‘Cinderella.’ Justice was Served

(derailed fairy tale)

Once upon a time, after her parents had died, Cinderella lived with her step-mother and two bad and ugly step-sisters. Mom died a long time ago due to illness, and Dad was poisoned by her stepmother who had a burning desire to get power in the palace and in the whole kingdom.

She had to work all day long while her stepmother endlessly waged wars, dividing the population into rich and poor. Cinderella wanted to help people, restore the rule of her father, stood for good to overcome evil.

Once such an opportunity appeared.

There was a ball at the prince’s palace one night and Cinderella’s sisters were ready to go to it. As for Cinderella, she was very sad, being not allowed to go to the ball.

Suddenly, a warm-hearted Fairy came to their house. “Do not worry, Cinderella,” she said waving her magic wand. In a moment a divine dress appeared and covered a costly coach with two white horses ready to take her to the ball. “Baby, said the Fairy. “I want to help you. Put on this dress and listen to me carefully. Never tiptoe through your life. Let everyone hear your every step; you deserve it. You must help those who need it and restore justice. Such is the will and grace of God.”

Cinderella rode to the palace. There were many nice-looking young, ladies but she was the prettiest of all. The prince danced with Cinderella all the time, but nobody knew the name of the beauty.

When the clock stroke twelve, Cinderella went up to the main stage and spoke into the microphone. “For a long time, I endured bullying, beating and humiliation, grieving over the loss of my parents, being forced to keep silence. This old lady, my stepmother, is guilty of all these sins,” she exclaimed. At this moment, the guardsmen ran in and tied up the stepmother.

“Justice will always prevail, so I want to give my entire father’s wealth to needy orphans and homeless people,” said the girl holding her head high.

The prince was fascinated by the beauty and boldness of Cinderella. He felt compassion for her and at the same time great respect.

Soon, in the whole wizardry world, the equality of all the walks of population triumphed; all wars and destructions stopped. It was the teamwork of the newly minted couple and their entourage. They converted all the palaces into orphanages and nursing homes. And for themselves they bought a small house near the sea. So they lived happily ever after.

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