`t talk to them! If you can’t cast spells confidently! If you can`t convince them to buy something from you! You`ll never have any clients! Don`t be Wee Weak Witch! Be Wicked Vivid Witch!” Her teacher did not know what to do. Ezra did not want to talk; she could not do it by her nature. The small girl just sadly smiled and responded,

“When did I say that I wanted to be a witch?

Moral: your children are not you. Ask them what they want.

Little Crow

(children`d story)

There was Little Crow with a white spot on his beak. He lived in a loud city. He was bad at everything. He could not croak, could not steal, and could not fly well too.

He, She and It Went to the Cinema

Strangely enough, I managed to go to the movie theater only when I was tortured by knotty life hardships and decided to spit on everything. Um, well, I took a seat. And as the second part of a cult horror “It” lasted for three hours, I had enough time to air my head.

Charles Bukowski’s ‘Women’

(Book review)

4.9/5. If you’re under 18, better close this review. You did it, right? Okay, now, when there are adults only or thirteen aged girls who like to read some dirty things, welcome to Charles Bukowski’s world! First of all, I would like to say that I cannot believe I read the book ‘Women’ that has almost 400 pages in only 2 days. From the first page you jump into this journey and you can’t close the book till the end.

Too much…

(Halloween story)

Too much…what’s wrong with you, Ian.

Fanny story

Do you want to hear a story and some practical tips on how to get lost in a huge art gallery?
It happened seven years ago when I traveled to Saint Petersburg with several of my friends and a class teacher.

‘Encyclopedic Publishing House’ and Our Sightseeing Tour

On October 9, 2019, the students of the Scientific community of Institute of Journalism Kyiv Borys Grinchenko University with the students of the third course of the specialty “Publishing and Editing” visited the state scientific institution “Encyclopedic Publishing House.”


(short story)

I wake up early in the morning, at 05:00. It is quiet around. There is no hurry. When I get ready, I am trying not to make any noise, so as not to Wake my mother and brother. And if the door is treacherously banged, I would anxiously freeze in the hope not to hear the rustling in their rooms.

Peppy Longstocking

(book review)

More than anything else, Astrid Lindgren loved to read and climb trees. About seventy years old, climbing onto another tree, she assured others that there was no law prohibiting old women from doing this. But she never became an old woman and always remained a very mischievous girl, the same as her heroine, whom she, of course, deducted from herself.

Those Funny-Puny Moments

(Humorous campus story)

Nowadays, it’s very fashionable to be a unique individual. All around the world want to be bright, brilliant and badass. But from a bird-eye perspective, it seems that there is a lot of funny stuff around us, a lot of those little universal moments, which make us smile and chuckle all the time.

God`s Seed

(children`s short story)

Once upon a time three kids, Andrew, Ann, and Arthur, came to their Grizzled Grand Dad with a long beard and husky hands for the whole summer. He lived in the forest edge in an old-time log house with a small field and a big garden in front of it.

Halloween story

(humorous story)

When I was a little girl, I loved Halloween. Though it in Ukraine, nevertheless. Every year I invented and made with my own hands scary costumes because I wanted to be the scariest among all my friends. We always had fun, walked down the street and entertained as we could. We had never changed our traditions and constantly walked in the same group. And as a teenager, I decided to buy a real Halloween costume at the city’s best shop. However, when I went into the store, I was confused by the huge choice of cool suits. Therefore, I asked the seller, “What the most terrible costume of my size do you have for me?” He asked me a counter question, “Hey, girlie, why do you need another one?”

Female Intuition

(humorous story)

Women have a wonderful instinct about things. They can discover everything except the obvious. (Oscar Wilde)


(humorous story)

Football fans, Peter and Vasya, were fortunate enough to have season tickets to watch “Dynamo Kyiv.” They could not help noticing that there was always a spare seat next (B15) to them and they had a friend who would love to buy a season ticket, especially if all three could have seats together.

Mount Ai-Petri! Magnificent Memoirs!

That was in 2012.  I, my parents and Luda then rested in the Crimea.  We decided to entertain a bit and to go to Ai-Petri mountain.  We remembered this excursion for life.

Forks and Knifes, Mi-Mi-Mi

(humorous story)

Recently, I have been told a joke, “A foreign student came to America, not knowing a word of English, and immediately started looking for a job. He went to school singing and learned to say, “Mi-mi-mi-mi-mi!” Then, he joined the US Army and learned to say, “Yes, sir!” After that, he worked in a restaurant and learned to say, “Forks and knives, forks and knives!” A week later, he worked at a candy store and picked up the words, “Good figs!” A month later, a murder took place in the area and he was the first person to be questioned by police. The interview went like this: Policeman, “Who killed a man?” International student, “Mi-mi-mi-mi-mi!” Policeman, “Did you kill your husband?” Student, “Yes, sir!” Policeman, “What did you use to kill him?” Student, “Forks and Knives, Forks and Knives!” Policeman, “You’re under arrest.” International student, “Good-good figs!”

On reflection, I thought to myself, “Why not to travel to the USA just a bit later and not to tell American state officials something like ‘forks and knifes…hi-hi-hi…good figs…mi-mi-mi.”






(humorous story for children)

Once my former schoolteacher of Biology passionately interpreted the topic of a lesson and used a word “shin.” Of course, we did not understand the meaning of this one and asked her to expound. As young unbaked cakes from the 5th grade we actually didn’t know.

Frozen Obsession, or the Real Reason

Why I Quit the Job in Kindergarten

“I am Elsa and who are you?” says a 5-year-old girl and rolls the ball to another little lady of the same age. “I’m Elsa and who are you?” answers she, and the ball goes to the next one. “I’m Elsa and who are you?”

Hard Rock.  Awkward Situations. Meaning of Life.

(humorous story)

I often call myself a life winner and every time I say it with a pinch of sarcasm. I’m sure that all people at least once got into awkward situations. Some people try to forget these moments as soon as possible The same relates to me. Now I will tell you a situation that has recently happened to me and my friend.

Pregnant Blog

1. When you are organizing your own wedding, you have started sprucing up your apartment, you are studying at a university and at the same time you are pregnant – all the processes are as emotional as possible. Within a minute, both laughter and tears come together.

She Was Not Supposed to Bet…

(humorous story)

It was a hot summer. Sunny Turkey. As usual, our guide gathered all tourists together in the guest hall to discuss something important. We  listened up so “interesting and exciting” speech and suddenly, two brash boys-men entered the hall. One was in a red cap, another held a tablet in the hands. They lаughed a lot and it irritated all of us a lot.

Death or… Death?

(opinion essay)

There are countless pieces of information going through us every day. Social networks, news sites, television are covering the events that happen every minute in our country and in the world. And each of us absorbs the whole stream, filtering into the brain, but what ultimately remains in our heads?

Enter the Flat Earth Society. And you will never die!

(humorous short story)

I have met a guy recently who honestly believes that he will never die. He sincerely supposes that doctors are “a part of the system.”

Whiskey Miracle

(humorous story)

I stopped at my favorite bar after a hard University day just to relax. I noticed a weird bearded man next to me who ordered a shot of whiskey and a beer.

Beauty Power and Ugly Hour

(humorous story)

Оne day we were walking in our park. The sparkling sun was touching us romantically with its pleasant rays and yellow leaves were soaring around us as fascinating fairies. It was early autumn. We had a good mood, and I started composing my own poetry, “Autumn shower. Flower power.  Beauty Hour. Happy plougher…” My friend added, “Yeah, Louis Armstrong was right. What a wonderful world…”

Kids or Pets?

