Communication and Children, Sleeplessness and Cheerfulness

(Opinion article)

Judging upon our experience and by the passage of time, it can be argued that communication in one way or another affects a person. But as to how strong this effect might be, the existing versions differ significantly. The first concept arose in the 1920s and 1930s, it was called the magic bullet theory or the theory of injection. Then it was thought that the media can quickly and effectively influence the audience. People perceive information in the same way and do not form other opinions because they can not get it from other sources.

This theory was replaced after the publication of Paul Lazarsfeld’s book ‘The people choice’ (1940), in which he described his research about the influence of the mass media. During the US elections, it was discovered that people were not influenced by propaganda. People more trusted the opinions of their friends and relatives than mass communication. At first information from the media was passed to opinion leaders, and then it spread from the leaders to the masses. So now it was clear that the media didn’t have such a strong influence.

In the 1970s, technologies and networks were rapidly developing. Now there is a new opportunity to influence people through radio, movies, television, and so on. This period is devoted to the largest number of studies. With modern technology, it’s easier and faster to influence the audience. You can post and spread the message around the world at record times. To date, great attention is paid to advertising. It’s impossible not to notice because it almost always surrounds us everywhere. Whenever we look at different sites at home, or when we go somewhere, and in what direction do not look – everywhere advertising signs and shields.

Mass communication can influence cultural norms, world outlook, social mood, stereotypes, etc. This influence can be both positive and negative. Media can cause addiction to people. The Internet and TV take a lot of our time. We have a desire to see everything that is interesting to us, but it is impossible to cover all the information, we do not even notice how half a day passes, and we have not done anything. In addition, all channels, sites, etc are designed to capture the viewer or the reader, to force him to bow the belt and get back every time to a new “dose.”

Often, the information we receive from the TV or computer screen is not of high quality. On the Internet, this is especially problematic, because there every second appears some dubious low-quality content that it is impossible to control. Also, everyone has the opportunity to place any information almost anywhere. The modern person prefers internet sources, because it’s fast and convenient, you do not have to go to the library or buy a book.

When I watch the TV news, I notice that my mood gets spoiled. All negative information I get just decreases my productivity, it annoys me gradually and leads to heavy-headed and wide-awake insomnia. So why should I turn myself in a sobbing sourpuss?

In order to avoid this, I started filtering all info and concentrating on positive news, bright shows and blockbuster comedies. And how about the children, the flowers of our life? As P.T.Barnum once said,       “To me there is no picture so beautiful as smiling, bright-eyed, happy children; no music so sweet as their clear and ringing voice.” We know that their psyche is even more vulnerable. If we don`t want to get the new generation of nerdy pc noobs, silly coach potatoes and smirking slash savages, the access of our children to violent and dirty scenes should definitely be limited. We are responsible for us and our future generations that`s why we are to know what our children watch and to control how much time they spend on a computer or TV. Surely, if you want to hear their happy, clear and ringing voice…

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