Coronavirus…  How many pea seeds are there in a pea package?

04.20.2020. Kyiv, according to official statistics aired by UNN, twenty-six persons have been infected by a coronavirus, three of them lethally, in Ukraine, so far.

In spite of urgent measures taken by Ukrainian officials, including the imposed quarantine for all Universities and secondary schools lasting from March 12 till April 03, as well as the Metro (subway) system shutdown, the streets of Kyiv, the embankments of the Dnipro, the green park zones, and the pine forest groves, surrounding city suburbs, are full of fun-seeking youth. Spring fever is underway – a lot of teenagers and young adults are determined to ignore the radical public health measures and to enjoy four nature elements: air, water, land, and the sun.

“If we want to go jogging, bird watching, and partying, why should we stay with our Grandmas and Grandpas, measuring the exact number of pea seeds in a supermarket package? One thousand twenty-four or one thousand peas exactly…,” one student told on the Rachmaninova street in Kyiv.

Vitalyi Klitschko, Mayor of Kyiv, has recently declared, “We are to win time! We should shrink the chances of coronavirus to spurt in Kyiv and Ukraine. Severe and timely measures are crucial to curb the sweeping spread of COVID-19 virus on the territory of the country.”

Youngsters are not going to curb their spring fun. “I am not going to put on a gas mask, helmet, goggles and protective uniform to go to the nearest supermarket and buy buckwheat. Whatever happens, happens! ” A hilarious young man sat on a motorbike and rushed to Kyiv downtown.

As for the cautious senior people, almost all of them disappeared not only from streets but even from their traditional benches at multistory buildings` entrances.  “We should be selfish and should not gather in groups!” said one Gigi sticking her nose out from a ground-floor window.

While looking at wise faces of our grannies, boxing gloves of our Mayor, and cheery smiles of our youth, a sudden thought struck my head – CON COV 19 just doesn`t have any chances in Ukraine, we will beat it with a score 10 to 1.

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