(Opinion article)

The adherents of the childfree stream convince us that living without children is a norm. They decided to stop playing the game and started to be the hedonists. My grandma would call such a person, who renounces paternity an egoist-egotist, but what does she expect from a generation of spinsters and womanizers?

The Golden Pheasant

(humorous story)

A new fashionable and luxury restaurant has been opened recently.  A staff of the restaurant is on a nervous wreck. Therefore, after 5 days, it has not had customers yet. But one day a lucky stranger eventually dropped in.

Look Like a Million Dollars by Makeup

(opinion essay)

Can you imagine that “hard nut to crack” world where no one applies makeup? Where there are no shops like MAC, NYX, ASOS and etc. Where there are no busy body beauty bloggers on Youtube who chat endlessly about Madge Madonna,  Dakota Johnson, Emma Watson, Jennifer Lawrence and other celebrities` makeup, lipstick, mascara, eye shadows, hair dye, and  other eyeliners, blushes, and foundations? Where there are no videos on YouTube like, “How to draw a Bohemian Rhapsody on your face in 3 hours. Quick video tutorial!”

A girl whose tongue is longer than her hair

(Humorous story)

My female friend Ksenia is a smart and  sociable girl. However,  she  has one drawback – she chats too much. And that is why she often finds herself in senseless and funny situations. As they say: A sharp tongue is a talent, a long tongue is a punishment.

‘What the hell did I just read: A novel of cosmic horror’” by David Wong

(book review)

9/10 You want to hear a story? Well, buckle the f#@k up. ‘What the hell did I just read: A novel of cosmic horror’” by David Wong is published in 2017 by Titan Books. It is the third part of the “John Dies at the End” series, following the supernatural and dirty adventures of three main characters: Dave, John, and Amy. The genre of the book is something perfectly balanced between horror and comedy.

Why we should not use memes without understanding

Now, if you open any social media, in few minutes you will see a meme. Many pictures, with words or without. They are spread all over the Internet. Sometimes you do not know its meaning. Sometimes you know. And to my mind, it is better when you know the meaning of a joke. Or if you know their background. Let me give you some examples.

Manicure is Girl’s Face

One fine day I decided to entertain myself and went to a new manicure master just for variety. The glamour girl was just starting out in the Nail Salon business, so her price was affordable, especially for students. 


(humorous campus essay)

I don’t love birthdays. It’s true. All these ‘must read’ messages-schmessages  early in the morning and boring never blah-blah-ending telephone calls – what can be worse? I’ve been living in a dorm for one year, and it sounds strange but I don`t believe it can be fun. How could I know that my roommates would organize me the best surprise ever? Kudos for the birth-lovely-party at midnight! Happy birthday! Happy horseplay! Happy clown way! Or maybe I am wrong?

‘Fight Club’ by Chuck Palaniuk

(Book review)

5 stars. My book review is related to the novel called “Fight Club.” The author is Chuck Palahniuk, a famous postmodernist writer; the book was released in 1996 in the United States by “W. W. Norton & Company”.

Shopping and Women are Inseparable

(humorous short story)

Shopping and women are inseparable. It is probably almost impossible to find a woman who would not like to buy beautiful things for herself. And no wonder: our life is full of stress and shopping is the best way to relax. Some people claim that a shopping trip helps to get rid of accumulated fatigue, bad mood, and headaches. Not without reason, recently, ladies have preferred shopping therapy to other medicaments. Though, probably, they want shopping therapy to be covered by medical insurance.

What Did You Do in My Yard?

Late autumn reigned in the city courtyard. The two best friends Alice and Jana tired of daily humdrum life decided to go to Jana’s grandmother living in the countryside for a little rest. They loved to be there, because it was a picturesque and pastoral place. The girls liked to spend evenings on the playground, riding a swing, listening to music and watching the sky, which in good weather was always strewn with sparkling stars.

Mark Twain and his Night Visit

(humorous short story)

“I see you plan to write a humorous short story,” a ghostly figure of Mark Twain approached my open laptop screen and threw a curious glance on a somber sofa with my sprawling body and heavy head ready to dive into a deep slumber.

Hello, Uman!

On September 21, the members of the Scientific Society of Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University had a trip to Uman, a picturesque town in Cherkasy region.

Thank you Uman!

On September 21, students of the Scientific Society of the Institute of Journalism in Kyiv Borys Grinchenko university spent a day in Uman in connection with the European days’ program.

What will happen if you fall asleep for 147 years?

(Humorous story)

After a stunning success in publishing his own collection of poems, Louis Francis was sad. No new poems were written, and the imperial court had already begun to gossip that Paul Verlaine had abandoned his family and left with his lover Arthur Rimbaud in London. And the work in the Department was no longer pleasing.

A THREAD FROM the HEART, With a Coal Bound with Steel

(short story)

The doors of the hangar are being opened. I’m heading for the runway. Pick up speed. Rising. Flying…flying!

‘Perfume. The Story of a Murderer’ by Patrick Suskind

(book review)

The brilliant and mysterious ‘Perfume’ by Patrick Suskind was first printed in Switzerland in 1985. Today, it is recognized as the most famous novel written in German since the times of Remarque’s ‘All Quiet on the Western Front’, published in more than 12 million copies, including Latin, and finally filmed. The film, released in world distribution in 2006, was a smash hit, and its creators received six awards from the German Film Academy.

‘Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov


5 stars!  Every day we make a choice.  Choice: move on and evolve or leave everything as it is.  Choice: Lower your hands after another defeat?  Choice: to trust people after a thousand disappointments.  And how often do we have to meet challengers that can change our lives? Stand on the edge of the abyss of the unknown and decide whether to take the risk?  Do everything as it is … But when it becomes unbearable, we risk for them.  But what about choosing to be happy or be rich?  And sometimes it happens that you do not choose, then you realize that, in essence, nothing depends on you and you are only a minor character in a dramatic and brutal life story.

“The Devil in the White City” by Erik Larson

(book review)

3 stars. ‘The devil in the white city’ is not the unsurpassed book which you would like to read again.

‘The Fault In Our Stars’by John Green

(book review)

John Green, an American author of books for teens, released his most famous book in 2012 under the original title ‘The Fault in our Stars’.

Book Review of ‘The Doomed City’ by Arkady and Boris Strugatsky

‘The Doomed City’. The most ambitious — it was written for 2.5 years and already from six approaches, — and the most philosophical work of Arkady and Boris Strugatsky. It was composed in 1975, and published in 1989, which indicates on its complexity. This is, if not the most difficult, then one of the most difficult of their works, as the brothers claimed, and therefore there could be no talk of financial profitability and a wide audience.

Humor. Creativity. Success

(Opinion article)

It is obvious that success depends on many factors such as education, luck, hard work, family, personal life, appearance, country. When we think of success, we immediately think of the Big Five on personality traits – openness to experience, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, neuroticism. Although the sense of humour could be accommodated within all of them, I would like to examine it on its own and its impact on success.

Under ‘The Bell Jar’ by Sylvia Plath

Dramatic, slightly depressing romance – read while being in the mood.  “I shut my eyes and all the world drops dead…”

Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman

(Book review)

Evil in general does not sleep, and therefore doesn’t see why anyone else should.

‘No one writes to colonel’ by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

(Book review)

5 stars. Despair. Despair in an unnamed gloomy and rainy country of Latin America. Just an old man, a hero of a revolution, has forgotten by his government. His son was killed by a police officer for the spreading of an opposition newspaper.

 ‘The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry’ by Gabrielle Zevin

(book review)

It’s an unforgettable tale about transformations and second chances.

