Choice. Why is it so hard?

Our whole life consists of important and not-so-important choices. What time should we go to bed and wake up? What to order at the café? What to wear for a walk? Sometimes almost nothing depends on our decision, but it’s still hard to make up our minds. If you’re wondering “why?” then this article is for you.

  • Not your choice

Many of us have experienced feelings of helplessness when, such as, our parents chose a university, clothes, even food for us. Personally, I find that my mother can literally force me to eat something just because she feels like it. People don’t even think about the fact that making choices for us won’t live with all the consequences. So, you can take someone else’s advice but always decide for yourself.

  • The Role of Parents

How often did you hear from your parents as a child “it doesn’t hurt to want?” Surprisingly, such phrases dramatically change a child’s perception. As a result, he or she is just ashamed to want something and wish already by inertia, because as a child it was shameful and even sometimes not safe.

  • Fear

As a child, my mother scolded me heavily for soiled clothes, a lost toy, or a mistake in a notebook. And now I am so afraid of making the wrong choice that even during a game of cards I think a million times before I go. And if something goes wrong, I blame myself for it and get even more scared. When faced with a choice, just flip a coin. It won’t give you the right answer, but the moment the coin is in the air, you already know what you’re hoping for.

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