Couch Potato

(ironic story)

In one warm country lived a Couch potato Alex, who was always dissatisfied with life. And once, while he was basking in the sun on the beautiful shore by the sea, a woman in a cloak with a closed face approached the boy and asked to take her to the city, and promised to fulfill one wish.

She told the boy that she was looking for her daughter, whom she had not seen for a long time. While searching, she got lost. The boy got up lazily and led the mysterious woman to the city. During the trip to the city, Alex constantly complained to the woman about his life, he said that he would like to do nothing for life, and that he had everything. Alex successfully brought the mother to her daughter and began to come up with desires.

Alex thought for a long time and coined his wish at long last. He wished to do nothing all his life, but to be loved, fed and cleaned up. Alex already imagined his ideal life. The woman kept her word and turned the young man into a cat.

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