‘The girl with a dragon tattoo’ by Stig Larson

(book review)

‘The girl with a dragon tattoo’ — the detective novel, the first book of the trilogy “Millennium” of Stig Larson, the famous Swedish writer.

Success Surgery

What is a success? I think each of us interprets it in his or her own way. But today we will talk about the basic rules or being more precise about the basic success ingredients.

‘Home for Peculiar Children’ by Ransom Riggs

(book review)

Do you want to feel goosebumps while reading a book? Do you want to plunge into the plot, forgetting about reality? Well, I’m ready to advise you a book that will save you from boredom and bring a sea of impressions.

The First Rule of The Fight Club

(opinion article)

The first rule of the Fight Club is to not tell anyone about the Fight Club.

‘I am Legend’ by Richard Matheson

(Book Review)

5 stars. Not too long ago I read a book I was given. In spite of the fact that I do not read too much, the novel “I am Legend” came to my mind. The author of this book was Richard Matheson, a famous science fiction writer. And I really liked the style of his writing.

Book review of “The Little Book of Hygge: The Danish Way to Live Well” by Meik Wiking

After reading this book I understood that I`ll never use the Danish way of life. As for their aslant angle of looking, why could not we try it?
This book is written by a Danish scientist who leads the local Happiness Research Institute. Because of his work, Meik wanted to write a book that can help people from other countries and cultures understand Danish culture and recipe to be one of the happiest countries in the world.

‘Good Omens’

(book review)

‘Good omens’ was written by Neil Geiman and Terry Pratchett. At that time they were not so hoity-toity celebs as they are now. Pratchett only recently had started his career as a writer, and Geiman was a regular student. However, that student was the one who came up with the plot. But Neil had understood that he was not capable of writing it perfectly. So he connected with Pratchett. They lived far away from each other and had different biorhythms (Geiman is an owl and Pratchett – a lark). So the writing process was quite odd – they write it with the help of an answerphone!

‘Fight Club’ by Chuck Palaniuk

(Book review)

5 stars. My book review is related to the novel called “Fight Club.” The author is Chuck Palahniuk, a famous postmodernist writer; the book was released in 1996 in the United States by “W. W. Norton & Company”.

‘Shantaram’ by Gregory David Roberts

“There is no place where there is no war.”
Only in the middle of the book, you will learn about the author, and about the war that he waged within himself, then winning and gaining peace, then again rapidly falling into the abyss.
An autobiographical novel filled with confessions, bordering on death and self-destruction by love.


(Fifty words campus story)

They were always best friends and there seemed to be nothing more. She always chatted with him about all the guys she liked…He always just listened, listened and listened… She was always among the admirers of her beauty, and he was always so lonely…She was always so cute and he was always so mute… One day she put her head on his shoulder, “No one has ever loved me.” His eyes got flashed, “I always loved you, my beauty!” “Her cheeks got blushed, “I always loved you, my fruity!”

September2 9, 2019

‘House of Theresa’ by Olga Derkachova

(Book Review)

‘House of Theresa’ is a novel written by contemporary Ukrainian author Olga Derkachova.

Sparkling Student`s Horizons

The 1st of September.  Thoughts are scattered, the heart beats faster than usual.  So many people… my fear is mixed with joy.  Pleasant excitement is poured over the body.  That’s where the first pair will start.  I wonder how the first educational week will be.  Tutors explain everything, but few get it at one gulp…  This is where the history of the frosh freshers begins. …Let`s seek sparkling student`s horizons together!

‘A Beautiful Mind’ by Sylvia Nazar

(Book review)

‘A beautiful mind’ is a biographical novel written by Sylvia Nazar, a writer, journalist and economist.

‘Harry Potter and Philosopher`s Stone’ by J. K. Rowling

(book review)

5stars! All book about Harry Potter are my favorite books, especially it relates to the first book ‘Harry Potter and Philosopher`s Stone.’ This first book just introduced me to the world of magic and turned around my outlook in a topsy-turvy way.

‘The Shining’ by Stephen King

(book review)

The beginning of the book is completely calm, Jack Torrance, arranged to work as a watchman at the Overlook Hotel. The hotel has such a reputation for itself from the strange events that happened there. As a watchman, he got settled for the winter, so by the end of autumn, he brings his family there.

Book Review by John Gray – “Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus”

Whoever is near you, remember: this person is not perfect and will never become like that. None of us will. Waiting from your soulmate for only the most-most positive emotions and a constant, absolute, unconditional understanding is a gross mistake. They pay for it with disappointment and loneliness. You, especially if you are an inveterate egoist, need to learn to selflessly make your spiritual, emotional and intellectual contribution to your relationship with your loved one.

“Eat. Pray. Love.”by Elizabeth Gilbert

(book review)

5 stars. We are often faced with troubles and problems. From time to time, it seems that we can not find a solution. The problem is not that most people are dissatisfied with their lives. The problem is that they do nothing to change them.

‘The Gray House’ by Marian Petrosyan

(Book Review)

I was struggling to finish this novel so much!

This magical realistic novel is strange. It is weird, it is terrifying, it is surprising and scary but, at the same time, you want to keep reading it. I don’t think I get the story but, at the same time, I knew what it is about.

Review on book “The Princess Bride” by William Goldman

5stars. I watched the movie first and liked it so much that I started reading the book while the end credits were still on the screen. I kept hearing the movie lines “Inconceivable!” and “My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die!” These words were in my head, and I couldn’t wait to come across them in the book. It took quite a while, though – more time than I thought – to get to them as well as to the other great parts (which are basically the whole movie). I didn’t expect the story about the book that granddad read to his grandson would develop so much, neither did I predict enhanced irony, but I absolutely loved it! I enjoyed the “extra” parts and reveled in the author’s creativity. The book is remarkably extraordinary and hilarious. I can only imagine how much fun the author had while writing it.

As for the drawbacks, surely they exist. Some parts of the book looked for me too ambiguous and artificial.

Overall, the book is richer than the movie, and I definitely recommend reading it, especially if you have enjoyed the film. In case you haven’t seen the movie, better watch it first to get an idea of the style of this story and see whether it is your cup of tea or not.

25 September, 2019

‘The Shining’ by Stephen King

(Book Review)

A book about a young Torrens family consisting of 3 people: Jack Torrens, his wife Wendy and their five-year-old son Danny. Danny has a superpower in  a glow that allows him to read the thoughts of others and see and hear ghosts. Jack Torrens himself is a former teacher and writer who is expelled from school through drunkenness and beating of a student. Soon Jack is offered a job as a winter caretaker at the Overlook Mountain Hotel. He agrees and moves there with his family. But this hotel has a bad reputation and mysterious history, and that’s where the adventures of the Torrens family begin.

I like that this novel shows the power of our thoughts and the infinity of our fantasies. When you read a novel, you feel as if you are gettting into a mystical and magic world. As for the name of the book, it accurately reflects the main idea and design of the novel ‘The Shining’.

“Monsters are real. Ghosts are too. They live inside of us, and sometimes they win,” says the author and I completely agree. Based on this book, the horror movie was shot by film director   Stanley Kubrick in 1980. But I advise you to read the book first and then to watch this striking smash hit. In general, the plot is very emotional and keeps the reader in suspense until the very end.

This novel will be riveting for both men and women, but I do not recommend reading it to children under 12 years. Some scenes are too scary for their psyche. I rate ‘The Shining’ with  9 points out of 10.

25, September


(opinion article)

Success in common sense is the final result that everyone should strive for. From childhood, we hear this word. Parents say, “Learn, and in the future, you will become successful”. Having entered the university, they say to us, “A successful future is in your hands”. Having found work, we directly strive for this “success”. How to solve this abstract concept? What place does it occupy in our lives?

