Cinderella`s Fake Wedding

(derailed fairy tale)

Cinderella had a happy life until her mother died. The father grieved, and two years later he married another woman who had daughters. The stepmother did not immediately fall in love with Cinderella, and forced her to do the dirtiest housework, so she always walked in cruddy clothes, contaminated with ash.

One day there was a ball in the royal palace, to which all the nobles were invited. The stepmother was very happy — she was going to marry her daughters. Elegant and beautiful, they went to the ball, leaving Cinderella to sort poppy seeds from millet. The girl sobbed with sorrow — she passionately wanted to get to the ball. At that moment, a good fairy appeared in front of her and promised Cinderella to help her grief. From a large pumpkin she made a beautiful carriage, mice became horses, lizards — footmen, and a rat — a coachman. The fairy turned Cinderella’s rough rags into a luxurious brocade dress, and gave her splendid shoes, also sprayed her with magic potions to attract the prince’s attention.

Their plan worked. At the ball, everyone was amazed by the beauty of the mysterious miss. The prince was conquered by Cinderella, and did not move away from her one step. Noticing that the midnight was approaching, she left the palace unnoticed. The next night Cinderella also went to the ball with the help of a good fairy. But now the plan to conquer the head of the kingdom was a little different. This time she lingered a little, and when the clock began to strike midnight, she hurriedly left the palace, losing on the way a shoe smeared with a stronger spell. The prince found a tiny shoe and ordered all the girls of the kingdom to try it on, but it just suited Cinderella. The prince immediately recognized her, and soon a wonderful wedding of Cinderella and the prince took place in the palace. Of course, the stepmother and the evil sisters were jealous of their sunny sister, but they couldn’t do anything.

Cinderella was a very good girl, so she invited her family to the wedding, as well as the godmother fairy.

But don’t you think everything was so simple?

At the wedding, Cinderella and the Fairy began the final phase of their plan. The bride poured a proper poison to the Prince, from what he died while they were riding in a carriage to celebrate. The place of the prince was occupied by the Fairy under his guise. Also, Cinderella did not forget about revenge on her family. A poisonous powder was added to their drinks, from which they died a few days later. Cinderella and the Fairy lived a happy life in a posh palace. And they ruled the country wisely and honestly.

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