Clever Hare and Stupid Teddy

There was one huge forest. There were a lot of different animals in it. And wolves, and foxes, and hares, and bears. Each lived his or her own life. The hardest was to live for a little gray hare. He was very small and defenseless. But he was very-very smart. Everyone in the forest mocked the poor hare, but he never took offense.

His name was Hare. And there lived one big bear. He loved to eat and sleep very much. And his name was Teddy.

Therefore, one day, Hare wanted to come to Teddy. And he came to him with a proposal – to get some honey. Although the bear always laughed at the hare, he loved honey too much. Therefore, the big bear agreed to help little hare. They came to a huge tree. And Hare showed Teddy, “Here it is. Here is a beehive hanging on a branch. If you hit it, then the hive will fall and we can take honey.” The big bear hit the tree with its huge paws, and the beehive fell. Then, all the bees bumped into Teddy who started yelling and running around. The little hare began to laugh and quickly got all honey. No matter how small the hare was, it was the slickest and shrewdest animal in the forest.

Moral: living smart is much easier.

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