‘Vivienne Westwood’, by Ian Kelly

(book review)

“I was a punk before it got its name. I had that hairstyle and purple lipstick.”

Review of the “Man’s search for meaning: The classic tribute to hope from the Holocaust”

Victor Frankl is a world-renowned psychiatrist, psychotherapist, philosopher. In 1942 he got to a concentration camp where he was hungry, humiliated, sick, and constantly threatened with life. Analyzing his behavior and the behavior of other prisoners, Frankl found strategies that keep a person over the abyss, protect the mind from insanity and make sense of life. He described his horrific survival experience in a book that helped millions of people find themselves and change their lives.

Book Review of ‘The Da Vinci Code’ by Dan Brown 

Recently, I have got a passion for books about secret societies and conspiracies.

Book Review of ‘We are our Brains: From the Womb to Alzheimer’s’ by Dick Swaab

Reading Dick Swaab’s book “We Are Our Brains,” I realized almost nothing! It is not an exaggeration to call this book mind-blowing because of the concentration of important scientific information…

Tips for you, our first-year students

Never send half homework to a hardworking prof.

Never send slack-baked chalk talk to a swamped brof.

Don`t get upset like a fish out of water,

Don`t be too ‘wise’ like whizz Harry Potter.

Never add fuel when prof your is foamy.

Never yell out when the students are stormy.

Never forget, “No pain, and no gain!”

Never forget, “No brain, no Champaign!”

Always remember Bob Marley was zappy,

Never forget his, “Don’t worry, be happy”.

Psychoes can love

(short story)

It happened at a secondary school. She was 16 years old…He was one year older… They studied in the eleventh grade and fell in love with each other like two hilarious puppies. For the whole year, they flew on the wings of their love and built fairytale air castles in their dreams together…


(short story)

He held out his hand and asked a question.

I said, ” Yes!”

Talking With a Cat

(opinion article)

Every year you can see the word “creativity” more and more often, it has already become a clichéd characteristic, which must be a part of a successful person. Many people know this word and, at the same time, have abstract ideas of what creativity is. American psychologist Paul Torrens gave the following definition of creativity, “…digging deeper, looking twice, listening to smells, talking to a cat, cutting holes to see through, cutting corners, getting into deep water, getting out of locked doors.”

How can a pumpkin leave you without an eye?

She was happy as a clam and bought a delicious pumpkin smoothie in a store. However, she drank only a half. A week later, she decided to look at the bubbles inside of the bottle and pulled the tiger by the tail. All dorm peeps ran to the BOZO BOOM! Her black eye was unbelievable…


(Fifty words campus story)

At the end of a working day, me and my mate decided to get some grub. When we saw the whole range of food in the cafe, we were chuffed. We took a bunch of food. Then we get a check and simultaneously screamed, “BLIMEY!” We splashed out all the food.

‘Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Café’ by Fannie Flagg

Book Review

Rating 8.5 (out of 10) ‘Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Café’ is a novel by Fannie Flagg. It weaves together the past and the present of friendship between Evelyn Couch, a middle-aged housewife, and Ninny Threadgoode, an elderly woman who lives in a nursing home. Every week Evelyn visits Ninny, who tells her stories about her youth in Whistle Stop, Alabama where her sister-in-law, Idgie, and her friend, Ruth, ran a café.

Are we selfish by default?

(Book review of Richard Dawkins` ‘The Selfish Gene’
Rating: 3.5/5

Genetically humans are born selfish to prevent their species from extinction and survive natural selection.

«Shantaram» by Gregory David Roberts

Book Review

5 stars. This husky-chusky book surpassed my most menchaca expectations. Lin, a brave guy, who chose the wrong way and passed through numerous life hardships, including an Australian prison, Mumbai slumps, and Afghanistan, could not but get respected, daps, daps, daps. For hundreds of times, in his extremely adventurous life, he could be crushed, slashed, and trashed…Nevertheless, he survived since “every human heartbeat is a universe of possibilities.”

How to write a book review?

Before you write a review, you need to know what it is and what types of book reviews exist. Otherwise, you’ll write a seemingly functional review, and smart people just shake their heads: “Yes, brother, you’ve got some kind of essay, and it’s also preparatory!”

Success From a Female Perspective

(opinion article)

For every woman, success is an individual concept. For someone, it is to marry, create a family, but for someone it is to realize oneself, build a career, be self-sufficient. There are many people who have succeeded, starting from scratch. And every successful person will advise you only one thing – go to your goal and never give up. And for your inspiration, I will give you a couple of examples of successful women:

Being Original is a Key to Success

Originality is important, and I’m absolutely sure about it. No matter what exactly it is, the only important thing is that something that is different from others has more chances to be successful. We don’t talk about people only – it can also be seen in other parts of our life. For example, imagine a situation: there are a lot of cupcakes in front of you but most of them are brown and only one is a rainbow with many sparkles and glitters. Which one will you think about? Which one do you want to try? I don’t think that many people will choose one from the brownies – that’s not because they’re not delicious, that’s just because rainbow cupcake is striking, it says ‘Look at me! I’m here just for you!’ This cupcake wants to be noticed, and it will be!


(opinion article)

It’s always fascinating to hear stories of somebody’s success. Today many people achieve it in blogging, photo shooting, psychological counseling and, for example, fitness coaching. But let’s talk about legendary stories of success.

One passion, one skill

(opinion article)

I want to … make a breakthrough! The surprisingly simple law of phenomenal success.

Papazan Jay

Ordinary Uniqueness

(Opinion article)

Everything in the world is trivial until a few platitudes do not merge into one uniqueness.


(fifty words campus story)

She walks down the hallway, lost in thoughts. Looks somewhere in the distance trying to find a friend’s flash. But meets his eyes… The mocking eyes of a handsome He- man. At heart, something skipped a bit. Is this the spring of something sentimentally sublime? Maybe.

September 17, 2019

Love Triangle

(Short campus story)

Steve is a pickup guy. John is an odd ball. They have different plans for student’s life. The first wants to screw around. The second – just to study. However, they’re friends. They stick together… they drink together…  “Hey, let`s hook up girls!” says Steve. “Hey, let`s hook up to the library!” I even don`t know, who is better?

September 17, 2019


 (Fifty words campus story)

Several days left for her exams. Marta horsed around happily instead of being busy as a bee. Time flew fast and the exam struck like a bolt from the blue. While going for the exam, she thought her maximum was D-grade, but after getting B-grade, she was surprised that they didn`t give her A-grade.

Late Red Hours

(Fifty words campus story)

Everyone is asleep, except for one person in the dark den room. There is only one weak source of light – his smart phone.

Red eyes are burning. Perhaps, the best possible decision is to finally fall asleep… But does it have a sense at five o’clock in the morning?

‘Stranger Things’ Story

(Fifty words story based on ‘Stranger Things’ series)

Her name was just Eleven,
She was like weird cat.
She could go Upside Down.
Behaved like ‘lab rat.’

One day she made a run for it.
Met Lucas, Dustin, Mike.
Guys rescued girl from go-nuts dad.
Would Elly help alike?

Would Elly rescue boys’ friend Will,
The Demogorgon’s prey?
Would Elly go in for the kill?
Or would she go away?

September 15

Students Mourning Morning

(Fifty words campus story)


My head is full of thoughts.

Doing my coffee still thinking that my head is full of thoughts….

…coffee got cold…

Studying…. More thoughts.

Home…. I’m exhausted.

My mind gonna kill me, but let it be…

I’m ready to be killed, because the mourning morning starts again.

