COVID-VID –VID-19-19-19

Currently, all Ukraine is quarantined by the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak. Currently, all malls, restaurants, shops, except grocery  are closed. Also, we do not go to university but study remotely. Supermarkets can be visited by a limited number of people, and only if you have a protective mask. But unfortunately, there are many who do not adhere to the following quarantine security rules:

-Don’t go out unless you have to;

– Go to the store and other places only in a mask and gloves;

-Use an antiseptic and thoroughly wash your hands for at least 20 seconds;

– It is important to avoid crowded places;

– Cover the mouth and nose with a paper handkerchief during coughing or sneezing and then throw it away (sneeze also correctly at the bend of the elbow).

Personally, I was outraged by what I saw recently when I went to the pharmacy. Parents walk with their children without masks, play on playgrounds as if there is no quarantine. It is unfortunate that adults do not take this terrible virus seriously and  endanger their children. I understand that when the window is spring and the sun is shining it is difficult to stay at home, but we must understand that our life depends on it. Self-isolation is the only chance to protect yourself from the virus. So we have to quarantine and wait for the coronavirus to leave our country. One important factor to keep in mind is self-isolation.

As for me  I try to quarantine usefully and, at the same time, hilariously. I do my homework, because thanks to the e-course that we have at our university, we study remotely, lessons go on schedule as usual. I also read books, watch movies and chat with friends on the phone. I hope that soon this virus will leave not only our country but the whole world and we will be able to enjoy the walks in the open air again. Well, now I wish everyone health, patience, do not forget about safety measures and quarantine with benefit.

So, during the quarantine don`t panic and stay at home, botanic!

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