Christmas On Fire!

(Christmas story)

This story happened to me three years ago. 

My family decided to celebrate Christmas at our friend’s house. It was a total mess from the beginning. When we arrived, there were many children running around, kidding around and screaming like banshees. Their parents were in the kitchen cooking, chatting and drinking.  I was the only person aged 16 so I got myself a bottle of lemonade and went to the hall to watch TV. The hall was a huge room with a Christmas fir-tree; a whooping well set Christmas table and a lot of lit candles. When I came to the hall, I didn’t notice a little girl playing with her dolls near the candles. She was supposed to be sleeping upstairs. Well, I switched on the TV and decided to watch something Christmassy.  Suddenly, I smelled something scorched. The smell came from underneath of the table. I bent over to see what happened and saw that the girl’s doll was on fire!

Without hesitation I grabbed the lemonade bottle and poured it down on the doll.  Eventually, someone heard me screaming, and all the parents came to the hall to slip on the spilled lemonade. I told them that I saved the little girl from being burned, and I saved our Christmas tree from being on fire too! However, our Christmas was really on fire, but not literally. We all just had a great time! P.S. Always look after kids and do not light the candles without parental guidance.

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