Crazy and Tasty Sport

(humorous short story)

“This time I will manage to do it! Go! Go! Go!” said I to myself early in the morning… Nine of ten voices in my head supported this idea… I started preparing and went out for doing come sport exercises and run around the city.

After 15 minutes of horrible running, I began to feel all the weight of the world on my shoulders. My lungs seemed to be filled with fire. The muscles in my legs were ready to rupture. I had never felt this way before!

I ended up on a bench in the city center eating fresh donuts and chocolate… The sunlight was shining through the leaves on trees. I am beautiful anyway!

“You are so strong! Your last training lasted only 5 minutes,” said my Mom when I came home. My face was covered with crumbs and a chocolate topping.

Nine of ten voices in my head said, “At least I had nice morning walk… with donuts and chocolate…

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