Creativity And What It Means To Me

(opinion article)

For me, creativity is a huge opportunity and a platform for creation. It opens up the opportunity to be creative in absolutely any situation, thus making them more unique. Creativity also means the ability of consciousness to create something new and valuable. I like that in creativity there are no frameworks, rules, and absolutely everyone can express themselves.

If we talk about creative thinking, this is primarily the process of generating ideas. And in my opinion, practice and observation are very important in this matter. I am absolutely sure that everything that surrounds us can become a source of inspiration, so it is very important to be observant, notice details and be sure to write down all your thoughts, ideas, save pictures so that they do not evaporate. As for me, I have a huge number of different folders on Pinterest, where I save completely different references, with the understanding that they can inspire me to create my personal creative idea. The situation is the same with notes on the phone, where sketches of different creative concepts or thoughts on how they can be implemented are stored.

As for inspiration? I used to believe that inspiration is a flash. But now it seems to me more that this is a process, because I was convinced from my own experience that the more often I generate ideas, the easier it is for my brains to do it every next time. Thus, creative thinking is transformed into a habit, because creativity is not an innate quality, but a skill that can and should be developed.

Why will creativity never die? Creativity as a competence is becoming more and more in demand, as, for example, robotization and digitalization are spreading. A person devotes more time to complex tasks to create new technologies, products, entertainment. Non-standard situations, rapidly changing environments require quick creative solutions. Everyone is waiting for something new that will surprise them, so it is important to come up with new creative approaches.

Be creative and remember that every idea deserves attention!

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