I Don’t Have Even Pickles…So, I’m In A Pickle.

(Fifty Words Campus Story)

Winter morning… Ukrainian dormitory… Dressing up my SHORTS and a T-SHIRT… Taking a BATH… PURITY… Lots of food are in my fridge.

Beauty in Black

(50 Words Campus Story about bulling)

They tried to hit.
They tried to kick.
They were so cruel
Breaking rules.
“You are the looser!”
cried to me.
“You are the loner!”
How to be?
But they can’t see
The beauty in black
“We`ll wring your neck!”
Oh, maybe, God was right
I flew off high with soothing sigh.

September 11. 2019

Your Dream Requires Action

(campus story)

Her parents wanted a decent life for her, and she didn’t know what to do.  She dreamed of poetry, and her parents sent her to study law.  She was like a fish out of water and her parents were happy…  A year has passed.  They organized a poem contest at a law institute and she hit this chance.  The jury, classmates and all in attendance fell in love with her song “Dream”. She won the competition and got believed in her talent. She dropped out of the law and entered the philology.  Now SHE is happy as a CLAM. So, if you want your dreams to come true, you need actions… They speak louder than words.

September 9, 2019


(Fifty words campus story)

John is pulling all his night.
Life gets topsy-turvy.
John goes working day and night
John stopped studying, nervy.
Now he is going down to the dump.
And it seemed so easy
Could be fired and dropped out.
Pull yourself, be breezy.

What prevents to be successful?

(Opinion article)

Everyone wants to be successful, but not everyone becomes one. There are many different answers to the question why this is happening. Often the reason can be banal human laziness and not too strong desire to achieve something. Sometimes, at the beginning of the way and us ready to roll mountains, but when the first difficulties arise, our thirst for work disappears somewhere, a depressing sense of self-doubt arises, and it forces us to quit the case we just began.

Wine Day

(Fifty words campus story)

Ira came to the dormitory without any desire to say hello to anybody. She set a plush toy opposite her, mutely opened the bottle of wine and started drinking.

“ Are you OK?” asked her Kate.

“ I just had a dreadful week”, answered Ira.

“ But, Ira, today is Tuesday.”

September 10, 2019

Look Beyond Your Horizons

(Fifty words campus story)

The first week at university was amazing. So was the next. Then everything went topsy-turvy. While preparing for “Who we are” festival, students skipped classes, offended a lecturer, and got to binge drinking in the basement. Yeah, that is the truth. Nevertheless, I see ahead of the curve. I see the light in the tunnel. I see new horizons.

September 9, 2019

One Step to the Dream. Expectations and Reality

(Fifty Words Campus Story)

She sees a smashing and sparkling hall. At the entrance – the name of her publishing house…

After the opening speech – wine, laughing, big bosses come to congrats her. She is happy as a clam…

She is opening her eyes. Just tired of cram and kip – exam tomorrow.

September 10. 2019

The Golden Key Of Passion

(opinion article)

Have you ever wondered about the ingredients of the success in an assignment, activity, or affair we are embarking on? There is an assertion that it all depends on how much we like what we do. Personally, I agree with that, because 50% of success in the cause we take depends on our passion and learning. Without the fire in your eyes, it`s difficult to break through.

The Power of Flame Burning in Your Soul, Why Passion Is Essential for Success

(Opinion article)

“And he made it, Benya Krik, because he was passionate,
and passion rules over the worlds”.

– Isaac Babel, The Odessa Tales

Right Choice or Wrong

(Fifty words campus story)

New phase.  New page.  New life. Adult and independent…  Crossing the threshold of the University, a lot of questions arise in my head, “Am I where I should be?” , “Did I choose the right route?”. I’ll find out the answer later but now countless courses and sleepless nights are chasing me.  Here’s our student life!

September 9, 2019

Heavens Help Heroes

(Fifty words campus story)

My Mom, being young, was sent to practice in the countryside. Students  were told that they would be paid with vegetables but didn’t keep the promise. Deep at night, my Mom and her Dad decided to restore justice: to pick up what they earned. Unfortunately, a guard grabbed and put them on a motorcycle with corn. However, Heavens helped heroes… They got away with corn…

September 9, 2019


Vegan cosmetics – sounds so natural and pure. But is it? We asked Oksana Shramko – the head technologist at “White Sprut”, the organic, vegan, glycerin & cruelty-free cosmetics.

Can you Clearly Think?

In the 21st-century employers are looking for specialists with critical thinking who are able to recognize a difference between believed and false information. Also, critical thinking is about evaluating situations and making decisions.

Genetic Goldfish

(Fifty Words Campus Story)

After summer vacation I noticed Maria, in a divine folk dress embroidered with fascinating flowers.

“Hi, what a beauty!”

Maria smiled, “You mean my dress, right? My first handwork. I was at my grand-grandmother house, and I did it!”

“Maybe, it is a kind of a genetic goldfish?”


New Page, New Chapter

(Fifty words campus story)

She went by subway, looking out the window. She was surrounded by lots of strangers with sleepy eyes and weepy ears. She didn`t care. She wasn`t lonely. Her music inspired her making the soul fly.

When the time has come, she left the station and went towards fresh air and the University.  To turn a new page, to open a new chapter, to make a discovery of her life…

September 8, 2019

Time plus Tragedy is Comedy

(Fifty words campus story)

Lana is an eager beaver.

Lana works around the clock.

Lana goes bananas, sure.

Lana wants to pass her work.

Clocks go back

She didn`t notice!!!

Her exam on edge of fail!!!

Lana bites the bullet, sure.

Flying colors! That`s OK 🙂 🙂 🙂

Broken Career, Broken Heart

(Fifty words campus story)

His major was Publishing. She was in Journalism. His flowers were always at her desk. Her pride just didn`t notice…She was so happy, he was so miserable. He was too shy, she didn`t care. He asked her, “When?” She answered, “When pigs fly.” He dropped out… She did not notice…

September 9, 2019

Nostalgia Versus Happiness

Summer is Going On

(opinion article)

I had never been to Prague but after visiting it, I felt nostalgia. I had such impression that I had already strolled along the streets of this ‘museum under the open sky’ city. Foaming beer, eccentric absinthe, great boar knee….and a chasing déjà vu feeling.

Best Friends Team

(humorous short story)

The office of Mr. Richardson, an ambitious middle-aged fair-haired CEO ruling not less ambitious NY Construction Company, was sparkling with superb led lamps and super stabbing eyes of his staff.

How Internet Affects Life

(opinion article)

Nowadays, the use of the Internet is increasing especially among adolescence or more accurately, students. The Internet issue is discussed by adults and parents. Most of them are worried that the use of Internet is dangerous to their kids. Some others said that the Internet may bring benefits to their children especially to those who will be sitting for an examination.

No one Owes Nothing to Nobody

Where did this popular phrase come from to the common people, “Nobody owes anything to anyone?” This is a disgusting statement. Deceitful in its essence, for any man and woman are social beings. And entering into a relationship of any kind turns into a social must. 

Folk Fest of Ivan Kupala

Why is Midsummer So Popular in Ukraine?

(Opinion Article)

The feast of Ivan Kupala is celebrated from July 6 to 7, during the summer solstice or midsummer. It is at this time that the vegetation reaches its climax, grows and flourishes, multiplies and rejoices in life.

Professional Career and Human Life

(Opinion article)

In my opinion, today, career plays a significant role in the lives of almost all people. Society changes and the attitude to professional development, too. If earlier a person who “made a career” had been condemned, now it is one of the indicators of a successful professional life. A lot of ‘career jokes, including this one went into oblivion, “Career pays off in the future, laziness pays off right now!”

