Creativity. My expressions

(opinion article)

You can’t use up creativity.
The more you use, the more you have.”
Maya Angelou

What do you think will be valued in the future? Robot speed, availability of the latest operating systems or virtual work? Probably everything, but the most important notion will be… creativity! Why? Because the routine is already tired of our grey-haired society, and it needs to be surprised by something new.

For me, creativity means creating something new, valuable for the individual and the environment. Don’t think that creativity equals arrogance. Creativity does not make you a leader, but sets you apart from the crowd. It is not limited to social standards, frameworks or rules, it depends on the mood and inner world of man. But please don’t forget about deadlines!

I consider curiosity a golden element of creativity. Creativity as a flower needs to be added with new knowledge and improvements every day. A child can ask more 125 questions per dey; however, by adulthood that astounding number of daily inquiries has declined to just 6. An adult thinks he already get in everything. However, this is not the case, because the world is changing too fast and people need to keep an eye on the pulse of events. All questions, communication with colleagues, search for new forms help to develop potential of creativity. Personally, I always attempt to ask my senior fellow journalists about work, compare my projects and try to add something fresh.

Separately, I want to talk about inspiration. Many people think that inspiration is enlightenment. However, I notice that I can sit down for creative work without inspiration, do a routine for a while and then the brain begins to generate new ideas itself. Thus, creativity it is more about practice and improvement than about inspiration.

Is creativity a gift from heaven to an individual? Controversial question. I think everyone is born with a thin thread of talent. And it is up to the person to break this thread or wind a thick rope. However, everyone can come up with and put into practice something especial. Everyone can be creative, but unfortunately, only few people realize this.

As for me, creativity is a beauty of personality and future of society. Also, the development of creative potential depends on practice and caring about kaizen. Be creative and don’t be afraid to change yourself and others!

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