Coronavirus is not a sentence –  it’s an opportunity


Coronavirus! It is a scary word that makes one cry and pushes someone to keep quiet. The coronavirus outbreak has created a lot of problems. Most people are isolated! All the time at home. What? We are not used to living that way. No panic, no friends! Here are some of my tips on how to spend your quarantine productively and appreciate every moment.

  1. Your best friend is sports.

Yes! Our bodies and minds still need exercise to function well, prevent weight gain and keep the spirits up during these challenging times. Exercise can help keep our immune system become strong, less susceptible to infections and their most severe consequences, and better able to recover from them. A few minutes, a few exercises – and you’re energized!

  1. Read more books.

All of the books you’ve meant to read can finally get the attention they deserve. Take a book, make tea and sink into a new story. I started reading a book I bought 2 months ago. This is female psychology. And so, finally, I can discover it for myself.

  1. Start or perfect a hobby

Is there a craft project you’ve wanted to tackle? You are home with plenty of time on your hands, so now is the time to either pick up that forgotten hobby or start a new one. As for me, I’m back to my old hobby – drawing. I wonder what will come of it.

  1. Take an online class.

Quarantine is a great time for self-study. Online space is open to you. There are many free online courses on social networks. For example, I am enrolled in an SMM course and an English language improvement class. It’s easy and effective. Just try!

  1. More time with family!

The biggest advantage of quarantine is spending time with family. Finally, I can chat with my Mom in the kitchen more often, watch our favorite movies with my Dad, and play with my younger brother. It’s fine! Is not it?

So…Don’t go stir crazy, and don’t further cement that permanent spot on your couch while binge-watching all the popular shows right now on TV. There’s more to life than that. Coronavirus is not a sentence, it’s a time to change your life for the better.

March 27, 2020

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