What are you looking for?

Sometimes people look for life, and sometimes they find it in a day. Sometimes we wait, and sometimes make someone wait for us.

When awareness comes to you …

You will decrease the circle of friends.

Will not Appreciate

Some people will not appreciate you until you leave. When you no longer give them the support that they took for granted, when you no longer write them pleasant sms that they ignored, when you no longer meet them with open arms every time they knock on your door in the middle of the night and when you no longer wait for their call on the phone.

Killing Animals or Saving Them

(Opinion article)

Is it permissible to kill animals, can it be justified, is it necessary?  Ask these questions to me and I … I will not answer them.  For one simple reason.  I do not understand what “killing animals” means.  By the way, this is not the same as meat-eating.  If the animal died on its own and I did not kill it, then this does not prevent me from eating its meat.  Similarly, if someone else killed it…  Suppose a lion killed an antelope, and a man took away his meat.  Would a man be a murderer in this case?  Of course not.  It is necessary to immediately separate the question of murder and the question of food.  A hunter can shoot for entertainment and not eat meat, but the consequences of his actions are no less significant than if he ate (or maybe more – too much meat and skin does not need a person).  Killing is the cessation of life.  All living things are mortal, in death there is nothing wrong with the essence.  We are more concerned about the “premature”, that is, unexpected death.  We forget that the causes of death can be different themselves, and death is natural not only in the cases when the maximum age is reached.  All this should be considered when evaluating a murder.

Good Art, Evil Art

The Main Task of a True Artist

(Opinion article)

There are creators who cultivate GOOD art, reproducing beauty as such: elevated love and elegant body, laudable landscapes and superb skylines and so on. As once Mahatma Gandhi said, “When I admire the wonders of a sunset or the beauty of the moon, my soul expands in the worship of the creator.”

Korean Cuisine, Kimchi, Tkeok

My Much Beloved Hongju!

(Opinion Article)

I have never thought that I will be an aficionado of Korean cuisine. Nevertheless, my first visit to a Korean restaurant changed my tastes almost beyond recognition… I even don`t know how it happened, however, it happened. Maybe, under the influence of my new friends, my dreamy spirit or whimsical nature…Just at once I realized that, though they say that the healthiest is ‘Vietaminese’ food, the Corny Karma Korean food has a lot of advantages too.  Just a year has passed, and I turned in an experienced expert of this kind of Oriental cuisine.

Subconsciousness as the basis of communication

People do not suspect that a limited set of certain words controls their internal psychological space, for the reason that they do not realize them, and therefore these words are of particular importance because through self-directing we give them, even more, weight and strength. As a matter of fact, the words are the only true and absolute tyranny that involuntarily obeys a person; they dictate to us the reality in which we live and the form of consciousness that we have to use. As J.Osteen once said, “You can change your world by changing your words…Remember death and life are in the power of words.”

Gestures Don`t Lie

(Opinion article)

Gestures, of course, should help a person and not betray him or her in important moments. That is why most speakers, politicians, and media celebs choose gestures very carefully. They know perfectly what a gesture means, which ones are worth using, and which ones are better not to avoid. As J.Marguliers remarked, “Small gestures can have a big impact.”


(Opinion article)

The dramatic structure of Instagram Stories is almost always a snippet of the moment.

Why I don’t care about my grades (and you shouldn’t too)

(Opinion essay)

Woah, easy there. Don’t worry. I’m not ordering you to drop out of your school or uni and forget about studying EVER again. I’m simply here to introduce my own experience of not minding academic achievement and how it influences my life — cause it could influence yours, too.

What are the components of internal potential?

(Opinion article)

First, it is all kinds of health. Both physical and mental, mental, personal and psychological. Yes, yes, these are all different kinds! Physical health is about your body condition. Mental says about the ability to be adequate and the ability to adapt to the environment, the functioning of the psyche, the ability to think, I remember, and so on. Mental health is about inner state, openness to people, ability to rejoice and live in a high emotional tone. Personality is about the state of a person as a person, about successful personal growth and self-realization. Let`s look at the successful interaction of all types of health from a psychological point of view.

Passive rebellion

Why laziness does not exist

(Opinion article)

Probably NO ON THE LIGHT OF A PERSON who would never have said at least once, “You’re just lazy.” We hear about laziness from childhood – from parents, grandparents, teachers (“Able girl, but lazy. We need to try harder!”). Later we ourselves begin to use this phrase and call ourselves, our partners and children lazy. But is everything so simple with this idea?


“The electronic universe is nothing else
like a shameless cheater
open expression of the Antichrist.”

M. McLuen

In our time, the Internet has become one of the main ways of communication and knowledge of new information over long distances. Each of us, without much effort, can learn about the events in different countries – this is the essence of the “global village” by the works of Marshal McLuen.

Checklist for a successful trip

Are you going to trip? Keep yourself a checklist that will help you carry out the journey perfectly.

Techno Addict, Gloomy Verdict

Wakey, wakey, Ball is Waiting

(Opinion article)

It is well known that  our life develops constantly, so as technologies. Can you imagine your life without using a mobile phone, TV or Internet? I think no, because all of these items make our life easier. Now you can order clothes, food and other stuff from all around the world just in one click via your smartphone. Don’t forget about paying bills, reading news, watching movies, etc.


Skill that is not taught in school

(Opinion article)

Emotional intelligence is the direction of practical psychology, designed to teach people specific tools with which they can manage their emotional state. 

Ten Most Terrible World Places

(Opinion article)

Today I decided to highlight the ten most terrible places in the world.

Cheery Сoffee or Latte Depresso

(Opinion article)

Nowadays coffee has become a more and more indispensable part of our lives.  I have read several academic articles on the topic of caffeine dependence and disorder in its usage. However, as the main one to take a stance on, I would like to take into consideration an article “Caffeine Use Disorder: A Comprehensive Review and Research Agenda.” This article is aimed at describing problems of excessive caffeine consumption and its possible consequences. It is written in a conceptual way with high-quality background data collection and research.

Suburban Trains – Terrible Territory

(Opinion article)

Today it is necessary to have steel nerves to get somewhere by a suburban train. I need to ride to the university every day by this type of transport and for 2 years I have seen in what scaring and, at the same time, stinking situation the rolling stock of Ukrzaliznytsia (Ukrainian Railroad) is.

Communication and Children, Sleeplessness and Cheerfulness

(Opinion article)

Judging upon our experience and by the passage of time, it can be argued that communication in one way or another affects a person. But as to how strong this effect might be, the existing versions differ significantly. The first concept arose in the 1920s and 1930s, it was called the magic bullet theory or the theory of injection. Then it was thought that the media can quickly and effectively influence the audience. People perceive information in the same way and do not form other opinions because they can not get it from other sources.

To Read or Not To Read

(Opinion article)

Actually, that’s a rhetorical question. Everyone all around the world knows that it is very important to be literate because in this case, you will be respectable in any group of people. As Jiddu Krishnamurti said, there is no end to education.

Top Seven Travel Things

(Opinion article)

Each of us thinks about what things you need to take on a so long-awaited trip. Do I need this thing? And this? Do I need a frying pan or a radio? Of course, travels are different. Perhaps a frying pan would be useful if you were going to have a rest in the woods with tents and mosquitos, and the radio, if you went to the middle of nowhere or the end of the world, where no one lives, except Robinson Crusoe and Friday girl. In this opinion article, I will tell you what is better to take in a trite trip to Europe, where all you will do is walk around the city, see the sights, taste traditional dishes or go to museums.

