Christmas Miracle

(Christmas story)

The glow of lights, the flickering of sparkles, the smell of Christmas trees and cookies.
Mom and Dad are decorating a huge pine tree. It occupies most of the room and illuminates with its colorful lights every corner. I smell sweet aroma, so familiar – this is my grandmother taking out my favorite gingerbread cookies with honey in the kitchen.

My dog, Richard, named in honor of Richard the Lionheart, whirls around grandmother. Like me, he adores gingerbread cookies and hopes that one of them will slip from the plate right under his nose.

Richard is standing on his hind legs and is about to jump for a honey cake. A little more, a little more, his paws are shaking; he is moving them from a place to place, like dancing a rousing dance. Hop!

From the kitchen, I can hear my mother`s voice, “You little rascal, you have just eaten a steak, are you not ashamed?” Richard barely hears and looks at Mom being full of shame. Why did I call him after Lion’s Heart?

Dad is laughing cheerily at the door, we always laugh with him at Richard’s pranks.

At this moment in another room, my grandfather and I are looking through an old family album that grandma is keeping in her hands. She is staring at the photo where our whole family got together with happy faces. I was eight years old there and was sitting on my grandfather`s knees. Suddenly a tear fell on the photo – my lovely Grandma started crying.

She touches my face in the photo, and I can almost feel that touch on my cheeks.

My grandfather and I hug her tightly and do not let her go until she calms down and moves to the kitchen.

In the living room, everyone is at the festively decorated table. Fragrant dishes, bright lights, the holiday mood. My dog ​​is already at his favorite place, ready to hunt for so aromatic Christmas dishes.

My Grampa sits between my Mom and Grandmother. I sit together with my Dad.

Something goes wrong – the silence dominates, I hear the swish of swirling snow outside the window.

It does not last long, Richard cannot settle down and overthrows a large bowl of jam from the table. It crashes apart and covers his eyebrows with sweet strawberry confiture.

I switch off myself hearing my laughter, so loud and cheerful, and then the laugher of my Mom and Dad, my Grampa and Grandma, who joined me. They seem to hear my laughter. I know it for sure.

For the first time since my heavy illness, everyone laughs so much. Granddad pats on my shoulder, “You`ll pull it through, my girlie!” Dad kisses my cheek, “You` ll beat it, our sweetie!” I feel a breeze of happiness, “With such a family, I just don`t have a choice!”

At this Christmas, everyone finally feels happy again.Under a cheerful clink of glasses, the clock strikes midnight. Christmas has come, and with it the Christmas miracle!!!

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