Christmas Could Be Saved!

(Сhristmas story)

Christmas was in danger.
It was a day before Christmas, and everything looked totally fine. I had a Christmas tree, lots of decorations like lights, candies, garlands and candles, but something was wrong and I couldn’t get it. I didn’t feel this Christmas spirit, which makes everything around magical and that’s why I was not happy about the forthcoming holidays.Suddenly some gorgeous guess came to my mind.

“Where is the snow? Where are these miracle snowflakes?”

After that, I understood what I was missing. SNOWWW. I needed that like air, like a hot cup of coffee in a frosty day, and without it, Christmas would not come.

For this reason, I had to do something with this problem. But what could I do? I needed some plan and help immediately. Аt that very hour, my Mum came to my room to borrow a pen and I realized that this was my solution. She gave me the best advice ever to start singing Christmas songs!

You may not believe me and say that I’m crazy, but that worked. After my night concert, where I sang all the famous Christmas songs, I looked at the window and saw that everything around was white. SNOWWW. And in that very moment, I finally felt it, the Christmas mood.

So, Christmas was saved. HOORAY!!!

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