Thank you, Professor Andreas Kappeller

(Opinion article)

May 22, 2019. Andreas Kappeler, Professor of History from the University of Vienne, a famous friend of Ukraine, presented his new book ‘Unequal Brothers. Ukrainians and Russians from the Medieval Ages to Nowadays’ in Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University (KUBG). The book presents  profound research of the uneasy Ukrainian and Russian relationships from an Austrian perspective.  It is based on a database and authentic sources taken from the leading libraries of the European Union. A part of reference literature is not in the circulation of the Ukrainian historians, still now, it is just unknown here. It is not surprising that after the warm greeting words, Academician V.I. Ogneviuk, Rector of KUBG, invited Professor A.Kappeler as well as his prominent disciples to take part in a number of scientific projects relating to the history of Ukraine.

School and Not-School Bullying

(opinion article)

Recently, I got concerned about cases of school bullying that took place in our society. School Bullying is a type of bullying, that occurs in any educational establishment. School bullying campaign is systematic harassment with anger, humiliation, which is often distributed in educational institutions. Usually, this term means persecution among students. School bullying  can be: physical and psychological. Physical bullying is any unwanted physical contact between the bully and the victim. This is one of the most easily identifiable forms of bullying. Psychological bullying is any form of bullying that causes damage to a victim’s psyche and emotional well-being.


(Opinion article)

Today, yoga is fashionable. The whole world is engaged in yoga – Hollywood stars and Prime Ministers, office workers and housewives. This word has become a part of our daily life. But different people put different concepts into it. For some, yoga is another type of fitness, a way to improve your body, for someone – a means of getting rid of stress or the ability to lose weight. And someone thinks about deeper aspects, looking for answers to eternal life questions. So what is this yoga?

It is believed that yoga is an ancient teaching, with a religious slant. They say that many thousands ago it was  invented by Pantajali, a naga or a serpent looking guru, who left almost two hundred unforgettable aphorisms about yoga, “A mind free from all disturbances is yoga…Be happy for those who are happy, have  compassion towards those who are unhappy and maintain equanimity towards the wicked.” But everything in the world is changing. Today, yoga has a lot of new perspectives, faces, and names. It has become more athletic, curative and accessible but, at the same time, it has retained its destiny and brings light into the life of people, connecting them with true “I”.

Yoga and a healthy lifestyle are inseparable concepts. The fact is that the main purpose of yoga is a complete improvement of the body, including the moral recovery. It’s no secret that yoga is considered the most effective method not only to get rid of diseases but also to prolong one’s life. So what happens during such activities with our body? First, due to increased blood flow, the metabolism becomes more intense. Regular exercise helps strengthen the muscles of the chest, and our breathing becomes the most complete. In this case, all organs and tissues are actively supplied with oxygen.

During yoga, there is an active exchange of energy with the outside world: negative energy leaves our body, and positive, on the contrary, passes through it, leaving a positive result. It is noteworthy that regular workouts contribute to both the physical and emotional recovery of any person. Often, people who are fond of yoga come together to study in groups in order to find harmony and balance with the outside world.

Regular training can completely change a person, both externally and internally. The proportions of the body improve, thoughts become clear and, eventually, the feeling of anxiety completely leaves you. It feels complete harmony with the outside world. “True meditation is to be fully present with all that is, including discomfort and problems. This is not a salvation from life, ” said C. Hamilton.

Today, yoga is becoming more popular than ever. About 40 million people devote their free time to this amazing activity. However, in most cases, yoga is perceived as one of the ways to train the body, that is, as a form of fitness. But the philosophy of yoga is in a deep and a meditating truth. Following noble moral principles, a certain way of life, a complete transformation of the personality and consciousness as a whole – only this can make a man a yogi in the full sense of the word. I was interested in yoga during my school years. At first, I was doing irregularly, mostly while being in a good mood. Now I try to do it daily. Yoga is now a key part of my development process. For me, the word ‘yoga’ refers to a combination of physical and respiratory exercises aimed at changes in the energy of the body. Let everyone find their own definition of yoga!

Unravel the web of travel

(Opinion article)

“Traveling makes you speechless, and then turns you into the best storyteller,” so once said Ibn Battuta, an Arab traveler and itinerant merchant, who traveled all over the Islamic world. Hard to disagree. Each of us has ever dreamed of seeing another world. To move away from the usual everyday affairs and look beyond your room walls. To look at other cultures, find new friends and hear exciting stories. But what’s stopping you? No time? No money? No company? Scared? You will be surprised, but for a good trip enough three or four days, a small amount of money, one true friend and a pinch of courage. I will try to tell you about three countries in Europe that will not bite your pocket, will give a lot of positive emotions and tell stories that you will tell your grandchildren. (Note! The grandchildren will not fall asleep from boredom!)

Mass and Elite Culture

Is it Cakeism?

Whether we like it or not, but each of us is a part of society and is deliberately or unknowingly exposed by the media. Mass media can inform not only news, distribute interesting information, advertise goods, but also spread mass culture. Under the notion of mass culture, we can understand many things. For me, the first association is connected with fashion, style and trendy things. But apart from this, it can be entertainment, literature, music, cooking.

Oblivion of Architectural Monuments

Ukrainian Tragic Saga

(Opinion article)

 With every passing year, more and more historical monuments keep on crashing down. The majority of historic buildings are getting destroyed, and just few lucky ones are getting reconstructed. At this rate, the architectural heritage of Ukraine will remain just only in our memoirs. The pessimists affirm it will happen very soon.  Let`s highlight the present conditions of several Ukrainian architectural monuments.

Cruel Cosmetics and Lousy Lipstick

Every day we use cosmetics, but avoid getting it in the eye, tasting it or rubbing it in the wound, we know that it is dangerous. But when making cosmetics, to understand the interaction of mixed substances with the living body, many companies test cosmetics in animals, and only some of them show mercy.


(Opinion article)

Now, in the age of mass consumption, fast fashion, merciless madness and a cutting-edge concept of ‘individuality’, it is difficult to say where YOU are and where the one you want to SEEM.

Why do people need mass culture?

(Opinion article)

In our life, we are constantly faced with mass culture. It is an integral part of our existence because we are the bearers of this culture. Around this phenomenon that seems to be usual for us, there are many discussions. What is the mass culture? When did it appear? What influence does the mass culture have on people’s consciousness: positive or negative? And the main question is: why do people need it?

Education for children with special educational needs

Every year in early September, all children and adolescents go to school. There they learn new things, the world and communicate with their peers. All of this plays a significant role in the formation of their worldview and future behavior in society. And have you seen many children with disabilities in a regular school? The school where I studied didn’t have such children. Why? The answer is very simple; there are no conditions for inclusive education in an ordinary school. Not to mention educational programs and plans that are not adapted for children with special educational needs. This type of education is quite specific. As Sarah Palin said, “Sometimes even the greatest joys bring challenge, and children with special needs inspire a very, very special love.

Fashion as Fancy Media

Modern and Modish

(Opinion article)

At long last, it happened. For the majority of youth, the problems of the environment got flashy, funky and faddy!  Just several years ago, the eco-topics were “not in the backyards” of people and those who said that they refused plastic or furs were considered to be scammers. Nowadays, more and more leaders of public opinion and big-league companies support the idea of environmental protection.  The most striking manifestations are in the fashion industry.

Castles of Trash

(Opinion article)

Every time I take a trip home from Kyiv to my native Pavlograd I feel it like a journey. The sound of trains, outside the window – beautiful landscapes: from snowy valleys in winter to green gardens in spring. The pictures flash one after another: fields, forests and … tons of garbage, instead of a flourishing land, an urban nightmare. I call it a castle of trash.

