“Colette” – protest and force! A desperate woman who impressed me!

A biographical film about a French writer, based on real events, in real-time. This is not fiction!

The film was released on November 29, 2018, directed by Wash Westmorland, starring such famous actors as Keira Knightley, Dominic West, Robert Pugh, and others. At the same time, the aesthetic and daring film from the beginning of the 20th century is breathtaking from the events. It was after watching this film that I was once again convinced that an ordinary woman without wealth was simply nobody in the society of that time, her task was: to help her husband and be a good woman. What do you mean? But you will understand everything. Eh, no self-development, right? Well, I’ll tell you a little bit about the film and what touched me so much that I still sometimes watch it.

Still very young, an ordinary girl Colette, marries a very charismatic, but not quite young, so to speak, untalented writer Willie. Willie’s books are written by his own workers because he can’t do anything himself. Although no, why? He could spend a lot of money on genetics, holidays, and dishonest girls. Then a difficult time began in their family, as finances began to sing romances. Then Willie mentioned his beloved wife, who would not refuse to write a book for him. He bought her a house to write for, locked her there for 4 hours, and came when everything was ready.

Of course, Colette did it not just in vain, and the book literally flooded the book market, but, unfortunately, not under her name, but under the name of her husband. The girl continued to write him novels, stories, and Willie only became even more popular in secular circles and no longer hid his lifestyle. Colette knew nothing at first, but then she saw with her own eyes the betrayal of her husband. Of course, everything has its limits, and Colette is no longer the naive girl she was in the beginning. She insisted that her name was published on the covers of books.

Throughout the tape, I watched as Colette’s protest and temperament grew, from an innocent girl to a strong and independent woman who does what she sees fit, as her soul tells her.

Collette, an initially closed woman who could not integrate into secular life, would then give up the corsets worn by the women of the time and cut off her long, curly hair, who at the time was considered a rejection of “female beauty.”It will break all standard stereotypes that a short haircut and pants are not feminine. He will begin to realize himself in theatrical activities with his girlfriend, to whom she addresses as a man, respecting her gender self-perception. Colette is getting rid of all her complexes, she will continue her career as a writer and past. At first, the man liked it all, but then Colette will have an affair with a woman, I think you understand with which. And here will end Willie’s patience. Colette has not loved her husband for a long time, but she could not leave, because how can a woman leave her husband, who took her out of poverty. Shame! They will divorce, will quickly forget about Willie, and will be remembered only as a drunk, lazy and untalented writer.

What can I say about the visual part? I will say that the film was shot very well, with a good plot, a good vintage picture, everything in the film resembles the beginning of the 20th century. There are stories that Collette at that time greatly changed and influenced fashion. To me, her life and becoming, a woman reminds me of the lives of famous women, such as Coco Chanel, Lily Brick, and others.

I advise people who like films about famous figures, about the ‘intelligentsia’ of the early 20th century to watch this film. Those who want to feel and understand the role of women in the society of that time and just plunge into the atmosphere of protest around the world. Prove that there is no framework, that you need to give yourself freedom, not to do this or that, because they said so. And do what you want and what your heart tells you! Enjoy! My rating is 10/10.

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