Concerts for Dummies: how to go to your favorite-flavorite  group concert?

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If you’re reading this article, you are probably waiting for the bestie day of your life and preparing for the concert of your ‘hella cool’ rock, pop or rap band. Gonna frustrate you, this day can become absolutely crashing if you don’t prepare carefully for all possible situations. So… Read and remember!

1. Don’t be late. Just don’t. You think one person cannot influence the timing of the big show. But if everybody thinks the same, the concert will be delayed, musicians will be guilty of all sins, you will miss the last bus to come home by, and parents will go wild… Just don’t. Okay? Moreover, I believe you won’t be happy to look at the concert at the ass of the fan-zone, will you?

2. Imagine you are an on-time steadfast fan, waiting for at nearby gates from the early 10 a.m. Catch my respect! It’s quite better than come just before the doors’ opening, pass through a mile-long queue and get out of turn. Okay, it’s quite better for people who have already been in the queue, you actually can. But be careful: true fans can be really dangerous.

3. When the gates are opened (at last!), be ready that all people will rush to the entrance. You can forget about such a hopeful word “queue” – it doesn’t exist anymore. Just crush. Don’t let them get you down!

4. Finally, when you’re inside, most likely you’re going to relax, go to the wardrobe, buy some snacks, etc. Don’t do any of these things cause every 10 seconds you will waste one more treasured row under the stage! Just run headlong and forget about all your needs. Well, you actually shouldn’t! But it would be more advantageous to think ahead of where you can leave your bag / coat / other stuff to feel free, comfortable and not to “get lost” because of such insignificant troubles.

5. Well, now you are in a concert hall, staying in the nearest rows and having the whole stage in the full view. Blimey! Congrats! You’ve done it! Currently, you have to hold on to your place untill the very beginning of the show. And don’t let any cool fish move you away! Try to snatch a fence and stand your ground under any circumstances.

6. Nevertheless, if you managed to “get lost”, don’t panic. Move to your dream even through the crazy crowd. You can purge yourself of suspicions the next way. Raise your hand as high as possible, choose the name of your imaginary friend, who is certainly waiting for you in the first row, and come on! Scream this name periodically, alternating it with something like “I’m sorry”, “Can I please go?” and other polite phrases you know. And remember: if you want to move easily, move alone.

7. The last thing I wanna warn you from is named “slam”. In the circles of hell, created mostly on rock concerts by fearless fans with ‘corna’ gestures and leather jackets, their love appears by crashing, kicking and beating one another. Therefore, if you notice surprisingly free space nearby (or the worst variant – around you), catch my condolences… Oh no, you just misunderstood me! Just try to get out of there as fast as possible. Of course, if you don’t dream to leave the concert with multicolored bruises, occasional injuries, and heavy fractures.

To sum up, I hope you understand all of foresaid tips are jokey and hyperbolized. But as you know, there is a grain of truth in every joke 🙂 So, act according to the situation as the heart tells you. Anyway, don’t let other people or different little trifles spoil your mood. Enjoy the concert fully an make the most of it! Let you go crazy and just be happy!

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