Christmas Campus at Night

A lot of people even don`t know that there is a magic dorm called modestly as “The Students` Campus of Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University.” From the outside, it looks like a standard student s` campus, just like five others on the same Kikvidze Street. But those who live inside know for sure that it is an enigmatically excellent place, full of students and laughter, joy and happiness… 

This Christmas Eve, like others, is the most wonderful night in the whole world. Except for this campus, of course. Who’d want to spend holidays in another city and without a family?

The answer is simple. The student, who forgot about deadlines and has a really Grinch teacher – coach teacher. Who said that the deadline would end on January 8, just after Christmas?

So, this is student Vasya. He did not attend the physical education classes during the semester and thought that he would be a programmist  and he did not need any PE classes at all!

But because of his hilarious idling and missing the university, now he is sitting at the table at 3 a.m., pulling an all-nighter, and scribbling the last paper. The coach-teacher said that Vasya needed to do a simple task –  to write a course paper for 35 pages, entitled as “Why missing PE classes will affect students` health in future.” By hand. A4 format.

At this moment he is writing the last page…the last page of this paper…being happy that he can get rid of this nightmare…At long last! Suddenly, a burst of frosty wind opens a window. It is an old wooden window, as old as the campus, and the winsome wind starts frisking with all sheets of his course paper, mixing them up and scattering all around the room. Vasya forgot to number all of them and now they are so mixed that no one, literally no one, can redress the situation.

Vasya is in despair. On reflection, he comes to the conclusion that the best decision is to hit the sack and to sleep till the morning. As his Grandmother said, “Let`s sleep on it.” He falls asleep right at the moment he falls in bed.

If he only knew that the students` campus was not empty… The Student Christmas Ghost named “Snowy White Lady” always strolls along the straight dormitory corridors, especially, at night. Nobody knows about her presence except for some occasional students who stay at campus for holidays. And now this Snowy White Ghost starts exploring Vasya`s room. She finds out the paper mess and smiles gently. She is waving her magic wand and all Vasya`s papers are filed and numbered carefully. Snowy White Lady also was a student once…

December 1, 2019

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