Countryside or Big Cities?

In the situation we all are facing nowadays, a lot of families, especially those who have children, choose to leave big cities and move to the countryside at least for several months. But will they get what they hope to in the countryside?

Some years ago, living in a fresh, clean countryside area was preferable to living in large, polluted cities. But things have changed, and it is a sad fact that the countryside is not as clean as it used to be. The question is quite simple – is it as bad as cities?

Today’s cities can indeed be very unpleasant and smoky places. Firstly, there are too many vehicles on the streets and as a result, cities are full of noise, annoying traffic jams, and pollution from dangerous exhaust fumes. Likewise, factories in cities also produce poisonous fumes that are bad for human health.

Of course, there are problems in the countryside, too. If farmers use, and we can be sure some of them do, chemicals on their crops, they can get into rivers and cause water pollution. Fish die or become dangerous to eat. Luckily, this does not occur everywhere. If it did, the countryside would be as dirty as cities.

Though there are environmental issues in both cities and the countryside, it is clear where the problem is greater. Not all countryside areas are polluted. In contrast, most cities face environmental problems that must be and can be solved.

So, if talking about fresh air, fresh food and the slow pace of living, the countryside seems to be a perfect place…

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