Global warming

(Opinion article)

One of the main problems of humanity in the 21st century is global warming, which inevitably destroys the atmosphere of the earth and threatens our planet.

Ukrainians aren’t ready to pay for music

(Opinion article)

In 2019, it is extremely easy to access various sites and services that provide you with tons of music, movies and TV Series. Still, research shows that only 6% use streaming platforms to listen to music. According to an analytic company MUSO, Ukraine joins top-10 of countries visiting piracy sites. So why do Ukrainians still choose to steal media and refuse to pay for anything on the internet?

Is there feminism in Ukraine?

While in the 28 countries of the world same-sex marriages are staggering, in Ukraine gender equality issues are only beginning to gain momentum. Moreover, Ukraine ranked 83rd in the index of gender equality among 150 countries of the world. Is the phenomenon of feminism positively affecting our society?

Chicken Ankle Generation

(Opinion article)

A week ago one old doctor astonished me with a funny affirmation, “Look at the ankles of the present-day youngsters! They are thin like chicken bones! Don`t you know why? They lack the Earth Energy. The miserable asphalt jungle kids!”

Veganism. The Price of Life

(Opinion article)

Veganism… What’s that? This is not another “smart word”, not pseudoscience and not a diet. It’s a way of life. A life that does not harm others and those who cannot protect themselves. Life healthy and long. Life without furs and skin. Life without honey. Life without milk, cheese, curd, sour cream, condensed milk, and eggs. Life without meat, fish, and seafood. Free life — without violence and murder.

Hamburger or Salad?

(opinion article)

One spring evening, I sat on the balcony, drank green tea and surfed the news on the internet. I saw a very witty video that said that human health is 70% depending on what you eat.

To Grow Up or Not To Grow Up

Growing up is a natural change that sooner or later happens to all people. I think that the adulthood of a person is determined not so much by his age, as by the ability to take responsibility for the committed actions to analyze them and correct them. Therefore, it is very important to stop hoping that others will solve your problems and do it yourself.

Hatred, Racism and Extremism… Not for Ukraine

(Opinion article)

Racism covers the world and unfortunately Ukraine is no exception. European countries are effectively finding ways to eradicate such a phenomenon. In general, racism is a belief in the superiority of some races or ethnic groups over others and prejudice and discrimination related to such faith.

Just Love Pandas

(Opinion article)

The famous black and white Chinese “bamboo” bear, panda, can completely disappear from the wild nature. This was stated by the World Wildlife Fund, the symbol of which is this animal. Scientists have named the reasons that for many years “push” pandas to the brink of extinction.

Social networks: our assistants or traitors?

(opinion article)

It is impossible to imagine modern life without the internet. There are almost no such people left, who don’t have an account in a social network. In social networks, it is easy to find the desired video, music, book, and it’s also simple to find a like-minded person. Social networks bring us simplicity of communication, because of opportunity to be in completely different places in the world and communicate with relatives, friends or colleagues.

Ukraine. The toothless eco-activists and the smirking business sharks

(Opinion article)

Nowadays we live in a world where the ecology problem goes bigger and bigger with every passing day. Through our actions we are always destroying habitats: many cities suffer from smog, animals are dying because of hunting, there’s more plastic in the world ocean than fish in it…

Alexander the Great and his drunk or sunk fleet

(opinion article)

From school I loved the lessons of world history, so when I heard that scuba divers supposedly found the sunken fleet of Alexander the Great near the shores of Lebanon, I began to study this information better.

Tragic Prophecy of Victor Hugo

(Opinion article)

Like millions of people around the world I can`t but express my condolences on the case of Notre Dame damaging blaze. The whole night I could not sleep keeping in mind the lamenting faces of Parisians. Next day, with a hard heart, instinctively, I took ‘The Hunchback of Notre Dame,’ the novel written by Victor Hugo from my bookshelf, just to look through and to calm down a bit…

Do you need a bag?

(Opinion article)

The phrase you hear every day at the checkout at the supermarket. Courtesy to the buyer and spit at the planet. ⠀

Ready, steady, go!

(Short story)

I chose running or did it choose me? Most likely, the choice was mine.
My marathon lasts for 19 years 3 months and 3 days.

How to start zero-waste living

OThe progressive part of our society solves the sore garbage problem by sorting it and proper disposal. However, there is a much better and more importantly, systemic solution – to make so that there is less garbage, and ideally, it was not at all at the “entry” stage when you are shopping for new things and products. This movement, which is spreading around the world and is already finding its supporters in Ukraine, is called Zero Waste – “zero rubbish.

Angelic Peach Aroma

(short story)

The aroma of the first peach fruits in the garden of Ann and Antoine, the young couple in their late twenties, was actually angelic. They planted it at the third anniversary of their marriage. The divine looking peaches were so sweet that bearded Antoine can`t help but smiling, “The fruit flavor resembles your lovely lips!”

Gender Equality in Ukraine

(opinion article)

Women in Ukraine have equal opportunities with men, if they would have a desire and ability to make them – this opinion is quite widespread. However, it is false, statistics prove. Ukrainian women still face discrimination on the basis of sex.

Cloning: scientific progress or a threat to humanity?

(opinion article)

Man is a creature that cannot live without progress. Every year we develop, create new technologies, look for ways that can improve our lives. Unfortunately or fortunately, people, in addition to the desire for scientific progress, have a clearly defined morality and empathy. Therefore, I would like to present one of the most complex ethical and scientific issues of mankind: it is ethical or not to have cloning, what kind of benefit or danger it represents. At the moment there are more negative than positive positions on this topic.

Fancy Fille Fatale

(Criminal story)

One day my friend and I were at the railway station and waited for the train to go on holiday for a few days. The weather was so scorchingly warm, the sun shone so brightly that I wanted to do just only one thing – to put off my sweater. I put my purse with all my documents, tickets and money on a bench and started changing my сlothes.

Notre-Dame. Catastrophe. Condolences. Questions.

(Opinion Article)

 On April 16, 2019, the grim grief in the heart of Paris stirred up the whole world community. The enormous fire engorged the scaffolding, the spire and the roof of Notre Dame, the 850-year-old Gothic cathedral, the most visited touristic landmark of the world, with almost 13 million people attending it each year.  


(Fantasy story)

“I don’t know, maybe, I sound old-fashioned or retro-style thinking, but visiting Paris with all its art tourist attractions is one of my deepest dreams,” Peter, a twenty-one-year-old student with a nerdy appearance of an A-student simpleton took off his glasses and looked at Ann, his University group mate, a diva-licious glamour girl with noble manners, who socialized with him just only because he was her summer cottage neighbor. 

In vain

(Romantic story)

He doesn’t get used to the constant cold: for the first weeks, he tries to keep warm in vain, wraps himself in everything warm in vain, sleeps under a pair of blankets in vain and turns on the heater in vain.

Leyla, Jack and David

Eternal Love Triangles
(Romantic story)

Leyla, a 21-year-old brunette beauty, with a slender figure and fruity voice, was still a university student. In her life, there were a lot of buddies and friends, but Jack was special, they studied together. Outwardly, he was shy a bit, but inside he had a kind heart and sharp brain. She knew it. From time to time, he appeared from nowhere and said: “Let’s go for coffee!My shout!”They drank coffee for hours and talked about everything, starting from a new video game and ending with the global problems of humanity. The day came when Jack told Leyla about his feelings and said that he could not imagine his future life without Leila. Leila was in doubts, she could not understand whether she loved Jack or not, whether he was a friend or just a bit more. On reflection, Leila decided not to hurry up and to leave this question for the future. Jack agreed and gave her time to thinking.

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