Creativity is the main quality of a person in the 21st century

What is this your creativity? Creativity is the ability to create and find new original ideas that deviate from accepted patterns of thinking. This is a vision of problems from a different angle and their solution in a unique way. Creative thinking has value in business, science, culture, art, politics – in short, in all areas of life where competition is developed. Now in the modern world, you have so many options to choose from, there are tons of things that people have created. That’s why it’s so hard to be noticed, you have to be very creative and special if you want to succeed in this world. It doesn’t matter now that you are talented or you have some unique idea because it’s 100% that somebody has it too, there are millions of talented people, but not all of them are on the top. What runs the world? Creativity!!! That is our credo now.

You may think, “Oh, it’s not for me. I’m definitely not the creative one, so I’m not gonna win the life :(“ But don’t be so tragic and critical for yourselves. Thank God, it has long been proven that creativity is not an innate feature, it can be developed in itself. There are some exercises that will help you to do this, and as I’m a good person, I’m gonna share them with you

  1. “Unusual life of things”
    Write down the maximum number of ways to use napkins/candles/bread, etc. in a minute.

2.Set aside 30-45 minutes of creativity that you like the most as a child. It can be an image, application, modeling, writing poems.

  1. “Generator delusional”: list what is common, for example, in a webinar and a bear (at least 10 points!). As a variant you can take feet and pictures.

  2. Perform the usual task in an unusual way. It can be anything:
    do with your left hand something that you need to do with your right, go to work in another route, change the interface settings on your smartphone.

So, creativity is a matter of choice and habit. The more you practice and look for the unusual in the standard, the more flexible your thinking will be. And then a new non-standard idea is more likely to come to you.

Do the exercises, train your creativity and you will see how many good ideas your brain will create, which will make you unique and demand among people. Believe me, your top is close, I can see it.

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