Christmas atmosphere for the whole year

Winter holidays are a necessary part of every year, because they create the mood with which we enter the new year.

In Ukraine, it all starts differently for everyone – someone starts preparing at the end of November, for someone this atmosphere comes on December 13 on the day of the Holy Apostle Andry or on December 19 – on the day of St. Nicholas. Then the main Christmas tree of the country on Sofia Square is lit.

First of all, it is a family holiday. Everyone gathers at home and celebrates. Of course, young people often go to friends for the New Year, but Christmas is a family holiday.

Also, everyone is fascinated by the atmosphere that is created in shops, restaurants, in the city. Christmas music is heard everywhere, scenery shines, the range of goods changes from Halloween to Christmas, Christmas trees appear.

Also, the holiday season is full of gifts and care for loved ones, because everyone wants to impress and make a pleasure, carefully wrapping the gift.

Therefore, as Charles Dickens said, “I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year,” the holiday should be held as you really want and with your loved ones.

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