Christmas Miracle

(Christmas story)

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle”
 (Albert Einstein)

Winter. Christmas Eve is coming soon. Everything is white and sparkling. Children run, sing songs, but I’m alone. So sad. So gloomy. Every year I make a wish, but it does not happen. Some vicious circle I am not able to break free of. Nevertheless, I still believe in the Christmas miracle. After all, faith is all I have.

I don’t want to complain about my destiny, but I understand that it could be better. A bit better. I just want to be able to walk. But I can’t do it. Health has let me down, but every Christmas I wish to learn to walk, to run, to jump with everyone.

I have been chained to my bed for ten years. Occasionally, I can enjoy natural phenomena but only through my window blinds. So sad, so gloomy…

Today is Christmas. The time when all dreams and desires come true. I believe in it. I just don`t have a choice. I will wish only one thing, “Oh My God! Please let me walk! Oh My God…” The tenth Christmas. And everything is unchanged, but belief in miracles leads me blindly to my bed. It’s time to sleep…

I open my eyes from the feeling of tickling in my ankles. That’s scary. Is something creeping around me? I clean the blanket away and look around the bed. Nothing. What’s it? Such odd feeling. Such strange tickling. I imagine how I move my big toe, how I move my ankle, and I cannot believe either my eyes or my body. I can move my little toe. On my leg! I can squeeze all toes at a time! This is a miracle!

I was delighted to walk around the whole house and to see how I would break my legs. My mother cried, father too. Only a small sister with a smile on her face said, “You see, Bro, at long last, a Christmas`s miracle got to you!”

I have remember that day until now. And I understand one thing that Christmas`s time is the most magical.

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